Accurate, Working 11th Doctor’s TARDIS

Hello there! It’s Rorny, and I have been working on my Minecraft TARDIS for a long time. Now, I have decided to share it with the MCPEDL community for you all to enjoy!

The TARDIS is a fictional spaceship and time machine originating from the British TV show Doctor Who. It is disguised as a small, blue police box but is actually bigger on the inside and can travel in time and space. This Minecraft map is an accurate recreation of the 11th Doctor’s second TARDIS and features its main console room (sometimes known as the Toyota or Neon console). On top of that, this TARDIS recreation actually works! It has many features such as coordinate travel and time manipulation!


  • Coordinate Travel (Travel anywhere in the world!)
  • Time Travel (Change time of day or night!)
  • Weather Changing Capabilities
  • Check TARDIS’ Coordinates
  • Chunk Loader (Travel to and from unloaded chunks!)
  • Save And Load Locations (4 location slots are available!)
  • Artron Energy System! (TARDIS can run out of power and can be recharged!)

This is a guide on how to fly the Bedrock Edition TARDIS and how to deal with different problems you might encounter while using it. Read it carefully and follow all of the instructions given.

When you open the map, you will spawn inside of the TARDIS. Behind you, there is an iron door as well as a button on the side to open it. To exit the TARDIS, one must push the button and then walk out of the iron door until they are teleported outside. Once outside, it may take up to 3 seconds for the TARDIS to appear behind the player. In the very rare case that it does not (as a result of unlikely amounts of lag), the player may use one of the 64 Stattenheim Remotes in their inventory. The remote, when placed on the ground, summons a new TARDIS at your location. Note that the remote should only be used if the TARDIS does not appear behind you after you exit it!

The TARDIS can be entered by getting as close as possible to the repeating command block located on the back of the TARDIS exterior.

To access the TARDIS GUI, you must go to the underconsole of the TARDIS and locate the spruce-wooden-plank structure in the bottom-center. This structure should have 4 oak-wood buttons on it. Click on the wooden button facing the entrance/exit to get sent to the GUI.

The GUI, in this map, is actually a room containing various buttons and command blocks. The first thing you’ll notice in the “GUI” is an acacia-wood-button with a sign next to it that reads “Go To Page 2.” This button can be pushed to go to page 2 of the TARDIS GUI, which is used to save and load locations (I’ll come back to that later).

To the right of the acacia button, you will find two green command blocks with a sign between them that reads “Insert Coordinates.” As you might expect, these two command blocks are used to insert the coordinates that you want the TARDIS to travel to. To insert the coordinates you want to travel to, first click on the command block at the top. You will be met with the command: “/tickingarea add circle 690 63 690 1.” The first number (690) stands for the X axis, the second number (63) stands for the Y axis, the third number (690 again) stands for the Z axis, and the last number (1) doesn’t stand for anything. It’s just there, and its being there is of the utmost importance. What this all means is that the first 3 numbers stand for coordinates and can be changed to whatever coordinates you want to travel to. After you insert your desired coordinates, you MUST add a number “1” after them (if you don’t, the TARDIS will not land.).

Next, you must click on the command block at the bottom. You will be met with the command: “/tp @a[scores={exit=1}] 690 63 690.” As with the command block at the top, the first number (690) stands for the X axis, the second number (63) stands for the Y axis, and the third number (690 again) stands for the Z axis, This time, the coordinates are NOT followed by a number “1” and can. once again, be replaced with whatever coordinates you wish to travel to.

The coordinates you wish to travel to must be inserted into both the top AND the bottom command block, and they must be identical (unless you want the TARDIS not to work).

Next to the two green command blocks, there are two orange command blocks with buttons on them. As the signs above them suggest, the first one of the 2 orange command blocks is used to change the time of day/night, and the second one is used to change the weather. To change time, one must click on the first orange command block and replace the number at the end with any value they wish. This value is representative of the time of day/night you want to “travel” to. To initiate the change, one must push the stone button on the command block. To change the weather condition, one must click on the second orange command block and replace the second word in the command (the one that comes after the word “weather”) with the weather condition they want to “travel” to and the value at the end with the amount of time they want this weather condition to last for.

Now, let’s go back to the acacia button with the sign that reads “Go To Page 2” next to it. If you push this button, you will be taken to a room very similar to the one you were previously in. You will be faced with another acacia button with another sign that reads “Go To Page 1” next to it. This button can be pushed to return to the room you were in previously.

Next to this acacia button, you will see 4 signs that all read “Save” and “Load.” There is a stone button below and above each of these signs. Each column of buttons and a sign is a “Save/Load” slot. If you push the button on the top of a column you will save the current set location to that slot, and if you push the button at the bottom of the column you will load the location already stored within that slot.

To the right of your screen, you should see an indicator of the amount of Artron Energy your TARDIS currently has. Artron Energy is very important as it is the very thing that powers the TARDIS. Every time the TARDIS is flown, the amount of Artron Energy decreases by 200, and if the amount of Artron Energy dips below 200, the TARDIS can no longer be flown until the amount increases to 200 or more.

There are two ways to recharge the TARDIS. One is to place redstone blocks at the coordinates 24, 73, -6 (this is a location inside of the TARDIS). Each redstone block will increase the amount of Artron Energy by 50 (meaning one flight costs 4 redstone blocks).

Another way to recharge the TARDIS is to try to blow up TNT inside of it; the energy belonging to the explosives will be safely directed into the Artron capacitor. Each piece of TNT increases the amount of Artron Energy by 10.

If you like what you see, then you can go ahead and download this map to try it out for yourself. It would also be greatly appreciated if you shared this project, gave it an appropriate rating, and gave me some feedback about it. If you have any suggestions for additions/features, please leave a comment addressing those. Remember to credit me and leave a link to this post if you ever use this TARDIS publicly (for example in a server or YouTube video), and please refrain from reposting the map on other platforms. Thank you for your time!

Changelog View more

- Changed time rotor to use light blue stained glass instead of beacon beam

- Added new way to charge the TARDIS (redstone blocks)

- Removed time rift (the TARDIS can no longer be charged by landing at coordinates 690, 63, 690)

- TARDIS can no longer be charged using coal blocks

- Updated description and introduction

Toyota interior has been massively improved: 

- More pillars have been added

- Lights are no longer a full block tall

- The block palette of the build has been tweaked

- 3 missing corridor-doorways have been added

- A pattern has been added to overconsole walls

- More light strips have been added on underconsole walls

- Blue has been added to the sides of the upper platform!

Also fixed a bug where dropping the Stattenheim Remote item(s) would spawn in a new TARDIS!

- Stattenheim Remote no longer requires artron energy to be used. Note that the remote is only supposed to be used when the TARDIS does not appear behind you like it is supposed to!

- Changed both download links as they were incorrect. The .mcworld file should now work again!

- Added new feature: the Stattenheim Remote! The remote, when placed on the ground, summons a new TARDIS at your location at the cost of 1000 artron energy (5 times as much as a normal flight would cost you). The remote should only be used in case the game lags and the TARDIS does not appear behind you like it should after you exit it!

- Added new ZIP file download link

- Added new Mcworld file download link

- Edited installation description

- Made some minor changes to the description because there were some small mistakes that really, really annoyed me

- Significantly improved the ending of the description

- Added an installation description

- Made significant edits to the brief introduction (including the addition of the definition of a TARDIS)

- Made significant additions to the TARDIS guide (added explanation for how to charge the TARDIS)


Mcworld File: Open the Mcworld file obtained from the download link using the Minecraft application. A world called "TARDIS" should appear in your world list in-game.

ZIP File: Extract the ZIP file obtained from the download link and move the resulting folder into this location on your phone: 0/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds . Once this is done, a world called "TARDIS" should appear in your world list in-game.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.9

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67 Responses

4.61 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. DoctorJosephWho says:

    When are you going to build those tardises

  2. DoctorJosephWho says:

    Can you to the 13th doctor tardis console in February 10th 2020
    And the war 9th 10th 11th copper and the 12th Doctor’s Tardises

  3. haider says:

    when. I open the map the games keeps crashing

  4. Anonymous says:

    У меня на 1.12 не работает

  5. Kevin Washing3246 says:

    Can you make a TARDIS addon that will include the TARDIS as a new entity,a sonic screwdriver and a tardis key as new items, and make the tardis bigger on the inside when you open the doors?

    • Rorny says:

      Your comment is comparable to asking a painter to compose music, or a car driver to pilot a plane; I make maps, not addons. I do not know how to create addons and do not intend to learn any time soon.

  6. David Tennant = the best says:

    This is awesome! I absolutely love doctor who and this is amazing!

  7. DoctorJosephWho says:

    Do the 12th doctor console first the the thirteenth doctor Tardis the 11th doctor 1st Tardis and the 7th & 8th doctor Tardis and the Classic Tardis from 1st doctor to the 7th doctor

  8. Jeevan says:

    Um the tardis won’t appear even if I use the remote what do I do

    • The remote requires 1000 artron energy to be used. Make sure you have that amount or more before utilizing the remote. If you don’t have 1000 artron energy and the TARDIS didn’t spawn, try running a /kill command near where the TARDIS should have spawned and exiting it again. In the next update, I will likely remove the need for artron energy to use the remote so that you don’t end uo getting stuck with no way back in at all.

  9. DoctorJosephWho says:

    Can you do the 1st doctor to 13th doctor Tardis and included the 11th doctor 1st console and the 4th doctor 2nd console
    And A bit of the 3rd doctor 1st console and the 2nd console

    • That’s a lot of consoles my dude. I have built a 10th Doctor’s console, but that’s on Minecraft PC so I can’t really post it here. Additionally, even if I did have all of the consoles, only one of them would actually work because if all of them worked that would cost a lot of effort and cause a lot of lag. Regardless, I may consider building some of the other console rooms from the show and including them in the map, even if they don’t actually work. Thanks for the suggestion

  10. Anonymous says:

    The .Mcworld will not load into my Minecraft.

  11. MadDoctor567 says:

    This map is very close to how Java Edition players make their TARDISes! This map is good, but it could have more improvements, for example, making it so you don’t have to go to a separate room to decide where to input coordinates and land. Also you should try to make your system a tiny bit more compact. Otherwise good TARDIS!

    • Thank you very much! I appreciate the feedback. I’d love to make it so that you don’t have to go to a separate room to fly the TARDIS (my Java Edition TARDIS actually has a text-GUI that appears in the chat), but I cannot do so as a result of limitations with Bedrock Edition’s commands (the tellraw command necessary for a text-GUI is too primitive in this edition of the game in order to make a GUI with it). The separate GUI room was the next-best thing I could think of, so I chose to use that. Maybe in the future, commands in Bedrock Edition will become more advanced and will allow for a more convenient GUI. 😉

  12. superplex25 says:

    I am a big fan of Doctor Who, and downloading this map is definitely worth it. The system is so neat, and the way it works is wonderful. Never been this impressed when playing an MCPE map. Amazing work.

  13. John Choi says:

    Can you make a mcworld file for media fire

  14. Tardis-Ception says:

    I put the tardis INSIDE THE TADIS!!!

  15. Gargantua675 says:

    My personal favorite Tardis map.
    All thanks to coordinate travel

    • Thank you for the kind words! Coordinate travel was by far the most difficult thing to implement, so I’m glad you like it!

      • Gargantua675 says:

        I have some suggestions:
        Add more rooms, interchangeable console rooms, and different planets/worlds to explore
        The downside: This would be hard to implement and could result in copious amounts of lag

  16. Elise says:

    It’s not working and I LOVE Doctor Who! Please fix it!

    • What do you mean by “It’s not working?” Does the map not download? If so, this was probably as a result of an issue I had with the download on April 6 and has been fixed since.

      Or do you perhaps mean that you cannot fly it? If you cannoy fly it, then make sure you have read the guide carefully.

  17. EXPikachu72 says:

    Great recreation, you gonna try get the lights to spin, through a lever on the console, I managed to get my one to do that, there’s a tutorial on YT, search it up, it’s called Br who short, Tardis Lights, made by harrimator

  18. Hey! As of the 6th of April, the download link will not work for 24-48 hours. This is a direct result of my stupidity. I apologize for the inconvenience and ask you to be patient while the download link gets fixed.


  19. BurgundyBurnout says:

    Excellent map, unfortunately my device laggs when I try to play now for some reason, however it is still really good.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you very much for the kind words! I have never experienced any significant lag with this map. Are you only experiencing the lag with this map or with all other worlds and is the lag causing any problems with commands/functionality functionality or does it just make the game slow?

    • Thank you very much for the kind words! I have never experienced any significant lag with this map. Are you only experiencing the lag with this map or with all other worlds and is the lag causing any problems with commands/functionality functionality or does it just make the game slow?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Excellent map, unfortunately my device laggs when I try to play now for some reason, however it is still really good.

  21. iarleybruno says:

    I am Brazilian and I like doctor who please could you add a hallway with 3 room type a room a kitchen and something else thank you I had to write through google translator obs your project has future

    • Thank you for the feedback! I have never built any part of the TARDIS other than the console room before, but there’s a first time for everything. I am open to the suggestion and will try playing around with the idea. Once again, the feedback means a lot and is greatly appreciated!

  22. PurpleGhoster says:

    Is there a way to have this on a .mcworld port for apple devices

  23. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way for you to add a .mcworld file so people using iOS devices can use it

  24. DoctorFennec73 says:

    While this map looks decent and is quite good for Bedrock, it’s far from accurate, both inside and out. The interior is too dark, it doesn’t have the right amount of pillars, the lamps don’t line up with the pillars that are there. As for the exterior, it lacks many important details like the lamp, side pillars, police box sign, it has the wrong amount of panels, the windows are not shaped properly and the roof is the wrong color entirely.
    I’m not saying that this Tardis is actually bad, the only real issue I have with it is that you call it accurate when that couldn’t be any further from the truth.

    • First of all, thanks for taking the time to write this comment!

      Secondly, I never said it was absolutely perfect. I sacrificed the right amount of pillars for a more accurate size; usually people make an enormous interior to fit more detail in it (e.g. more pillars), but I opted for a more accurate size. As for the exterior, as much as I’d like to improve it, I can’t think of any way to do so without using a texture pack, which I don’t want to do.

      As for the darkness of the interior, the lighting of the Toyota changes very often in the show. In some episodes, the TARDIS is about as dark as my interior, if not darker. I did use reference pictures.

      Either way, thank you very much for the feedback! It is greatly appreciated that you took the time to write this comment. I will consider changing the name of the post to no longer contain the word “accurate,” but I’m not even sure if MCPE DL let’s you do that. I’ll see.

      – Steve

    • Rorny says:

      Hey. It’s been a while and you’re probably never going to see this, but for the record, I have now actually changed the block pallette of the interior to make it lighter, added more pillars (still missing a couple, but I physically cannot fit any more), as well as a few other improvements.

      I know it still isn’t absolutely perfect, because that would likely be unachievable without the use of models/resource-packs, but it’s certainly a lot better than it was. 😉

  25. mimozik says:

    i really like this map. it’s a little hard to understand everything when you trying it for the first time, but as you play it becomes much easier. and of course, the desing of the tardis inside and outside is great~

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