Advanced Ores And Weapons

This addon adds new weapons and many ores for you to explore in your minecraft like ruby, sapphire, iridium, titanium, etc. if you have suggestions for future updates leave in the comments below 🙂

Here I will give details about the items of the addon. any questions leave your comment and also comment ideas for future updates.

The ores are spread over the world.

location of each ore.

Sapphire: 0,12y

Ruby: 0,12y

Topaz: 0,12y

Pink diamond: 0,12y

Amethyst: 0,12y

Peridot: 0,18y

Crystal: 0,15y

Aquamarine: 0,22y only in ocean biomes

Onyx: 0,11y

Titanium: 0,10y

Uranium: 0,10y

Cobatl: 0,22y

Paladium: 0,22y

Copper: 0,75y

Tin: 0,73y

Lead: 0,70y

Silver: 0,64y

Nikel: 0,55y

Platinium: 0,17y

Aluminium: 0,40y

Rainbow: 0,11y

Ambrosium: 0,72y

Zanite: 0,35y

Gravitite: 0,13y

Azurite: 0,11y

Halite: 0,12y

Fire Meteorite Fire: 0,12y

Ender Ore: 0,11y

Iridium: 0,15y

Vibranium: 0,11

Basic Swords↓

  • Copper Sword: Damage: 5
  • Tin Sword: Damage: 5.5
  • Lead Sword: Damage: 5.5
  • Silver Sword: Damage: 6
  • Nikel Sword: Damage: 6.5
  • Aluminium Sword: Damage: 6.5
  • Platinium Sword: Damage: 8
  • Iridium Sword: Damage: 9
  • Peridot Sword: Damage: 7
  • Crystal Sword: Damage: 9.5
  • Aquamarine Sword: Damage: 10
  • Redstone Sword: Damage: 6.5
  • Cobalt Sword : Damage: 7
  • Paladinium Sword : Damage: 10
  • Peridot Paladium Sword: Damage: 20
  • Cobalt Paladium Sword : Damage: 20
  • Dark Paladium Sword : Damage: 27
  • Sapphire Sword: Damage: 9.5
  • Topaz Sword: Damage: 10
  • Pink Diamond Sword: Damage : 8
  • Ruby Sword: Damage: 11
  • Amethyst Sword: Damage: 12.5
  • Emerald Sword: Damage: 13
  • Obsidian Sword: Damage: 14.5
  • Fire sword: Damage: 6.5
  • Onyx Sword: Damage: 15
  • Steel Sword: Damage 24.5
  • Dark Steel Sword: Damage: 30
  • Halite Sword: Damage: 16
  • Azurite Sword: Damage: 14
  • Whiter Sword: Damage : 25.5
  • Nether Star Sword: Damage : 36.5
  • Rainbow Sword: Damage: 27
  • Kyanite Sword: Damage: 12
  • Pink Tormaline Crystal Sword: Damage: 15
  • Dark Sword: Damage: 26
  • Ender Sword: Damage: 31
  • Vibranium Sword: Damage: 13

Aether Swords↓

  • Ambrosium Sword: Damage: 4.5
  • Zanite Sword: Damage: 6.5
  • Gravitite Sword: Damage: 8 

Meteorites Swords↓

  • Fire Meteorite Sword: Damage: 18.5
  • Star Meteorite Sword: Damage: 70 

Super Swords↓

  • Super Wood Sword: Damage: 6
  • Super Stone Sword: Damage: 7
  • Super Iron Sword: Damage: 12
  • Super Gold Sword: Damage: 10.5
  • Super Diamond Sword: Damage: 14
  • Super Netherite Sword: Damage: 16.5
  • Super Sapphire Sword: Damage: 18
  • Super Topaz Sword: Damage: 20
  • Super Ruby Sword: Damage: 22
  • Super Amethyst Sword: Damage:24
  • Super Emerald Sword: Damage: 26.5
  • Super Obsidian Sword: Damage: 28
  • Super Onyx Sword: Damage: 30
  • Super Dark Steel Sword: Damage: 40
  • Super Rainbow Sword: Damage: 60 

Axels And Hammers↓

  • Wood Battle Axe: 5
  • Stone Battle Axe: 6.5
  • Iron Battle Axe: 9.5
  • Gold Battle Axe: 7
  • Diamond Battle Axe: 12
  • Big Hammer: 22
  • Attitude Adjuster Hammer: 82
  • Ultimate Battle Axe: 90
  • Ultimate Queen Battle Axe:160
  • Destruction Dark Hammer: 145 

Ultimate Swords↓

  • Ultimate Sword: 75
  • Ultimate Dark Sword: 77
  • Ultimate Ruby Sword:40
  • Ultimate Amethyst Sword: 45
  • Ultimate Emerald Sword: 50
  • Nightmare Sword: 85
  • Ultimate Rainbow Sword: 100
  • Big Bertha Sword: 250
  • Royal Guardian Sword: 400

Destructions Swords↓

  • Destruction Wood Sword: 15
  • Destruction Stone Sword: 20
  • Destruction Iron Sword: 25
  • Destruction Gold Sword: 24
  • Destruction Diamond Sword: 28
  • Destruction Netherite Sword: 32
  • Destruction Sapphire Sword: 38
  • Destruction Topaz Sword: 40
  • Destruction Ruby Sword: 44
  • Destruction Amethyst Sword: 48
  • Destruction Emerald Sword: 54
  • Destruction Onyx Sword: 50
  • Destruction Obsidian Sword: 60 

Legendary Destruction Sword: 240 

all weapons have crafts!!!

most of the ores are in the over world, in the nether you can directly find the netherite ore, in the end you can find 3 new ores :).

you can heat miners blocks in the furnace and magma blocks too to generate fire gem and rotten meat to generate leather.

Changelog View more

If the texture of the items does not appear, create another world

I added the ore coordinates. I'm not lazy so I forgot this is the first addon I create and people are sorry.


I am the original creator of the asset. thank you team

Texture's Credits:

Hereare the credits I took as textures for the addon.

Thanks :) 


activate the 3 experimental options and the Minecraft education edition


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)

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  1. Ocnir says:

    Can you put the link for download again please? Thanks man!
    Great job!

  2. i_cry_ says:

    Pretty cool addon, but too many bugs.

  3. RahmanNoodles says:

    It is a cool addon but try to make the weapons in 3D but it is decent enough.

  4. iiPlasma7 says:

    Could u acthally put effort into making this public, i wouldve liked to use it in one of my maps. By public i mean make it extractable ect… For xbox

  5. iiPlasma7 says:

    Im pretty sure the textures are actually from mc addons maker… Which is also prob why u arent abe to extract the file cuz mcaddonsmaker is trash…

  6. AwesomeGamer82472 says:

    Mod not working I see the ores but no weapons

  7. MrStriking says:

    Just add armors and this will be great

  8. LukasuRB says:

    Personal Addon This was not meant to be, it was just a test I was doing on the site so it will be deleted soon as it is full of defects as you could see so don’t worry I will be bringing addons mt better than this

  9. Josh_Spark says:

    So many stolen textures i want to fall over

  10. MoonGodson says:

    Cant craft ore blocks!!!!

  11. Ender5643 says:

    You just stole textures from other mods and didn’t give any credit

  12. Umbralite says:

    So ores spawn properly. That’s all well and good. But there are a lot of problems beyond that. Firstly, ores can be broken by hand with no pickaxe, but I’ve seen and heard about that issue with other mods, so it’s not that big of deal. But my major issues are that A) two of the ores I was able to find don’t drop the ore (Abrosium and another ore that was only called “ore”) and B) the ores didn’t smelt. At all. I would’ve tested the swords out, but absolutely none of the mods items were appearing in the creative mode, the swords included, and since I couldn’t get the ingots from smelting, I had no way to make any of the weapons. This mod has a lot potential. But it needs a lot of work, too.

  13. RahmanNoodles says:

    Make it work properly don’t make sure to make an update that will fix the textures then I’ll give you a higher score

  14. Orphan says:

    it no work please fix

  15. Flufles says:

    Don’t download this mod get a it’s poorly made there no detailed discription the dev didn’t take the time to specify where the ores spawn which makes the mod useless
    The mod doesn’t even work properly
    You can see from the previous comments

    This is the least effort put I to a mod in all of mcpe why not tell us in detail where each ore is expected to spawn rather than the damage of them.

    If ppl want to know the damage they can look it up in creative menu but we need the Y cords of every ore or we’ll be completely lost in survival bad mod 1 star

  16. Flufles says:

    Ummm why are u so lazy as to put the Y cords should I search for them on Y 12 or 20 putt every Y cord for each on in discription

  17. crying36756 says:

    It doesn’t work don’t get it

  18. RahmanNoodles says:

    Why isn’t the textures showing up? I keep refreshing the packs and changing the worlds but the textures are broken.

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