Admin Panel V4 NBT Commands (1.13+) (Script) (Removed Ads)

This script adds an admin panel to the game which can be accessed by players who have permission. Admins can control the world using a custom user interface with fast settings or by typing any command and some basic NBT commands. You can use it if world owner gave you permission.

Creator: Drag0nDTwitter Account Other Credits: thanks reimarPB for CSS file

How to use the admin panel?

First off you must have permission from the owner.

If you are the owner and you want to give someone permission from admin panel press on admins menu

Note: only the owner can access admins menu.

then UI will appear with list of players press on players who you want to give permission until their names become green (in the UI).

Now after you got the permission you can open admin panel by crafting other item (see the screenshots for recipes) and use it by right clicking at any block.

The admin panel includes options for controlling the time, weather and for writing any command.

also i added NBT menu

press on help for how to use

Changelog View more

alot of people complained about shrink earn ads so i removed the ads for now.its mediafire only

  1. made improvements to the UI
  2. removed admin menu item you can access admins menu from admin panel see screenshots
  3. added NBT commands menu press on help to know how it work
  4. added shift button on keyboard to type capital letters and added more symbols
  5. fixed sunrise in time settings
  1. custom UI scale better with different screen resolutions and sizes
  2. support minecraft 1.12
  3. changed the way of openning admin panel see the description
  4. added admins menu to give players permission to the admin panel (only owner can access it and it only support up to 10 players at the moment)
  5. added 2 items to open admin panel and admins menu see description
  • when you open UI it open for you instead of all players
  • added more time settings
  • added more keyboard buttons
  • @s work now in commands
  • improved the UI
  • note: the lines for changing passwords changed see description for the new lines


1-press on .mcaddon link

2-you will be directed to site with I’m not a robot test press on it and press continue close any pop-up you get and dont download anything unless it is mediafire website

3-in next website wait 10 seconds and press “get link” you may get pop-ups just close them then download the file from mediafire

4-open the file

5-The game will automatically open and import the packs then apply the pack for a world (make a backup for safety)

6-Enable “Experimental Gameplay” in the world settings

make backup of your world


Supported Minecraft versions


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74 Responses

3.07 / 5 (29 votes)
  1. Guest-6600566178 says:

    for goodness sake stop complaining

    theres a bug where GUI’s only open if you right-click on chests, pressure plates, repeaters, buttons, droppers, dispensers or smithing tables

    this will only work on Win10 unless you use blocklauncher

  2. Guest-5395371942 says:

    Please Update it to 1.16

  3. Guest-9935657816 says:

    this sucks im on windows ten and have expieramental gameplay and i try using it and it is not working i click and nothing pops up and im creator of world

  4. Guest-8672410548 says:

    ya’ll are trying to scam me! i did everything and it did not work im uninstalling this bullshit! ya’ll trying to use up my storage

  5. ClammyHornet707 says:

    someone pls tell me how to use the nbt pannel

  6. A EPICGAMER says:

    i thought u couldn’t run scripts on windows 10

  7. A EPICGAMER says:

    stop saying it is a virus you are just dumb and dont know how to use your brains

  8. Guest-4155255257 says:

    The world you are trying to enter requires your device to run scripts. You cannot join this device because your device does not currently support scripts,
    What is this error

  9. Flashy3467 says:

    is it a virus one? est-ce un virus?

  10. Guest-8866663765 says:

    Crashed my game when in the “write command menu” and i pressed shift

  11. Guest-4773508797 says:

    all of you idiots just dont know how to donwload it, you probably pressed the wrong download link. press the macaddon plus its not a virus so stfu and it perfectly works and btw i have a suggestion, why not make like the worldedit commands like fill, drain, clone and stuff like that

  12. Guest-3246208852 says:

    I’m the owner and the admin menu won’t open hellp

  13. Guest-1309253280 says:

    this is malware please stop doing this

  14. Guest-1987918177 says:

    I Nearly Had To Buy A New Pc But Chrome Stopped The Download THIS IS A VIRUS nice try to infect peoples PCs

  15. Guest-3841549970 says:


  16. John says:

    Oh f***, one star only for shortening URL. I hate those shorteners, they have annoying misleading ads. I managed to download from the 10th time. LET’S MAKE URL-SHORTENERS DIE!!! Do not support them

  17. Soul.fb says:

    I think this is perfect.
    Except that it cannot be downloaded.

  18. It’s okay. Expecting more things soon.

  19. Stray says:

    Ребят,чтобы скачать лучше всего скачивать с ВПТ Мастер….у меня так получилось,надо заморочится но это возможно!!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    how do i open it?

  21. Fix your link says:


  22. Alex says:

    Yes i finnaly got it

  23. Alex says:

    Stop using shinkearn i cant even download it

  24. 102582947 says:

    You should make it work to get unobtainable items/blocks

  25. withythorwer360 says:

    can i get banned from xbox live

  26. Diamond says:

    Oh yes everyone! Minecon just launched SCRIPTS!!!!!! Well I’m happy for this because I want houses from TNT’s! Now Ima see if t his works on mobile or tablet.

  27. Endermanbugzjfc says:

    Well I’m using Windows 10 Edition but not work at all, I think the problem is on my game language so I set it to ENGUK but still, nothing happened

  28. Anonymous says:

    Wont let me place admin123456789 name tag.

  29. TheMCButterfly says:

    Is this an addon? If so, I’ll download.

  30. Anonymous says:

    the ui wont show after i hit the armor stand.

  31. End dude says:

    This is a script and scripts are only on windows 10

  32. Dab_master273 says:

    I like unspeakable

  33. Anonymous says:

    I tried downloading this om ny iPad but it didnt work

  34. Paris Gameplayer says:

    omg cool

  35. Bob says:

    Doesn’t work at all

  36. MiguelTheGamer0 says:

    Doesn’t Work How?

  37. Ibrahim says:

    Isn’t this already added, but is easier?

  38. SavageRainbow says:

    Does not work for bedrock users

  39. Deyber Games2 says:

    Available in servers?

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