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Do you think Minecraft’s current farming system is too basic, and that the game needs a Farming Update? This add-on brings several cool features to improve Minecraft farming. The coolest thing about this add-on is the tractor! It is very functional when used with its super functional tools for plowing, planting and harvesting. The tractor is complete with fueling and fuel consumption mechanics. This add-on also includes all the fuel-making mechanics for fuel the tractor, and you can get it both in survival and creative game modes. There are also some new food, including goat meat. The goat itself is the only animal in the add-on currently. This add-on took a while to complete, and will receive updates in the future! Including things like new animals.

Creator: Jean Lucas (Twitter Account), Will P. (@FreeWillyMC)

Tractor, the most useful feature!

The tractor is the most useful feature for your farm. With this tractor you can plow, plant and harvest much more easily! To make a tractor, you will need a lot of iron. You better start mining if you want to have a tractor in your survival world! Below, we’ll see how to assemble a tractor from scratch!

Crafting Tractor Parts

To assemble a tractor, you will have to craft each tractor part separately. Let’s see how to craft each one!

Tractor Body

Tractor Roof

Tractor Rear Wheel

Tractor Front Wheel

Tractor Rear Wheels on Axis

Tractor Front Wheels on Axis

Tractor Steering Wheel

Assembling a Tractor

Now that we know how to craft each part of the tractor, let’s see how to assemble it.


To assemble a tractor, you will need the workstation. It is a “block” that will allow you to put each part of the tractor together and have it assembled for you to use.

To destroy a workstation, you must give five hits repeatedly. If you hold a pickaxe, only three hits are needed! When destroying it, the item will be dropped. If you are in creative mode, the workstation is removed with one hit and does not drop the item!

Workstation Interface

To open the workstation Interface, right click on the workstation or simply click on the interaction button if using a touch screen device. To use, just put the tractor parts together. You will have to do this four times, putting two parts together on the workstation and taking the combined parts, joining it with another part, until you receive the completed tractor.

Tractor Features

  • If you drive a tractor into the water or into a lava or flame, it will be destroyed and the tractor will be dropped.
  • To destroy a tractor, you must give five hits if you are on survival and the tractor will be dropped. If you are in creative mode, the tractor is removed with a hit and does not drop the tractor item! If the tractor has any tools attached to it, the tool will be dropped when destroying.

3D Tractor Tools (Items)

This add-on, in addition to having the modeled tools in the tractor, also makes all 3D tools in the player’s hand. This is also 3D when dropped, something never used before in Bedrock add-ons! In addition to the tractor tools, except the Wrench, the tractor parts are also 3D items. Let’s take a look at what some 3D items look like!

Dropped 3D Items

Player’s hand 3D Items (First person)

Player’s hand 3D Items (Third person)

Tractor Attachment

In order for you to use the tractor in your Farming, you will have to craft some tools and attach it to the tractor. You can only use one tool at a time. Each tool has a different use! To attach or use any tool on the tractor, sneak with the tool in your hand and right click on the tractor, or just click on the interact button if using a touch screen device. Here’s how to use each tool:


Mows all tall grass, large and small plants, flowers and even dead bushes. Use this tool to clear out your land! It will drop the same items that the plant drops when you normally remove it. For example tall grass will drop seeds sometimes, and flowers will always drop itself, ready for you to pick them up!


Plow all the land for your farm, and also remove all tall grass and flowers while plowing, also dropping items from the plants like the Mower. This tool will create a wet farmland that will become dehydrated over time if you do not have water up to four blocks away horizontally, including diagonals.


This tool is useful to hydrate the farmland that is becoming dehydrated. Using this tool will cause the farmland will stay hydrated for longer! For this tool to work, you need to shift and right click on the tractor with a water bucket to supply the tractor with water.


The Hose has no function. Three hoses are used to craft a Sprinkler!


Harvest all fully grown crops, leaving those ones that still need some time to get ready. It will drop the items, ready for you to pick them up!


The wrench is used to detach any tool from the tractor. After using the wrench the tool will be dropped for you to pick up. Just sneak while holding the tool in your hand and right click on a tractor that has a tool attached, or just click on the interact button if using a touch screen device.

Function Commands for Tractor Tools!

Give Tractor Tools:

  • /function give_tractor_tools

– Give the player some of the tractor tools mentioned above.

Help Tractor Tools:

  • /function help_tractor_tools

– Displays text in the chat to help the player know how to use each tool. This text will be translated into some languages!

Tractor Water Consumption

The tractor needs a water bucket. This is necessary to use the Sprinkler! One water bucket is equal to 8 water levels on the tractor, it will consume 1 water level every 120 game ticks (6 seconds) when being driven with an attached Sprinkler. A water bucket lasts exactly 960 game ticks (48 seconds) on a tractor running nonstop with an attached Sprinkler.

The tractor has a water meter, this is to tell you how much water level your tractor has, it is on the left side of the steering wheel. The display will decrease down with each water level consumed!

Fueling Tractor

The tractor can only drive with Bio-Fuel, which is based on organic material like beetroot, potatoes, leaves and other “greens”. To manufacture this fuel, you need three machines: the Oil Extractor, the Bio-Fuel Compressor and the Bio-Fuel Filtrator. Let’s see the step by step on how to manufacture this fuel!

How to use a machine?

To use a machine, you simply need to put a canister in the machine and after putting the canister, put one of the items needed to create the fuel. The machine only accepts the item after putting on the correct canister. After putting in the item, the machine will start working! The machine has an animated texture when running, so you will know when the machine has completed the process. The machine will drop the finished item after the process is complete! You can place a funnel to collect this, or just pick it up.

To destroy a machine, you must give five hits repeatedly. If you hold a pickaxe, only three hits are needed! When destroying, it will drop itself. If you are in creative mode, the machine is removed with one hit and is not dropped! If you put an item in the machine and then destroy it, the machine will drop the item.

To put the items in the machine to run, simply right click on the machine with the correct canister in hand, and after putting the canister right click with the item material, or just click on the interact button if using a touch screen device. Below we will see which materials are correct for each machine!

Oil Extractor

The Oil Extractor is used to extract vegetable oil from sunflowers. Simply put a canister and a sunflower in the machine!


Vegetable Oil:

Bio-Fuel Compressor

The Bio-Fuel Compressor will combine the organic material with the oil, making the unfiltered fuel. Simply put a vegetable oil and a organic material in the machine!

Organic Material:

Unfiltered Fuel:

Bio-Fuel Filtrator

The final step of the process is to filter the unfiltered fuel. This can be done in the Bio-Fuel Filtrator. Simply put an unfiltered fuel and a filter paper in the machine!

Filter Paper:


Applying fuel to the tractor!

To fuel a tractor, sneak with the Bio-Fuel in your hand and right click on the tractor, or just click on the interact button if using a touch screen device.

Tractor Fuel Consumption

A tractor accepts 64 fuel in total. Each Bio-Fuel Canister applies 8 fuel to a tractor, for every 120 game ticks (6 seconds) running, exactly 1 fuel is spent! You need 8 Bio-Fuels if you want to fill a tractor completely with fuel. A tractor full of fuel lasts up to 7,680 game ticks (384 seconds) when running non-stop.

Tractor Fuel Meter

The tractor has a fuel meter, this to tell you how much fuel your tractor has, it is on the right side of the steering wheel. The display will decrease to the right with each fuel consumed! And it will change color as fuel runs out. Learn to know how much fuel your tractor has approximately!

  • When the fuel meter is displaying green, your tractor has more than 32 fuel.

  • When the fuel meter is displaying orange, your tractor has between 32 and 16 fuel.

  • When the fuel meter is displaying red, your tractor has between 1 and 16 fuel.

Farm Animals

Leaving the tractors aside, let’s talk about farm animals. The Advanced Farming Add-on does not currently add many animals, but the add-on is expected to be updated soon with more animals.


Goats are the only animals for now. They can be milked with a bucket, to obtain Goat Milk. This has the same effect as regular milk, but it has a poor saturation modifier. Goats basically behave like a regular animal! When killed, a goat will drop some goat meat, you can cook it in a furnace. It also has a minor chance of dropping some white wool.

Goat Variants

There are three variants of goat: black, brown and tan. Here are some pictures of how they look!


Goats eat grass randomly, like a sheep. They have a custom animation when eating grass! Its neck will face downward and the head will go down to the grass.


Goats follow a player holding wheat, carrot or apple within 6 blocks but cease following him or her when out of this radius. You can breed two goats with these foods, and then they will make a baby goat!

Goat Meat

A raw goat meat has a nutrition of 4, this value is 7 when cooked.

Some more new foods

Advanced Farming also adds some new foods. There are currently only a few!

Baked Beetroot

  • Nutrition: 3

Baked Carrot

  • Nutrition: 4

Changelog View more

download link has been changed. now the link works again .


Click on "Download Add-on" here on this page. Once you are redirected to a Team Infinite Minds page, click Download Add-on (Mcaddon) or Download Add-on (ZIP).

Note: The .mcaddon is a file format with automatic installation of the pack on some devices, simply by clicking over the file to open Minecraft and install the behavior Pack and resource Pack automatically. But for some devices the .zip is required, and then you will be able to install manually by extracting the zip and pasting the folders in the right places.

After the link is opened and you are redirected to a Linkvertise page, you will need to complete the following steps:

If a CAPTCHA box "I'm not a robot", appears when opening the link, check this box then after that, follow the steps below. If it doesn't, simply go to the steps.

Attention! Do not try to continue with Linkvertise Premium by clicking "Direct Link to Advanced Farming Add-on" before completing all the steps, just complete the steps to be able to download the content for free. Clicking on that would make many think they need to purchase the add-on, and criticize my work for it.

To complete the steps, click on "Discover interesting articles" and click the close button (ร—). After clicking, the second count will start and you must wait for 10 seconds. After completing the second count, click the close button (ร—) again.

After that, click "Continue". Wait 10 seconds again, and click "Continue to Advanced Farming Add-on". After that, download the Add-on via Mediafire!

To activate in the world just activate the resource within your Resource Packs, then the behavior will be activated together. Or activate the behavior within your Behavior Packs, then the resource will be activated together!

If you want to review/make a video about this content, don't use your own link, nor use the direct download link via Mediafire. Use the proper link from this MCPEDL page! You are authorized to shorten this link, which should be redirected to this official add-on page.

If you are playing with this add-on in a version lower than version 1.16, you need to enable the experimental gameplay in the world options for this add-on to work properly by adding all the features!


Supported Minecraft versions


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      Attention! Do not try to continue with Linkvertise Premium by clicking “Direct Link to Advanced Farming Add-on” before completing all the steps, just complete the steps to be able to download the content for free. Clicking on that would make many think they need to purchase the add-on, and criticize my work for it.

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