Advanced Computer Mod

This mod adds a highly advanced computer to the game which offers a number of great practical applications such as Chrome, iTunes and a calculator. It’s so far one of the best computers created for Minecraft PE and the user interface is absolutely amazing.

Creator: CommandCrafter, YouTube Account


  • Unique and beautiful graphic user interface
  • Multiple applications: Google Chrome, iTunes, calculator, command terminal, check Minecraft time
  • Built in sounds system

Block IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Computer (190) – 6 iron ingots + 2 redstones + 1 glass pane (craft using a stonecutter, not an ordinary crafting table!)

How to use the computer?

Begin by crafting the computer with 6 iron ingots, 2 redstones and 1 glass pane. Tap on a stonecutter to craft it. A stonecutter is crafted with 4 cobblestones in a crafting table.


Place it down anywhere you like and tap on it once to start it.


The start screen offers a beautiful graphical user interface. Simply tap on any of the icons depending on which application you want to use.


The Google Chrome application will open up a new window where you can make real life Google searches.


The iTunes application will give you a 12 different sounds which you can play.


The calculator can do simple calculations such as x, + and -.


The information application will display basic information about the current version of the Minecraft computer.


The terminal application offers four different commands which you can type in:

  • switch off
  • reboot
  • screenshot
  • easter egg (type “easter egg” and you will see what happens, we don’t want to spoil the surprise!)


Tap on the Windows icon in the top-left corner to get the option to switch off the computer.


Important Install Note

Move Advanced-Computer-Mod-Sounds from the downloaded zip file to /storage/emulated/0/games/com.mojang/.

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79 Responses

4 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Jeb says:

    I want to download it!

  2. Notch says:

    When a opened the computer it said that I was a ghost

  3. Proverka says:

    What? I tried to move this folder. Let’s say I did. And the resource pack and settings mod?? One music! You just… Eh. Tell me exactly what to do, because it’s just awful. I’d appreciate it if you’d tell me now!

  4. Anonymous says:

    if the “popup” opens as an “alert dialog”, it won’t work. try making it a “popup window” for keyboard issue to be fixed.

  5. Notch says:

    I can’t open the file please make it for kindle

  6. Shaheel says:

    It’s giving me an error when am installing

  7. UnspeakableGaming says:

    Can I download da mod plz it won’t let me 🙁

  8. HeavyCoding says:

    Since stonecutter MATTIS is cut off, can we now just craft it in a ordinary crafting table?

  9. Ironmanawesome says:

    Does this need block launcher? I can never get block launcher to work so…

  10. cole says:

    we cannot craft it in a stone cutter now it wont lrt you open the stone cutter. how do you craft it now? fix?

  11. Cookies says:

    Can you support it for Kindle Fire.

  12. OPOLO says:

    WOW that means if we install that mod we don’t need a computer!

  13. AceXDgamerXD says:

    Can you make another one in 1.0.0 version cause the stonecutter doesn’t work anymore

  14. Tyler says:

    it wont let me get it

  15. Champion919 says:

    I tried to download but it said open in a app I have called “file hub”. So should I delete it or what?

  16. Alyson Law says:

    I download it and it said cannot download on Safari

  17. Lauren says:

    I wish it was for iOS to it looks fun 😭

  18. Annoymous says:

    Hey! Please make addon with a computer!

  19. MiTsuO-kun says:

    Just a little question, does this mod has texture pack or it just a mod script??

  20. Baron097 says:

    Can you make the button smaller

  21. Mcity241 says:

    Can you make it so that you can change the background?

  22. magnus says:

    can you get this mod on PC

  23. Kaneki Ken says:

    Is this compatible with version 0.13?

  24. Kameron says:

    What do you mean tap search field to pop up I tried to tap on the search icon that didn’t work then I tried taping on the middle bar and nothing still please reply

  25. dude craft says:

    How do you get music

  26. Edward says:

    It doesn’t work help pls

  27. Klaus says:

    The sound doesnt go.

    • Editor says:

      Remember to move the Advanced-Computer-Mod-Sounds from the downloaded zip file to /storage/emulated/0/games/com.mojang/.

  28. Lochlainn Menard says:

    Dat looks like an awesome mod i got to get it!!!!


    why the music disc 11 is there on the itunes i download the mod then i click it a scary sound happen and crash,P.S. its night time and i use extreme herobrine 3 then put me fire and ceeper blow up 🙁

  30. Satya says:

    Wow Nice Mod Ever 5 Stars

  31. Mobilus01 says:

    I don’t what is in the middle.

  32. Darren dave says:

    Cool awsome mod it work

  33. SkyArmysGeneral says:

    The keyboard for chrone doesnt pop up on the computer, what do i do?

  34. Mikayla says:

    Plz try to do it on Apple

  35. Mikayla says:

    I ment when will Apple will do the mod

  36. Mikayla says:

    Is this for android or Apple or is it just both

  37. Drayven says:

    I still can’t use i clicked on the search bar and it. Didn’t work

  38. Sergio says:

    Some how its not working plz reply

  39. Alper says:

    What is the id of the pc? Because I cannot craft it.:(

    • Editor says:

      ID is 190. I’ve updated the post. It needs to be crafted using a stonecutter (not an ordinary crafting table!).

      • Mikayla says:

        But how do we craft it with the stonecutter

        • Editor says:

          I’ve updated the post with a little guide how to do it.

          In short: Craft a stonecutter in a crafting table with 4 cobblestones. Place down the stonecutter on the ground and tap on it once. Make sure you have at least 6 iron ingots, 1 glass pane and 2 redstone dusts to craft the computer using the stonecutter.

  40. legobird14 says:

    The keyboard didn’t show when I went on Chrome. Fix?

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