Addons MegaPack of LooperLand

We present to you the largest add-on pack made by T-InfiniteMinds ™.

This is the Megapack-LooperLandv5;

Which includes all the addons of the acclaimed series in exclusive versions,

These versions have been modified and improved to make you enjoy it more!

In addition, the pack includes components such as:

Advantages of this AddonPack:

-It is 100% Compatible with servers and realms-

-Contains elements not included in the original addons-

-It has exclusive entities like the evil snowman-

-Has the stuffed animals of the members of LooperLand-

-Contains unique versions not yet published of the addons-

-And much more!-

Addons included in this MegaPack:

* Furnicraft -Exclusive Version

* Place Me – Created by: CodanRaigenXXI

* Plushies! -Modified Version – Created by: CodanRaigenXXI

* Minecraft Earth Mobs

* Rideable Cloud

* Security BE Craft

* Blokkits -Exclusive Version

In addition, the pack includes components such as:

* Evil Snowman

* Advanced Crafting Table

* 10 + Plush Toys

How to use it:

To start using the pack, you must add a table

top crafting or creative place.

To summon her, insert this command:

/ summon bridge: looper_crafting

Once you have the LooperLand crafting table you will be able to craft all

the objects.

… from furniture to pet clouds …

Quality of this

addon according rating of InfiniteMinds:  Calificación B+

*Important data:

*It is not yet 100% compatible with addons

*to apply it you must always place the LooperLand addon above that of Furnicraft

*in these two addons all the others are compacted

Changelog View more

*Several points that have caused confusion have been clarified in the description.


Just click on the file and two textures and a behavior pack will be installed, the texture of "LooperLand" should always go above that of furnicraft


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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40 Responses

3.7 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Guest-3612165406 says:

    Cuando estará disponible la mesa en realm? Es muy buen addon la verdad pero lo quiero en realm
    Gracias por tu tiempo

  2. Guest-5134322362 says:

    Where is the ad fly installation?
    please put the link

  3. Guest-8822537492 says:

    I cant install it it says the page is not there anymore please fix it
    help meh

  4. Guest-2173856089 says:

    Please can u take out the animation addon from the pack because it just make my character weird looking

  5. Guest-2173856089 says:

    Please can u take out the animation addon from the pack because it just make my character weird lookin

  6. Guest-9265481222 says:

    Qué tiene de especial el Furnicraft Exclusivo?

  7. Guest-8251393293 says:

    Come hago que la Mesa de crafteo de mas cosas come las nudes y plushies

  8. Guest-8849411176 says:

    The crafting table is really cool!

  9. Guest-7473708323 says:

    Amazing Addon!

  10. DXTG Josh says:

    I love the addon pack! Oh and btw, for all of you guys out there, Linkvertise is much safer than any other websites such as, Trust me.. I’ve checked.

    First, just verify that you’re not a robot. And then after, click on ‘Discover interesting articles’. After that, dont press any articles at all, and wait for at least 10 seconds.
    After 10 secs, press the ‘x’ button to exit that window, and press continue. Wait another 10 seconds, and then click on the ‘Direct access to LooperLand MegaPack v5’ and you’ll be redirected into the one and only Mediafire link UwU.

    The creator of this addon has worked hard on this and deserves support too. They are human. They also get tired. So it’s your chance to support them by using the Linkvertise website.

    Oh and btw, I’m not an advertiser or anything UwU (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ I’m 13 lolololololol

    • iiPlasma7 says:

      Bro linkvertise may be safe but the downloads are usually messed up and give me a.exe file not a .zip or .mcaddon or .mcpak files. So i cant extract the file on xbox. I cant even rename it properly…

  11. Guest-8866159434 says:

    What shader are you using?

  12. Apparently many things have not been made clear, this is a BETA version. which means it is not 100% realms compliant yet, the enderelevators are not yet added and many objects are of no use at all. All this will be fixed soon in v6. They must place the looperland pack with a higher priority than the furnicraft pack.

  13. Guest-3873494971 says:

    Dos preguntas, para que sirve la llave, y otra ¿Como saco un blockit del survival?

  14. Guest-4512560295 says:

    Lol thanks!!!

  15. Guest-9633697286 says:

    Broken link :/

  16. Guest-3944758863 says:

    Please change it to mediafire link instead of linkvertise!!

  17. Guest-9205998016 says:

    The Linkvertise isn’t working!!

  18. Guest-4281871330 says:

    I can’t download it, get rid of the linkvertise please

  19. Guest-5524914964 says:

    When i spawn in the looper crafting table only some of the furniture craft items show up and nothing else

  20. Coming soon 100% compatible with realms

    • Guest-4577624299 says:

      No es compatible con realms? Lo estoy probando, y no me deja summonear la mesa de crafteo superior, tampoco lo veo en creativo, voy a seguir intentando, ¿cuandos addons se instalan en el pack? Porque me salieron 2, el Looperland y el furnicraft. Gracias de antemano owo)b

  21. Guest-2400600329 says:

    I got pretty hyped seeing this worked on realms. However it does not. Thank you for wasting my time.

    • Theoretically if it does, but we have only tested it on servers. It will probably be 100% compatible in 1.15, but I don’t understand why you can’t use it.

      • Guest-5955209225 says:

        I don’t think you can use customs commands on realms. From my experience you can’t use any mods that aren’t entities. I tried your mod on a regular world and it worked fine. I then transferred it over to a realm and all the spawn eggs in my hand were black and everything I spawned in disappeared.

  22. Guest-3645946680 says:

    Cuando uso la mesa de crafteo avanzada solo me deja traidear algunas cosas pero no todo, ¿que hago?

  23. Guest-8342815638 says:

    Pongan el addon de los chocobos, y la segunda actualización de security craft

  24. Guest-5767491898 says:

    This is perfect exactly what I was looking for. Addons put together like a mod pack

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