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So, are you bored with the commands you have? Commands can sometimes set people bored, especially when there’s not enough. I wish there was a /feed and /heal command/ If your wish is similar to mine, I fill you! Welcome to the Admin Commands Function! With this, you’ll be able to do commands like /function feed or /function heal!

Sadly, there is no /function help command to show all the commands in chat, so we had to put it like this. These are all of the commands you could type in:

Main Commands:
/function feed (replenish all of your hunger)

/function heal (replenish all of your health)

/function fly-on (allow flying, even in survival)

/function fly-off (disable flying)

/function kill (kills yourself)

/function kill_everyone (kills everyone)

/function tp_everyone_to_me (teleport everyone to you)

/function vanish (makes you invisible to other players)

/function unvanish (make you visible to other players)

/function clear_items (clears all items on the ground)

/function detect (plays a sound when diamonds are nearby)


/function kit-noob (gives kit noob)

/function kit-wood (gives kit wood)

/function kit-gold (gives kit gold)

/function kit-iron (gives kit iron)

/function kit-diamond (gives kit diamond)

Most people wish there were more commands in Minecraft, so I hope many people will like it and use it for their worlds!

PLEASE NOTE: is the ONLY website you can get this function pack on, if you use other sites like!

Here are some examples of commands you can use:



Changelog View more

- Added a .Zip link

- Changed up the details

-Added more screenshots

- Changed the /function tp_everyone_to_me command to /function tpall

- Added /function detect command

- Changed /function kill_everyone to /killall

- When the download link changed, on accident, I left the .Mcpack a .Zip file. Now it’s fixed.


Although it’s a very cool addon, you still need to know how to install it. I imagine most of you know how to install addons in Minecraft Pocket Edition. If you don’t it’s okay, I still made a video on how to do install my addon. You need to know how to get it before you do it.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9

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43 Responses

4.56 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. Guest-8943048086 says:

    Do the commands work with command blocks? Thanks!

  2. Guest-8597008527 says:

    ⠀ ⠀

  3. Mr-Octi says:

    Okay now this is supa good!

  4. Zyldjan says:

    I Love the addons great job btw can you fix fly command? and can you make to function command /function disguise-(any mobs)

    • Tim rotman says:

      it already works (maybe it didnt a month ago) but you need to have educational edition enabled (then u see EDU in front of ur world in the world loader.

  5. Anthony Root says:

    Love it it really does work

  6. Yes says:

    How does the detect comand work i placed some diamonds and used the /function detect and i heard no sound but everything else works perfectly.

  7. Robloxoof says:

    Does this work in servers

  8. Sadwo says:

    Fly command doesn’t work plz fix btw great job!

  9. Zyappz says:

    Can you make a mute command? Great add-on

  10. UnknownPlayer32 says:

    I was always looking for an addon (or function pack) like this to use in survival. Keep up the good work. 👍👍👍

  11. Timmbo says:

    You should add Minecraft Xbox editions flying because it would be easier to build

  12. ZbotDyno says:

    I have been getting a error message saying Function not found. Do I need a start-up command?

  13. chocolatebeans says:

    It actually worked for me when you updated your website downloads, the map is pretty good and a lot of fun.

  14. D3rpy says:

    What is the initial start up command

  15. Iron assasin says:

    I do /function kit-iron and it doesnt work it says kit not found?

  16. GalacticB69Mods says:

    Referencing my reply to Fakhri, it might be possible to create the /sethome and /home command using items or blocks to indicate where the home is at and this telling the function to tp to the location assuming u can use vars in functions (a possible way to do this could be using a /testforX then taking the position of X and feeding it into a /tp @user ) IDK I’m down to collaborate if you want HMU on discord at Galactic#3544 good function tho

  17. Tyler says:

    Some commands aren’t working such as the Fly commands, any fix? when I type them in it doesnt register that I even used the command

  18. Fakhri says:

    i just need command /home and /sethome 🙁

    • GalacticB69Mods says:

      To my knowledge their is no Effective way to accomplish this. Because it’s very difficult to design said script to recognize you specifically in game plus it can’t “store” anything that could be used to distinguish you in game due to the nature of mcfunctions and the implemented commands available in MCPE.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I‘ve been waiting for someone to do the Survival flight thing for a long time. Keep up the good work

  20. Thank you this is exactly what I have been looking for in an addon. Thank you so much. But I definitely think you should add in a function (such as “/function help”) that would tell you all the commands in the next update.

  21. kx9000 says:

    the flying commands don’t work, but everything else is good! please fix this!

  22. Do function to everyone to me change name to tpall

  23. 🙃 says:

    Now this is an add on that is amazing. Well done.

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