Admin Function Commands

Disguise, Vanish, Troll, Edit Terrain, Ban People and much more, all in one pack and all it takes, is a simple command. This is a Compilation of lots of useful Commands of all sorts, all packed into one Pack. Made by d6b

To get started, type “/function setup“. You will get a Repeating Command Block. Place it down, then type in the Command “/function core” and set it to Always Active.

For a list of all Commands, type “/function help“.


Lots of useful Commands such as

  • /function fly” to turn Fly on or off in Survival Mode (Education Edition ON)
  • /function god” to turn on or off God Mode and get Invincible but unable to hurt anybody else either
  • /function feed” & “/function heal” to Heal or Feed yourself
    All of these also work as a /tag; “/tag (player) add fly“, “/tag (player) add feed“, etc.
  • /function chunkup” Teleports the Chunk you are in above your Head
  • /function desert” turns the Area around you into a Desert


Disguise: be anything you want, just type “/function dg/(Mob you wanna be)


To Enter or Leave TerrainEdit Mode, type “/function terrainedit“. Now, when you drop any Item in your Hotbar, you will be “Editing Terrain” with this Item. To Change your Range, type “/function range/(5 | 10 | 20)” and to change the Brush Size, type “/function brush/(1 | 3 | 5 | 10)


To Freeze a Player, type “/tag (player) add moveban

To TempBan a Player, type “/tag (player) add tempban

To Permanently Ban a Player, type “/tag (player) I add permban“. When they join your World/Server, they will be stuck in an Infinite World Loading Loop


To Vanish or Unvanish, type “/function v” or “/function vanish“. When in Vanish, you are Completely Invisible.


Nukes, C4 and Landmines! To place a Nuke, type “/function nuke/place” and to detonate it, type “/function nuke/detonate“. Same for C4. To place a Landmine, type “/function landmine“. It will detonate once another player walks over it, if that player has never placed one before.

©2020. All Rights Reserved.

If you have any Suggestions on other Commands to add or if you Found a Glitch, feel free to tell me in the Comments or join my Discord Server: 🙂

Changelog View more
  • Added new Download Link
  • Releasing my own new Website:
  • Hotfix: Added /function unmutechat to unmute the Chat 
  • Added new Title Image
  • Added Download Links for better Compatibility with Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Console

Fixed Broken Variable Input Marker in Description that got removed by being translated as HTML


To Use this pack in your world/realm/server, download the .mcpack file from the link below, then, click „import to Minecraft“. When in Minecraft, go to your World-Settings > Behaviour Packs, then Click on the Icon and click „Activate“. When joining your world again, you just have to Set it up, et voilà, youre done. Have Fun!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 RTX Beta

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95 Responses

4.36 / 5 (25 votes)
  1. Guest-1587526300 says:

    When You PermBan someone how do they escape the loading screen so they can leave and join their worlds?

  2. Guest-9707451433 says:

    Pls update itt

  3. Guest-2189747406 says:

    I think my /dg is broken. I set it up and it doesn’t work. Ive tried reloading a world. Nope. I tried redownloading the mod. Nop. I need help

  4. Guest-4988119767 says:

    Vanish is not working is i write /function v when i am vanished it makes the effect infinite, not reappear!

    • Guest-8280060697 says:

      That’s usually because you have addons that involve armor on. I have this problem whenever I have addons involving armor installed on the world and when I remove the addon the Vanish command will work properly.

  5. Minecraft456497 says:

    love the addon keep up the good work

  6. Guest-9947336670 says:

    the nuke is helpful i find diamond using that

  7. Guest-6711001737 says:

    This is helpful cause somethimes i am experimenting like snow golem vs pillager and it is very laggy cause there drops

    so i do /function clear lag
    and despawn all drops

  8. KevinPlayZ287 says:


  9. Guest-6768618940 says:


  10. Guest-6659650050 says:

    disgise spawns the mob instead of duscuising you as it

  11. Guest-6185439071 says:

    Umm how do i put the chunk back down?

  12. xStormMC says:

    Nice, saves me the time of downloading beach pack individually

  13. AlfaIR Team says:

    hey d6b it is so good that you made a website for your self👌

  14. Guest-1810000581 says:

    This is what i wanted. Thanks

  15. awesome mod love it! works fine

  16. Guest-6068559986 says:

    I can’t use tags how do I do that?

  17. Guest-5616241155 says:

    Can you make it without a command block?

  18. Guest-1386067878 says:

    Which packs are behaivor packs amd which packs are recourse packs?

  19. ThePikaFan64 says:

    How do i stop disguising?

  20. QuinnZaballa says:

    Sup, this thing is great

  21. Guest-1666325507 says:

    Function fly doesn’t work for me any suggestions??

  22. BlurSniped says:

    Uhh the ban doesnt work for me

  23. Guest-3376077863 says:

    Thank you For This addon But Can you add me as your friend pls?
    On xbox?
    Tell Me Your gamertag

  24. Guest-5156759019 says:

    Cant stop particle effect help

  25. Guest-6262852732 says:

    Can you make a too many item mod d6b? Thx

  26. Guest-6436579481 says:

    Hey d6b can u help me when i /function disguise/any mob it wont work it only spawns the mob but i wont become disguised it just appears my skin and i didn’t became a mob pls help me d6b

  27. Guest-9503980943 says:

    d6b mine won’t become disguise cuz they only spawn but my character still appears pls help

  28. Guest-4965686379 says:

    How do I turn off particles?

  29. Guest-4008864031 says:

    Amazing you helped me so much

  30. Guest-1914114367 says:

    This is great, but you should try and make it without the command block.
    Also, some tags don’t work and sometimes it says I have too many tags but I don’t know how to remove them. Otherwise really great pack

  31. Guest-6382987201 says:

    The disguise doesn’t work for me the creeper runs away from me.

  32. Rubyriendier123 says:

    Hi d6b! I LOVE all of your packs and addons! Especially the xray one which helps me troll my friends!!!!!
    Thanks for your great work!!!!! 🙂

  33. Guest-4181576268 says:

    How do I unfreeze and unban

  34. Guest-4669354887 says:

    I did /function core now I cant see any commands I do

  35. Guest-3813944524 says:

    I have a question it says troll up in yellow highlight is that a command or is that not real
    please reply

  36. Guest-8111777361 says:

    the ban doesn’t work for me

  37. Guest-2970562817 says:

    So um my /function crash doesn’t work plz fix thx or help me figure out the problem

  38. Anonymous says:

    The download just doesn’t work. You click it and it doesn’t load, I’ve tried on multiple devices, multiple networks and none of them work. If someone would drop the download link as a reply, that would be great

  39. Guest-4047923880 says:

    this sounds really nice, imma download it. if it works, five star from me

  40. Guest-9446625453 says:

    if you can add a command to fix chunks

  41. Guest-6165578323 says:

    Add a command where we can turn off particles!! 🤬🤬🤬

  42. Guest-3820239949 says:

    Add a command where we can turn off particles!! 🤬🤬🤬

  43. Guest-2196311354 says:

    How does the permban work?

  44. Guest-2431288940 says:

    how do i unmute chat its impossible from what i can tell

  45. Guest-7478324689 says:

    How does the terrain edit work

  46. Guest-5130973674 says:

    My disguise wont disguise

  47. Guest-2021949248 says:

    please send the media fire link the gestyy wants me to sub to an unknown thing

  48. Guest-7291679416 says:

    everytime i try to disguise it doesn’t work plz fix

  49. Bdude1994cool says:

    Hey dude i was wondering if you’re fine with me to do a showcase this in a series in survival

  50. Guest-9694936459 says:

    how do you unban

  51. Guest-1867005116 says:

    how to remove the particle function?

  52. Guest-8307866169 says:

    Very nice! Took me awhile to get to the download though. Nevertheless a great addon.

  53. Guest-3184568064 says:


  54. Guest-4708562631 says:

    I spent half an hour trying to get this to work, and it didn’t. Looks like a great Addon, and I hope later you choose a different way to get to your Addon.

  55. Wernes14 says:


  56. Guest-2139428620 says:

    Just atleast use another shortlink
    It making me trigered because always open my lazada

  57. Guest-2967662200 says:

    plz put a mediafire link

  58. Guest-1275438642 says:

    Wut i did to download the pack was to press continue, exit out the redirect page, and press it again. I hope it works for u too

  59. Guest-2989877860 says:

    changez le lien s’il vous plais, je ne peux pas télécharger avec ce lien

  60. Guest-3566469160 says:

    I can’t even get to it

  61. Guest-5665910087 says:

    Use adfly pls

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