Activate Commands Mod

One of the new features in version 0.12 of Minecraft PE is commands. Commands don’t exist in the current build but it is a likely thing to be added soon. If you can’t wait and want to be able explore the new commands right away then you can get the Activate Commands Mod which adds all of the commands we are likely to see in the official release of Minecraft PE 0.12.

Creator: KsyMC



  • /timeset <value, e.g. 13000 is night, 0 is morning>
  • /hunger <value>
  • /lvl <level (0-2000)>
  • /rain
  • /rain 0 – turns off rain
  • /lightning
  • /gamemode <1/2>
  • /enchant
  • /getpos <username>
  • /give <username> <item id> <amount>
  • /summon <name of mob>
  • /timeadd <value>
  • /timelock <value>
  • /timestop <value>
  • /player <value>
  • /health <value>
  • /tp <x> <y> <z>
  • /jmp <value>
  • /effect <value>
  • /xp <value>
  • /clearInventory
  • /tick <value>
  • /tickset <value>
  • /stop
  • /list
  • /kick <username>
  • /say
  • /setskin <steve/alex>
  • /profile
  • /aigoals
  • /bounds
  • /paths

This particular mod was created for 0.12 so make sure you’ve the latest update in order for this mod to work.


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22 Responses

  1. Allanah says:

    Thanks!!! for making this app I LOVE IT

  2. Hassanein says:

    Help pls!!

  3. Alireza says:

    Can you plus help me ???
    I install the mod I downloaded and then I go to blocklauncher but after that I tried everything but it’s not working idk I’m stuck can u plus tell me what to do

  4. Acolox says:

    Then how come my phone that has 372 mB free says that I don’t have enough storage to install it

  5. Acolox says:

    How much storage does the mod use up

  6. Kittybun232 says:

    How can I get the mod,it’s not working plus dose my iPad Air have to be a jail breaked

  7. DeathCop4000 says:

    Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information

  8. ItsDaveDuh says:

    Link may be broken

  9. Oren Staines says:

    Do you have to jailbreak

  10. 3lawee 16 says:

    How do I install mods in MCPE plz tell me

  11. I'm not telling you says:

    This is such a waste… The ‘download’ button only takes you to an ad. Thanks for spamming! Get a life…

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