Acid Skyblock

The Floating Island, with acid below the void it covers with chemical when you touch them it burns your skin and deadly like lava.

The new Chemical Skyblock, A.K.A Acid Skyblock is here!

You can find structures in this world in order to gather more materials, learn information and survive, these structures include:

Plain Island

Savana Island

Brick Island

Podzol Island

Mushroom Island

End Portal

Soul Sand Island

BadLand Island

Crimped Island (Giveaway) 

You will spawn on the Plain Island. When you start:
This is your Default Island.  There will be a free loot when you chop a tree.

Savana Island:

This Island have loot in the chest so you may get free food on it.

Brick Island:
This Island have hidden chest so you may find on it.

Soul Sand Island:
This Island is very dangerous and free infinite Bonemeal

End Portal:
This is your boss island

  • Explore some island to find / craft an Eye of Ender

    Mushroom Island:
    This Mushroom Island has hidden loot

    Badland Island:
    This Island has a free chest but be careful once its opened it will explode

    Crimped Island (Giveaway):
    This is a giveaway Island Crimson+Warped = Crimped

    How To Claim The Crimped Island:
    Enter The Code.

    Place the paper on the Frame.

    If you don’t know how to get the code please visit

    Video Trailer:

Changelog View more

Changelog 0.0.5

*Added Mission Book

*Added Sand Generator

*Added Gravel Generator

*Acid Obsidian Are Now Allowed In This World

*Added Mission

*Changed Soul Sand Valley Island Loot

Fixed download issue that cannot download the file. In My Marketplace.

Added Download .Zip In My Marketplace


1. Download The Mcworld or Zip File In My Marketplace

2. Open the downloaded file for the world to automatically install into the game!

# If you don't know how to download. 
Click Here


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200

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