Advanced Too Many Items

If you are looking for a way to quick and easy get items and blocks or change specific gameplay options in Minecraft PE then you can use the this mod to control the game extensively.

The Advanced Too Many Items mod is an upgraded and more fancy version of the older one. Both function in similar ways but this one offer better functionality, more options and a more beautiful user interface.

Creator: MrARM, Twitter Account


  • Includes all items/blocks, even custom ones in mods
  • Heal/kill
  • Set spawn point
  • Day/night
  • Enable day/night cycle
  • Teleport system
  • Spawn mobs
  • Remove nearby mobs
  • Set nearby mobs on fire
  • Set nearby mobs HP

How to use?

In the top-left area of the screen there will be a M button which when tapped on opens a graphical user interface. Here you can select any kind of item or block you want.


To get to the tools options tap on the three dots in the bottom-left area in the main menu. Here you can select gameplay options and manage entities (mobs).


For example, the Spawn entities function allows you to spawn mobs of your desire simply by tapping on the ground where you want them to appear.


In the settings options you can toggle on and off several useful functions such as the ability to sprint, change the (Too Many Items) button location and more.


Even though the video below says there is an X-Ray function in the mod – it’s not, at least not anymore!

Download (latest version of Too Many Items, currently known as Toolbox (v0.13 and above)
Download Too Many Items mod (v0.11.x and below)

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158 Responses

4.2 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Guest-6937579005 says:

    Can u help me

  2. Guest-6937579005 says:

    When I download the link on mediafire it doesn’t show “copy to Minecraft” I don’t think this person knows what Minecraft PE is.

  3. Kayde says:

    I Want This Mod

  4. Aircoolbro21 says:

    Ok so i got to the mediafire link, downloaded and it was an apk, (0.11.1 mcpe) im stuck on 0.11.x so it would really helpif you could explain why its just an apk rather than a .js or zip file

  5. KatrinaKing says:

    can you create a to many items addon?

  6. cz.1030 says:

    Can we get a Windows 10 version of this? Thanks.

  7. ducks says:

    This is and will always be the best version of too many items/toolbox

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yea yea yea so cool now how do I get it on my iPad yo

  9. Shanae says:

    It won’t let me download documents app I’m on IOS iPad mini 2

  10. Marshmallows says:

    Works on 1.0.3?!

  11. 3vro5 says:

    I got this for iOS, Because I have iZip

  12. Madison says:

    Please tell me it’s for Apple iPad. Is it?

  13. FRADGUY says:

    Good app thxx soo much

  14. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the download button

  15. Dustgold says:

    Does this work on 0.14.0?

  16. Bella says:

    How do u download?:)

  17. ShoopyPoopy says:

    can i get this on iPad Mini?

  18. Janpierre says:

    Please update it to 0.14.0

  19. Pup123456789 says:

    This is the Best mod ever!!????ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

  20. Megija says:

    How do I download if it says my safari failed

  21. SpecialHunter says:

    But This can use for v 0.13.1?

  22. Matthew says:

    I love this great Mod it’s awesome by 3 grader

  23. Jellian says:

    Hi im Jellian im 10 years old how to use these?
    Please teach me how

  24. Xxcool_BoyxX100 says:

    I’m 9 years old how you use this??? O-O

  25. Sofiya says:

    My block launched dousent have the button to download too many items mod and I am sad now cause I really want the mod

  26. Kassem says:

    Can somebody help me I’m only 8 Years old I want too many items

  27. spider z says:

    i need a TMI for 0.12.1 B 13…any links please?

  28. Yusupha says:

    You have to run the apk file before launching block launcher or else it went work

  29. Aldino Yudha says:

    When the mod for 0.12.0 come out?

  30. Shadow says:

    About when will the next update for this mod come out for Minecraft 0.12.1.

  31. DJR3APER says:

    Is the 0.12.1 mod update out yet?

  32. chuckpoint says:

    Any idea when the APK will be updated for 0.12.1?

  33. Gladsteam01 says:

    Is this updated yet

  34. Mico Echaure says:

    Update this to 0.12.1 pls… Thx

  35. TMI Man says:

    So, I downloaded the mod, I went to “Manage ModPE Scripts”, then local storage, but nothing was there to import.

  36. Makoi says:

    How do I get mods

  37. Mohamad says:

    When i download it on mcpe 0.12.1 it tell me (oh nose everething broke) what can i do?

  38. Jackie McC says:

    why can’t I use it for my iPad/iPod ?

  39. ShadowHaze says:

    one problem with the mod for me is if you die from the wither effect blocklauncher will crash

  40. Lorenzo says:

    Im so exited to download it but i think it dosnt work

  41. zlovelady19 says:

    Idea for a feature: There should be an option to keep your inventory when you die. If this is already there, then i don’t know where to find it.

  42. Drayven says:

    Update this to 0.11.1

    • Editor says:

      It works for 0.11.1 just fine. The only problem I have encountered is that it doesn’t work to create new worlds while having this addon enabled.

  43. BlooNoob30 says:

    How to uninstall?

  44. Eliezer says:

    Too many items is amazing

  45. Silke says:

    does it works in multiplayer?

  46. Andrei says:

    Um… i click the download button after it download i install it then when i open block launcher i didnt see the mod in

  47. Michael (xXDoubleXposureXx) says:

    There are a few bugs with the potion effects and a few texture bugs but overall great mod! I have been waiting for the 0.11.0 release for months now and I personally think MrARM has done a great job! Thanks!

  48. FastByte22 says:

    Has this mod been updated yet?

  49. Brian says:

    i like your Mods ™

  50. Atreya says:

    Omg I love whoever made this mod! I cannot play PE without it.

  51. Andrei says:

    It dosent show it to the download help me

  52. tv8g says:

    how long gous it take before it comes for mcpe 0.11.1 or 0.11.0

  53. Hubbard says:

    Official 11.0 release of mcpe and advanced too many items is still not updated

  54. iballfellow says:

    Please update for 0.11.0

  55. Throan says:

    I’ve MCPE 0.11.1 and it doesn’t work. It says it doesn’t work with that version. Wjat do I do?

  56. Toby-Wan Kenoni says:

    Update it for 11.0

  57. amir says:

    What is the code

  58. Random Rodeo says:

    Does it work on IOS yet? If not will it ever!

  59. Chillylugia2 says:

    heyy mr arm… not working on mcpe 0.11.0 🙁 update thisbplease 🙂

  60. how can you install the mod in mcpe build 7?

  61. Momopots says:

    It doesn’t work when I press M. It freezes blocklauncher. I have redstone mod on tho.

  62. _TEAZONA_ says:

    It says it could not write file im using astro file manager

  63. Kelsey says:

    You should Make the lucky block mod for the Pe moad

  64. Jubert says:

    Will it work with the redstone mod?

  65. SonyTex says:

    I dont have the X-Ray button?
    Like actually nobody has it , as i have seen from the comments on Youtube!

  66. mine steve says:

    When I download the file and get into block launcher in the files folder the mod is not there

    • Editor says:

      This is an .apk file. All you need to do is to use a file manager app (e.g. search for Cheetah File Mananger on Google Play and download that one) and find the .apk file which you downloaded. The tap on that file to install it. Then launch BlockLauncher and you are good to go.

  67. [null] xLau says:

    Is this mod fully functional in LAN multiplayer?

  68. aryan says:

    Well i have just written this to tell that whenever i press the m Button, the game freexes and i have to stop it.I use blocklauncher pro.

  69. [null] xLau says:

    Ok, thanks.

  70. [null] xLau says:

    Once you select a item or block, I suppose you can choose the amount of said item(s) or block(s)?

  71. [null] xLau says:

    Does the teleport function was work for subterranean locations too? Like, if I was on the surface and I wanted to teleport to a cave of lava pool, would that work?

    • Editor says:

      Yeah, it should.

      The teleport system work in a way where you add the teleporting locations yourself. So before you can teleport anywhere you need to create those teleport areas yourself.

  72. Richard says:

    How do you download it

  73. Preston says:

    Where’s download button

  74. mobkiller says:

    Didn’t work. The M button is not at the top left of the screen. So help me.

  75. mobkiller says:

    How do I use my addons.

  76. josh says:

    Afteri download and install i opened go into blocklauncher and during game play theres no M button anywhere.

  77. Theanimefan111 says:

    Could you add a recipe mode that would be great

  78. Toby-Wan Kenobi says:

    Best mod for getting items!

  79. Kiefer says:

    i love that mod it’s the best mod ever

  80. Uchiha Meg says:

    How can i run the .apk file if its hidden even if i already installed the mod?

  81. Jack says:

    How to download. It is apk so block launcher can’t recognise it

  82. dylan says:

    can you download this mod without being jailbroken??

  83. Alyssa Vu says:

    How do I download it where do I press help me

  84. yolo says:

    How do I download when I clicked download it only downloaded the Picture

  85. Sky says:

    You should make a mod where you can also have access to pc items

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