Actual Guns CSO: Lite Edition V1.1

Did you ever wanted AG:CSO to have a Lite version that can run on anything? no lag? no skins? just a few weapons and such? then your dream has come true! play around with less weapons and exclusive ones from the community!

YouTube: Here!

Discord: Here!

The weapons in V1.1:

More weapons will come depending on the feedback I get and playtesting. There are also exclusive weapons once again, so lets show them to you!

What an “AWSM” gun. Made by Java!

Magnum M1917 by Cuban!

I know. You did not expect to see a Makarov in a million years in AG, but here it is!

Scout’s big brother is back, for like the 3rd time?!

Rhogun by Cuban!



Will there be trading in future versions? Yes.

Will there be more weapons? Yes.

Is this survival friendly? Not as of now, but soon.

Is there crafting? No.

Is this multiplayer? Yes.

Where is the full version? I have disabled it because people on YouTube are mis-treating it and making dumb videos about it and half of it is mis-leading, we don’t want AG to become a corny Add-on like most add-ons on MCPEDL. We are different, and they will never realise that until the Add-on is gone.

Can you still get the full version? Yes, its currently still on my Discord.

Why is the links disabled? From now on, when I catch someone making the videos like I mentioned earlier, the Add-on will have the links removed for a week as a punishment.

Changelog View more





- Snipers are more accurate

- RPG can aim down sights

- Shotguns and weapons that get reloaded shell by shell now can not be over-filled


You can use it on your maps, just credit me.

If you are a YouTuber, don't use your own link, don't use mis-leading thumbnails and actually play the Add-on properly. I don't care if you are doing this for free or not, I don't want your showcase if it's completely wrong. I have already taken many videos down, I don't want you to be next.

If you did a showcase and you want me to see if it's good or not, put #AGLITE in your description and I will give it a watch in my free time.


Supported Minecraft versions


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106 Responses

4.58 / 5 (33 votes)
  1. jacob39822 says:

    It sucks how much people try to get easy subscribers with clickbait, and it’s gotten to the point where it hurts people who create Addons, music, or anything else.

    With all that being said and done, I like the idea of the light version, the skins seemed to be purely cosmetic and random, and the mobs where annoying and out of place, but the guns are perfect, they auto fire perfectly, you don’t have to craft them with ammo over and over again, and its the only Addons to have wonder weapons. One question though, will the full version still receive updates

  2. Yo who botted the Add-on and made me get 2k shares in like 30m lmao?? I love this community

  3. Playcode1 says:

    New Stuff?!

  4. lassana says:

    what do i type in the serch bar to equip the guns

  5. Zyk skully says:

    Are the guns craftable?

  6. “As punishment”? If someone is mistreating this addon, then they already have it. You’re only punishing newcomers. Which means that you’re practically ENCOURAGING misuse. Also, people are bound to make stupid YT videos of all the Addons here. If you’re worried about it, don’t use MCPEDL.

  7. Luisangel says:

    Finally a gun mod for my toaster

  8. wojtazet says:

    wait it’s on discord

  9. wojtazet says:

    why did you deleted it?

  10. Omid250409 says:

    Is work on rtx beta?

  11. Crazybloglog says:

    Question: Is it possible to make a 3D guns pack with the original or lite pack, but they are all 3D
    Im trying to make a zombie apocalypse so i need 3D guns but the only 3D guns pack only had 9 items.

  12. gabriel_aplok says:

    Deleted link? 🙁

  13. Kanaka_GUSASI says:

    Where is the original actual guns?

  14. Gopnik kat says:

    can you add all landmines from AGCSO?

  15. Call Of Nothing says:

    Did You Delete The Full Addon?I Cant Find It ;-;

  16. links not working 😤😡 0 stars pls fix now

  17. masterkayden117 says:

    Well, Could there atleast be a better way to get all the ammo other than individually doing/give? Maybe make them register to creative inventory?

  18. Touristdaffy says:

    Why does the link is deleted

  19. best addon 10/10 my toaster can finally run it thank you so much

  20. masterkayden117 says:

    Instead of doing individual functions for each type of gun in the full version, Can you make just one command for both
    So /function getguns and getammo?

  21. Ilikestuff says:

    Is there any other way to get ammo other than doing the /give command ?

  22. masterkayden117 says:

    How do i reload?, also, Love this addon, could you add the flamethrower from the full version?

  23. Shinku says:

    This is a very nice add-on

    But can you add crafting recipes so it can be obtainable in survival?

    If possible can it only be crafted in crafting table? Like, it doesnt need other crafting station, only crafting table

    Sorry for my bad english lol

  24. ZeroGgamer says:

    Eyo heres yo 5 stars

  25. Playcode1 says:

    May I Use This For A Map? I’ll Credit You.
    ( Nice Addon Btw)

  26. Eggpie2000 says:

    Hey im just wondering, is this addon multiplayer compatible? Also if you can please add the dmr from halo.

  27. Elemental-robot says:

    none of the guns actually fire anything and i had all the experiments on and education edition and all but none of them worked! i tried reloading it and i tried different guns but none of them fire! they just charge like a bow and then nothing

  28. Wait azoz I thought you were on break

  29. ChickenBoy123 says:

    So I downloaded both files and for some reason they weren’t working with MCPE. So I converted hem into zip files and then unzipped them to obtain folders, in which I then placed in the Minecraft files (behaviour and resource pack). However in the game I can see that the game is modified but when I create a world and open up inventory, I don’t see any weapons but in the bottom right of the screen it shows the name of the Addon? Please help…

  30. Hey i love the addon and I have a suggestion for a weapon:
    Pls add:SPAS-12

  31. I am the cure says:

    Great mod, can you do the DayZ addon? Sorry for my English

  32. wait is it not survival friendly then cos mileage doesnt work?

  33. memeblock.avi says:

    Very good addon! everything works how it was supposed to work, but i have a little question, what does the ‘mileage’ do?

  34. Tai The God5409 says:

    Are there sights still on the guns?

  35. CLOUD MCPE says:

    I like This! It fits Perfectly On My Device Without Having Issues!

    Also… Can You Add More Guns? like 10 Of Them

    2-Etc…(Something Useful Or Exciting)

  36. Gopnik kat says:

    Without no skin? cool, because skin is kinda useless for me

  37. Crash12413 says:

    I think the amount of guns in this is good enough, but can you add the bow shooting animation when you shoot or hold the guns? It would add a nice touch of realism.

  38. AzureParrot42 says:

    Im want realistic reloading but this is lite maybe add it? If no ok then but yes then thank you

  39. Astral_Alex says:

    Will this be updated tho? Nice addon btw

  40. Joe_Mama2.0 says:

    It doesn’t work for me, I’m playing on my phone.

  41. Usernameee says:

    coding a gun is hard so i appreciate your work

  42. Candy H. says:

    Hello! This looks so cool! Is this Multi-playable?

  43. Nether Warden says:

    I wish this had all Weapons in Actualguns, just without the Skins cause they function the Same no matter the Skin, and I don’t like all those Mobs but I guess this is fine too.

  44. MiguelCrafter23 says:

    Nice also first feedback for now

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