Achievement World 1.16

Ever wanted to be able to unlock all the achievements in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition easily? Now you can with this achievement hack world! The map features (almost) all the achievements (even the hardest ones). [Updated for 1.14 and 1.16].


With this hacked world, you can obtain (nearly) all the Minecraft achievements! Just install now and play – the world is already hacked so you don’t have to do anything. At the spawn point you’ll find a chest containing OP gear, and milk (it removes status effects). This map has now been updated to include the 1.14 and 1.16 achievements!


  • Stay in survival with cheats off. Changing the gamemode to Creative or enabling cheats will disable achievements, thus defeating the purpose of this world.
  • Other than this, it’s your world – feel free to do whatever you want, however please give attribution to The Sonic Master if necessary (e.g: YouTube videos).


  • Created by The Sonic Master.
  • Tested by SoulDinosaur115
  • Thumbnail made by SuperMatCat24.

Known Issues

  • Slimes spawn all over this world – watch your back!
  • Not all the achievements could be included as it is set in a flat world.
  • Other than these, most issues from before have now been fixed, see the changelog below.

1.16 Update!

Yes, the update for the 1.14 and 1.16 achievements is now here, along with numerous other fixes which you can read about in the changelog below.


Changelog View more
  • Added achievements for 1.14 and 1.16.
  • Monsters from the outside no longer enter the map due to a cobblestone wall which has been constructed. Note that this doesn't stop slimes.
  • Fixed ghast fireball knockback by raising ceiling height of the room.
  • Kill a pillager captain is now present, but can only be done once. If multiple people want to do it, the world will need to be reimported.
  • Improved items in individual chests for achievements to help make obtaining the achievements (especially when there are multiple players) easier.
  • Diamond gear from the spawn can now be upgraded to netherite using the smithing table available there.

  • Fixed broken download link for the .MCWORLD archive format :).
  • Updated for 1.13 to include achievements present in this version (including those from village and pillage update).
  • Fixed nothing appearing in the chest for The End Achievements.
  • ZIP format now available alongside MCWORLD.


Supported Minecraft versions


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121 Responses

4.23 / 5 (57 votes)
  1. The long awaited update for 1.14 and 1.16 is finally here, along with numerous other fixes and improvements. We hope you enjoy playing it.

  2. AZGamerYT4387 says:

    is treasure hunter an achievement there now? because that’s the last one that I need to get in order to 100% Minecraft

  3. blood eye says:

    you can just type at the comments section on your Minecraft just create a new world with set cheats off and survival then enter this command “/[email protected] ~~~ gamemode c”. dont add space to the [email protected]

  4. Guest-5985336543 says:

    Please update to 1.16, I want the nether update achievements

  5. Guest-2619575797 says:

    ftc.. flight team stand up

  6. Guest-7238481614 says:

    THANKS! Awesome map, well done! Thanks for helping me get the nether update cosmetics! The ones that I didn’t get from the map I already had, but AWESOME! Please add more this was really fun!

  7. Guest-9780278110 says:

    Great! I could get all of the achivements but could u update it to 1.14 i want to get all of the achivments!

  8. Guest-3908968987 says:


  9. LC Studios says:

    The fun of survival is gone!

  10. Guest-3144842252 says:

    Za Warudo

  11. Guest-4462829206 says:

    This Is Great

  12. Guest-2362441379 says:

    Stupid HACKERS! I hate hacks and hackers so this is all stupid hacks u stupid lazy idiots dont hack and get the achievements in survival! You idiots…

  13. TechGamerExpert says:

    Good map but pls can u make a 1.14 version of it

  14. DespoticKiller says:

    You can actually earn the master trader and adventure time by using blocktopograph. For the biomes, select the chunks and press begin selection then press change biome. For the master trader, its a bit harder since you need to find a chunk with a villager in it and manualy find the file that has a offer file.

  15. Is the Master Trader achievement not in this map? It’s the only one I have to get

  16. ben says:

    hey there are new ADVANCEMENTS for 1.14 bedrock (1.sticky situation) (2.bee our guest ) (total bee location)

  17. Brent William Jacobs says:

    What about fence around the map to protect from slimes and natural creepers

  18. ColinLabGaming says:

    Cool Map

  19. Necronz says:

    Dont download my xbox account is disabled because of this dont download this!

  20. I Need 1 achievement says:

    The isnt the 9 maps achievement(or i don’t see it)

  21. Hello all! We are aware of the broken download link at it has been amended now :). Sorry for inconvenience caused.

  22. Smurf says:

    Fantastic work! Worked flawlessly. Got a bunch of achievements done.
    If i may make a suggestion for a future update, you can set up a hidden command block with
    /kill @e[type=creeper] on repeating to get rid of those annoying creepers. I had one blow my face up the second i spawned into the map, but in all fairness, you did warn us!

  23. Minecraft says:

    How does it wodk on xbox?

  24. guguıg says:

    you forgot to close cheats

  25. Brent William Jacobs says:

    You need to upload to media fire again for download to work.mcworld

  26. Anonymous says:

    This file can not be downloaded because there was a problem with the upload. If possible, contact the person uploading the file to ask them

  27. Anonymous says:

    This file can not be downloaded because there was a problem with the upload. If possible, contact the person uploading the file to ask them to upload it again. А

  28. Anonymous says:

    This file can not be downloaded because there was a problem with the upload. If possible, contact the person uploading the file to ask them to upload it again.

  29. Anonymous says:

    The MCWORLD link doesn’t work. Please try to fix the issue

  30. Anonymous says:

    Five star. I haven’t been able to play this yet due to the MCWORLD link not working. And I have tried the ZIP and it doesn’t work either. Please try to fix the issue.

  31. NightStorm says:

    I can’t download it

  32. Anonymous says:

    the idea is fantastic but i cant download the file can you upload it again pliss

  33. Stanley Simmons says:

    can you remake in 1.13 pls

  34. Ace says:

    pls make this world in 1.12 thanks!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Yuh lol good map and if you start it on mobile make it multi you can join on your xbox or what ever console you use and get cheevos on there too :p

  36. Agent 007 says:

    I somehow dont get achievements please help me

  37. SilverPath65245 says:

    Please could you update this for 1.13/1.14? Otherwise very good

  38. Reeee says:

    How do you spend a night underwater

  39. RndoPlayer says:

    This is a great world to get achievements off of.

  40. Schrix says:

    Is it safe to change the difficulty to peaceful to make the underwater for a day achievement easier or will that affect the rest of the map in some way?

  41. Brogyn Smith says:

    Make it an MCWORLD file! >:(

  42. Kryptic says:

    Absolutely great map. If you could make another with 1.13 and 1.14 (aquatic and Village and pillage) that’d be great

  43. Anonymous says:

    Please update to 1.11.3 with Pillagers and Aquatic
    Also it’s missing the items for Ender Dragon Re-spawn achievement
    Also missing emerald trade achievements
    among other things

  44. GamerDestroys95 says:


  45. Jk says:

    Can u make one for 1.11.1?

  46. Coopl says:

    Really Great world cant wait for it to be updated for the newer (village and pillage) update. Really useful

  47. armourplays2019 says:

    NICE, But how do you make the achievement world in a flat world?

  48. Wormy says:

    Could you make a normal world with 2 command blocks for creative/survival and the world still have achievement please if possible

  49. XD says:

    Nice,awesome,cool,good, i like the map,thank you.

  50. Damion says:

    how did you make this map while still being able to earn achievements? what program or nbt editor did you use to allow this? awesome make btw and thank you!

  51. Julio Bautista says:

    need paper

  52. lolMC888 says:


  53. Nut says:

    This is very very useful. Thanks

  54. MoonBearMan says:

    Please take out the end crystals and weaken the dragon so it’s more convenient please

  55. Marcelo says:

    Muito top o mapa eu já consegui conquistas!

  56. Kim Jong Nuke says:

    Really useful, Thx !

  57. Aircrafty says:

    Wow This is really cool! 😀

  58. KallraStudio says:


  59. A Minecraft Player says:

    Nice map:D

  60. Anonymous says:

    pretty good!!

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