Chiseled Me PE

This mod allows you to resize in Minecraft (as in the movie “Ant-Man”).

If after installation you do not have new features, this mod may conflict with others. Try to leave only this mod.

Requires version 1.13+ (1.14, 1.15, 1.16 and so on), works on all Minecraft bedrock platforms.

Resize your character

(This is how standard blocks look when player reduced by 32 times)

I recommend watching a video about this mod:

You can decrease up to 128 times, increase up to 32 times (if you decrease too much, bugs can occur).

This can be done using ant human costumes, which can be bought from a villager (Armorer).


2x decrease  – 8 emeralds. 2x increase – 8 emeralds and 8 diamonds

4x decrease – 12 emeralds. 4x increase – 12 emeralds and 12 diamonds

8x decrease – 16 emeralds. 8x increase – 16 emeralds and 16 diamonds

16x decrease – 32 emeralds. 16x increase – 32 emeralds and 32 diamonds

32x decrease – 64 emeralds. 32x increase – 64 emeralds and 64 diamonds

64x decrease  – 96 emeralds

128x decrease  – 128 emeralds

In order to decrease it is necessary to use the call egg: press RMB, hold the mouse (on the phones press the “Ride” button) next to the suit. You can return to normal size using the Shift key.


The stronger you decrease, the less hostile mobs will attack you, the slower you will move and dig blocks.

Decreasing by 2 times, you can climb through slots the size of 1 block

Decreasing 4 times, you can climb through slots the size of a half block

Decreasing 8 times you will not be afraid of falling from a height

Decreasing 16 times you can climb through the sand-shower or into the gap between the portal in the end and the block

(In the sand of the souls it is dark as the texture is more than a collision)

Decreasing 32, 64 and 128 times, you can climb into the smallest crevices. It will be almost impossible to see you.

(128x decrease, gap between chest and block)

(Can you see them?)

Decreasing, you will decrease the amount of health. If the suit takes a lot of damage, then an egg will drop out of it for his calling.

(You cannot swim in a suit, and you have half the lives, so be careful!)


The stronger you grow, the less hostile mobs will attack you, the faster you will move and the more lives you will have.

(2x increase)

(4x increase)

(8x increase)

(16x increase)

(32x increase)

(Costumes that increase 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 times)

Increase and decrease mobs (in development)

For this function, you must enable the experimental mode.

You can increase or decrease mobs with Pim particles. You can buy them from a villager (Weapon Smith) or give yourself by a command:

Pim particles that reduce:

/give @s antman:pim_shrinker_essence_(increase)x

Pim particles that increase:

/give @s antman:pim_big_essence_(increase)x

Instead of (increase) or (decrease), substitute the number by which you want to reduce or increase yourself.

Mobs can be increased up to 16 times and reduced to 128 times.

The stronger you increase the mobs, the faster they will move and the more health they will have.

They will also increase their attack power (if it’s a zombie or wolf) and the explosion radius (if it’s a creeper).

The more you reduce mobs, the slower they will move and the less health they will have.

They will also have reduced attack power (if it’s a zombie or wolf) and explosion radius (if it’s a creeper).

At the moment, you can resize at the following mobs (this list will be updated):

– Creeper

– Zombie

– Pig

– Cow

– Sheep

– Wolf

Changelog View more

Added more links (github, yandex disk, cloud mail, google drive etc.)

1. Fixed critical bug "Invalid zip archive"

2. Fixed critical bug when there were no pim particles

3. Added GitHub link (source code)

Added mediafire, google drive, yandex disk and cloud mail links

What's New in Version 2.1.2:

1) Fixed a bug where you could not get close to small mobs

2) Added the ability to reduce and increase sheep

3) Added the ability to reduce and increase cows

What's New in Version 2.1.1:

1) Added ability to reduce and increase wolves

2) Fixed some bugs

What's New in Version 2.1.0:

1) Fixed bug with ant human collision

2) Added ability to increase your size

3) Added ability to resize mobs

If you want to post this mod on your site, please leave a link to my page on Vkontakte:

or to YouTube channel:

Version 2.0.0:

What has changed in the second version?

1) No more ants

Armorer still sells spawn eggs, not “ants”, but special costumes (from the movie “Ant-Man”)

2) Costumes have their own texture, and you will no longer lose them if you accidentally pressed “Shift”

This is the main feature of this update, now you have the opportunity to play hide and seek with friends or even make let's play with this mod!

3) Fixed bugs with localization

If you played with the first version of this mod, then you probably saw strange inscriptions. Now these labels will not be, and the mod supports 2 languages: "Russian" and "English"

4) and many other bugs have been fixed

There were a lot of bugs in the first version, but now many of them have been fixed

5) Maximum cross-platform

I tried to make this mod supported on as many devices as possible, so if you have a device:

- On Windows 10

- On Android

- On iOS

- Xbox, PS4 and so on

version 1.13+ (1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, etc.), then you can safely download this mod!

This mod does not require an experimental mode, so you can use it on realms

Version 1.1.0:

- Fixed bugs with localization

- Description changed

-  Some other bugs fixed


1. Download the addon itself. 

2. Open the file.

3. Apply behavior and texture packs in map settings.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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91 Responses

4.61 / 5 (38 votes)
  1. Gamershy says:

    the experimental pim_shrinker… items don’t work because you are using the ‘minecraft:` namespace for them. Addons cannot use the default namespace and need to use a custom namespace, otherwise they won’t exist, even with experimental gameplay enabled

  2. ElectricBoiz321 says:

    Nice, but I can’t decrease to 64x because the mob is too small.

  3. Guest-5078720970 says:

    I can’t get the “pim particles”

  4. ASAP says:

    great.. do you have any social media so I can tell you some feedback.

  5. Guest-6634536120 says:

    Imagine this in vr

  6. AlexisJayGamer12 says:

    Can someone give me the link of mediafire please notice this

  7. Guest-5605977389 says:

    This ADDON is soooo coool! But can you make the suit invisible when your in it because it’s REALLY annoying!

  8. Guest-5257004046 says:

    I’m on Windows 10 and when I try /give for the Pim particles it says the item DOES NOT EXIST! plz help me thxs.

  9. PC1364 says:

    Loved it!

    can’t figure out how to resize mobs though.

  10. CubeSteff3906 says:

    Greetings! I am a fellow modpack maker, and I would love to use this very cool mod of yours for my pack. It will be credited as yours and the pack won’t be monetized, so I won’t be making money off your work. Do please ask away any questions. What do you think? :))

  11. Guest-6577776575 says:

    Make it so the bigger you are the slower you are and vice versa for smaller.

  12. Guest-1120025089 says:

    Make it so when u ride a pig you don’t go invisible

  13. Guest-7912705828 says:

    Can you add small blocks? (like decreased blocks 2X 4X…)

  14. Guest-4976469290 says:

    I think this is the greatest addon on MCPEDL. You deserve the money from Adfly.

  15. Guest-6460636381 says:

    I love it! It’s really good! But, Can you please do this:
    When you look up and down character’s head doesnt move. But It’s a Very Very Good ADDON!

  16. Guest-2816939119 says:

    Make a top bit add-on please

  17. Guest-6937775590 says:

    Can you add an spawn egg where you can be bigger

  18. Guest-5031041750 says:


    • Guest-9528153233 says:

      Man, you made it too slow when you become tiny, on the movie ant-man is faster when tiny and slow when big, it’s too much slow 😐

  19. Guest-7091648381 says:

    What are the /give spawn_egg numbers so i can add the place on tag onto it.

  20. Guest-3588990504 says:

    Hi, I was wondering if their Is a way so that you can shrink your head too. When I play this mod it shows my head peeping out of the ground. I found that Invisibility potion works, but anything else?

  21. Guest-7463021082 says:

    “too small addon”
    “(BIG UPDATE)”
    *confused screaming*

  22. Guest-2371904380 says:


  23. Guest-1302976542 says:

    I love it so much i made a smol tiny home for smol ppl 😀

  24. Guest-2197509564 says:


  25. Meepmeepmeep says:

    How do you shrink yourself

  26. Donimos G says:

    It was good that you could change the eggs for some devices, something like a battery so that it makes something of reference to Ant Man.

  27. Guest-4246986034 says:

    Can you make a mod that which ever new player spawns, they’ll have a random height?


    Porque no haces que se agrande :0

  29. I encountered a bug(?)
    When you use the ×32 on y level 1 then exit, you go below bedrock. That was odd for me.

  30. Guest-3965196688 says:

    It’s 100% working. But the Ant-Man mount doesn’t have walking animation. I use 32x Ant-Man armor and I can’t attack any hostiles mobs. And one thing. If use guys struggle to ride the Ant. Enable Split control and if u already enable the split control make sure you standing and aim to the Ant. Simple. It’s very ez to ride the Ant.

  31. Guest-3485676934 says:

    I can’t download it through the link, it gives an ip problem

  32. Guest-1438789261 says:

    Hello, I speak Spanish and I am using a translator and you could update the add-on that shows the boy character or an ant. It would be a great favor, good luck to you, bye.

  33. Guest-8783089539 says:

    nice idea and simple tip use the white wool or anything that has light color.

  34. Guest-2376174059 says:

    To everyone who “can’t spawn the ants” you need to spawn it directly underneath you and right click (or hold down on touch screen) DO NOT MOVE AT ALL UNTIL YOU ARE ON THE ANT!!! Their hitboxes are very small and it’s easy lose where they are. Awesome idea for an add-on can’t wait to see this get updated

    • HorsWorld says:

      Thanks a lot for explaining

      • Guest-5641168650 says:

        Uh i dont know if its just because of my phone but every time i spawn in the ant, the game asks where is the render for it, but when i ride the ant then i get that message but then instead of 3 times it goes on infinitely. Pls help, if it’s my device do you know how to fix? Or if its the game pls fix… either way its amazing, its the games fault though for message not the addons fault, the addon is fine. Sorry for the long message. Tnx

  35. Guest-1194621257 says:

    Love the idea! But I can’t spawn the ants….

  36. Guest-1656793657 says:

    Sometimes I wish that you could just click a button and it’s in Minecraft.

  37. noobplayminecraft says:

    hmm, try many time but can’t become ANT in MCBE 1.14.60 in ios

  38. Guest-8574581941 says:

    For some reason this doesnt work. I trisd trading with the armoror but he just gives my weapons and armor. Does this support creative mode?

  39. Guest-7582577552 says:

    GamingOnlyYT-nice BRO!!! IAM SUPPORTING YOU NICE MADE IAm YouTuber but IAM starting sorry IAM logged but nice addon

  40. Guest-6576557037 says:

    Wow. Simple but awesome!

  41. Wernes14 says:

    Download, on, play, play, play, play, play, play, play, and, end

  42. Guest-6003573661 says:


  43. Guest-7134403065 says:

    This add-on is cool but you should make a update that way like if a friend can see you if he small like if your small I’m not making sense but I hope you know what I mean

  44. Bdude1994cool says:

    Hi there I was wondering if you’re fine with me using this addon in a showcase for a series in survival

  45. Ghostlyyandere says:


  46. Guest-7487103681 says:


  47. Guest-7358534796 says:

    I have been wait for this for years thank you

  48. Guest-9973262705 says:

    Nice workaround to the limitations of view height in bedrock!

  49. Guest-5507382642 says:

    Nothing wrong with this but its actually Odontomachus. Small mistake but love the mod!

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