Admin Command Pack (For Servers)

This Function pack will make you life easier as a server/map creator incuding functions, Clear Chat, Feed, Developer Mode, Fly, TpAll, Night Vision And info fuctions such us Color Codes, and wool color ids, Perfect for a server

There is some examples of the commands in action below inducing a list of available commands;

Mute the Chat from spamming messages 

Clear the Chat from inappropriate language as well as base leeks

Fly away in survival and disable flying in Creative!

Get Development tools for your server/realms!

List of function commands:

  • /function ClearChat
  • /function ClearInventory
  • /function ColorCodes
  • /function ColorId
  • /function Developer
  • /function Feed
  • /function FlyOn
  • /function FlyOff
  • /function Heal
  • /function Killplayers
  • /function MuteChat
  • /function NightVision
  • /function TpAll
  • /function TpNear
  • /function TpRandom
  • /function UnmuteChat

Only Users/Accounts with Op will be able to use the commands listed.

Eduction Edition is needed! – However disabled most features still functioning.

Do not:

Put a mediaFire link into any website and do not use other Link shortners to give access to this page!

Re-upload onto any online device such as other mod websites

You Can:

Use the file format to rewrite ALL the functions/add functions without uploading the starter ones unless you link this URL!

Changelog View more
  • Updated The link so there is an .zip file and an .mcpack file



If you are trying to download onto Xbox go on a different device and enter the media-fire URL into Xbox browser.


Supported Minecraft versions


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11 Responses

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  1. Guest-4183343538 says:

    you should add the .mcpack onto the link because they are both zip files

  2. Guest-7388074601 says:


    • Guest-3578414679 says:

      Even though its a zip, you can rename the .zip part to .mcaddon and it will become a minecraft addon file, or just unzip it -_-

  3. Diego0786 says:

    Hi, the addon works great on a realm, how can I write something on the screen like in the 3rd image?

  4. Guest-3109655919 says:

    You need /invsee to be a true admin command pack

  5. Guest-7352798221 says:

    both are .zip XD

  6. I also have a function pack posted like last December.. ALL of the functions you have here also got mine.. I got even more..
    even the function names are the same like the colorID and colorcodes.. is this a rip-off? Just asking
    5 stars for the effort

  7. Guest-1457629164 says:

    Something you should add if possible in the future, a function that would be really useful and I’ve found times that if it existed I would use the Hell out of it, that would behave like so: /function CoordPoint. What it would do is Copy the player’s coordinates and save then in chat, making it so they can be pasted onto command_block without having to remember the coords, or at least keep the coords safe so I don’t have to fly all the way over cause I forgot. Another thing that could be useful would be a function that’s like /function EquipThis. It would have variations of it, what it would do is equip whatever the player is holding onto one of the armor slots, I know there’s already a command ingame but I’m suggesting this as sorta a shortcut to the command. Feel free to use these ideas and I hope these help in any way!

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