Advanced Bow + Crossbow Addon

Are you bored of your bow? Does it feel boring now? How about giving it another functionality like explosive projectile? Let’s make it happen! No need to type anything. Just install this Addon on your map and you are ready to go!


– 5 firing modes to choose

– Multiplayer mode-friendly

– Compatible with my Show HP mod


– Normal bow, nothing new


– Explodes on hit

High Speed

– High speed projectile, deals more damage


– Set the entity hit on fire


– Shoots projectiles rapidly 

Antigravity [NEW] 

– Make the entity hit float for a short period of time

Lightning [NEW] 

– Entity hit will be struck by lightning 

Teleport [NEW] 

– Teleports you where the arrow lands


How to use:

1. Equip your bow

2.  Go sneak

3. Attack to change firing mode


Changelog View more

Added new firing modes

- antigravity

- lightning

- teleport

Now works with crossbow

Nerfed gatling damage

Since fclc link is not working, I added adfly.

- Fixed download link.

- Added adfly. 


Supported Minecraft versions


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91 Responses

4.19 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. general hawkeye says:

    i have a problem when try to change the fireing mode it is allways stuck on high speed and doesnt change im on MCBE can you fix this bug

  2. Zappingsbrew says:

    My rating!!!

  3. Zappingsbrew says:

    IDK I don’t know how to get the new version!!!

  4. Guest-3081015216 says:

    I have a Question?
    1- Is there a way to disable a certain functionality to a player?
    Ex. ( i have a smp Lan world, allmost all the people use the tnt function, and its lagging out my game)
    2- Is this compatible in mcbe 1.16?

  5. DTechGamer says:

    I have suggestion. How about homing arrows?

  6. Guest-4354704579 says:

    Stupid thing doesnt work.

  7. Guest-3278449327 says:

    Wow is awesome thank you

  8. psycho boy65337 says:

    Hi im having a problem with this addon when i ever sneak the chat will pop up but when i try to shoot a arrow its not exploding or even shoot lightning

  9. Anonymous says:

    Download link is broken. It leads me to world of tanks, not on mediafire or something.

  10. Guest-4688737041 says:

    Hears! I love this addon, it is great in my opinion.
    can i make a little suggestion? I think you may like the idea, it would be to be able to merge some modes, for example:
    Glating mode + Fire mode
    Explosive Mode + Lighting mode

    I hope and you like the idea 😉

  11. Coptaine says:

    Gravity gun already exists. I saw it on youtube.

  12. P1xe1at3d says:

    So, I was wondering if you could add a gravity gun addon. I know there is one but that one is a mod. Thanks.

    Btw: I friend requested you is discord. My name is P1xe1at3d V-G.

  13. Guest-9758883780 says:

    Can you please put an ice bow please that would be really good please

  14. awsome229 says:

    This addon is awesome!!! But what did you use to make this addon? You can respond on here of friend me on discord, my username is awsome229#9878

  15. Guest-2299286480 says:

    you should make this in 1.12

  16. Coptaine says:

    Your requested custom bow might not work properly as intended. Like its animation, it’s more of a gun than a bow. ? And its arrows do not face the right direction. So I decided to make a separate addon like a gun or something.

    Poll: I was searching here in mcpedl and didn’t find any mod that act like a shrink ray. Do you want a mod like that?

  17. DTechGamer says:

    Awesome update! Thank you very much! Sorry for slow response. For now I don’t know what to suggest. Soooo… Have a nice time!

  18. Guest-7952158634 says:

    Here’s a suggestion maybe make it have a crafting recipe to make the advanced bow. It will be nice if my friends had the normal bow and I have the advanced bow. But I must say????

  19. Guest-9835452143 says:

    Gatling mode fires snowballs lol

  20. Guest-6278209774 says:

    Oh lord this addon is getting better?

  21. Guest-4709555576 says:

    Your addons are excellent!!! Can I upload him to the Chinese platform? I will mark the original author.

  22. Coptaine says:

    Do you want it to work also with crossbow? Tell me.

  23. Guest-5839358553 says:

    You cannot use it simultaneously with other add-ons that use crouching. Only the top-most applied packs are available.
    But the others are perfect!

  24. Guest-4476617475 says:

    finished to import successfully!

  25. Uribuch says:

    I love it but
    1) Gatling mode is OP, it should take arrows out of your inventory while it’s shooting
    2) Fire mode replases Flame enchantment, personally, I will use flame enchantment
    3) AND THE MOST ANNOYING THING is that every time i Sneak/Crouch/Shift, the message appears in the chat, PLS TELL ME HOW TO BLOCK THAT MESSAGE, or update the pack and make a command like “/bowhelp” or something like that
    4 stars, not 5 just for Number 3

  26. Guest-2712739767 says:

    Hey Mine wont work i sneak and then i hit but it never works im also useing other addons

  27. Guest-6893651634 says:

    Your new link exploded my pc and made lag. You thought Im dumb enough to try it again? >:C

  28. blood eye says:

    dam too much effort to download it
    good add-on btw

  29. Guest-4682468731 says:

    So many popups and irrevelant ads. I cant get to the the actual download link!

  30. Guest-4156609743 says:

    Angas napakalupet!??

  31. Coptaine says:

    I’m sorry for the link. I already updated it. I’ll put the download link on the description on youtube video for the meantime.

  32. DTechGamer says:

    Awesome ?! Please make a no gravity mode! The mode that is super accurate! And teleport mode too! Please! This add-on is so cool! ?⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐?/10!

  33. Guest-2738547261 says:

    Can you please give us the .mcaddon file? I’m tired of this downloading technique. 0 star.

  34. Guest-5099343372 says:

    Can you please use MediaFire or I give up downloading this add-on! ?

  35. Guest-9931294528 says:

    Make a another link! This is inapporiate.

  36. Guest-5601218177 says:

    didn’t get to the link for the file, 9 sec tab glitch and wont load it correctly, Can I have direct link or other link shortener please?

  37. Guest-9891107020 says:

    The link isn’t working for me, whenever I press “get link” it redirects me to about 5 other sites until it brings me to something called bongocams which is not appropriate

  38. Guest-4698301178 says:

    Amazing, 11/10 ??

  39. Guest-3678026663 says:

    plz give me .mcaddon file
    and use…

  40. Guest-9081777439 says:

    Wow ?

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