AdvancedCraft / V3

Have you ever wanted Minecraft to be a little easier???

Have you ever wanted more things?

Swords, items, food, blocks and more.

If you like it you’ll probably want to try this addon.

Also this is my first one submitted to MCPEDL!

This addon adds some stuff to make your game quite interesting.

This addon will add these features to your world.


First, you’ll need crude oil ore.

This ore will spawn between Y 5 -20 .

It will drop 1 -3 crude oil when mined

The crude oil can be smelted in a Furnace or a Blast Furnace to make plastic.

Then, the plastic can be turned into blocks by putting plastic in all slots in the crafting table.

Dragon Scales:

The dragon scales will drop from the Ender Dragon.

The dragon will drop 7 -23 scales.

The scales can be made into blocks.

Black Iron:

First you’ll need Black Alloy Dust by using

Coal or Charcoal and Gunpowder

Then you surround an iron ingot with the Black Alloy Dust to get the black iron.

The Black Iron can be made into blocks, sticks and nuggets.

(Also I’m planning to add machines that use black iron)


Dragonite Ingots are crafted by using 8 dragon Scale blocks and a black iron Ingot.

Dragonite Ingots can be crafted into blocks and Weapons.

Dragonite Claw:

DM: 12 , Durability 2016

Dragonite Sword

DM: 10 , Durability 1870

Double edged dragonite sword

DM: 14 , Durability 2805


Gears are used to make machines and tools.

There are 3 types of gears for now.



Black Iron:


Drills mine automatically for you.

There is only a tier1 drill but I’ll add more later.

How to craft:

First you’ll need a drill head, body and a handle




Drill [Tier 1]

It’ll mine grass dirt, dirt, gravel, stone, cobblestone, netherrack, glowstone, soul sand and magma blocks.

Rune Items:

If you want all of these items, you’ll need to craft awakening powder first by using glowstone and a diamond.

Then, combine the powder with mossy cobblestone to make an awakened Rune.

The awakened rune can be turned into blocks and can be put in a stonecutter to make some patterns.

The awakened runes can make runitite which can be made into weapons.

Next step on making weapons is to make a rune core.

Finally, Here are the weapons.

Rune blade of bravery

DM: 18 , Durability 2840

Double edged rune blade

DM: 26 , Durability 4260

Rune hammer of might

DM: 23 , Durability 3000

Rune axe of agility

DM: 20 , Durability 2920


Cooked Rotten Flesh:

Do you have a mob farm but there is too much rotten flesh?

Well, you may like this.

You have to put rotten flesh in a Furnace or a Smoker.

This food will head 2 hunger bars

You can make leather by using 2 of the cooked flesh.

Fried Egg:

This will be good if you have a chicken farm.

You have to put an egg in a Furnace or a Smoker.

This will heal 2.5 hunger bars.

Cactus Chunks:

This will be good if you have a cactus farm.

First, you’ll need a cactus.

Put it in a crafting slot. To get 2 cactus chunks.

If you eat it, you’ll get poisoned.

Or you can cook it in a furnace or a Smoker.

Then you’ll get cooked cactus chunks that will heal 1 and a half hungerbars.

Dragon Apple:

The apple will give you

Slow falling: 4 mins

Strength III: 5 mins

Speed II: 4 mins   when eaten the apple.

In order to get the apple, You’ll need glitch essence. These will drop from the glitch block.

The glitch block will spawn between Y4 – Y100 and will drop 0 – 2 essence

Then combine 8 essence with an ender pearl to get a vicious pearl.

Then make dragon Compound Dust by using 4 ender Pearls , 4 dragon Scales and 1 vicious pearl.

Finally, combine an apple, a dragon scale and dragon Compound Dust to make the dragon apple.


This addon has 9 swords for now.

Here are the swords.


Cactus Sworď: DM=5      Durability=60

Plastic Sword: DM=6      Durability=570

[Double Edged]

Wood: DM=6     Durability=90

Stone: DM=7     Durability=195

Iron: DM=8     Durability=375

Gold: DM=6     Durability=48

Diamond: DM=9     Durability=2340

Cactus: DM=7     Durability=90

Plastic: DM=8     Durability=855


Skeletons will drop 0 – 2 iron nuggets

If you want me to add more stuff

You can suggest some ideas.

Changelog View more

Hello everyone. The v3 is actually the final update for this addon because I will be using the new addon maker for my addon. The new addon maker broke my original script. If I fix it It would still happen again and again. But that doesn't mean I'm not making a new version of advanced craft. I'm going to make a new addon called Project Bedrock that is kinda like advanced craft but a better version of it. I will release some of the beta versions of this addon on my channel, So go check out my channel too for some news on the addon.

( F in the chat pls XD)

Hello there. If you are suggesting ideas for me, please note that the next theme of this addon is about Technology and Caves. Also, thanks for the ideas.

Sorry for not putting V 0.o.2 download.

I forgot it.... :(

Added some changes.

Bug fixes.

Leave comments on what I should add :3

Changed Brief Introduction Title.

No changes in the mod for now...


Make sure to turn on experimental gameplay when putting this into your world.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 Discontinued / Outdated

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57 Responses

4.32 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. Guest-5762643855 says:

    i have a suggestion: try adding an oil drill so it automatically mines crude oil ore and maybe make armor from the other materials like plastic armor or dragon scale armor

  2. TravisIshNoice says:

    Why are there no pickaxes?

  3. Guest-1842410048 says:

    bruh this mod pack does not work ;-;

  4. Guest-8451091885 says:

    It would be amazing if you add Mob Bosses

  5. Guest-6935674130 says:

    the double swords are not craftibul for some reason

  6. Guest-3208033218 says:

    this is so good

  7. ShadowRein says:

    Hi, I was wondering if I could use your mod on a world that I’m currently making and am going to be realising betas of when they accepted my world. If I could use your mod for this project it would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Guest-5909460667 says:

    It’s me i’m the youtuber and blah blah!, i like your addon and keep up the good work see you for v.4 addon

  9. Guest-5881570191 says:

    When is v4 coming

  10. Guest-8306979590 says:

    It won’t let me import the mod pack and I am on iOS is that a problem?

  11. Guest-8720739294 says:

    how do you use the drill

  12. Guest-8817516451 says:

    Can you make the next day tier drill mine in a 3by3 square?

  13. Guest-8518020456 says:

    could you add some armor pls.

  14. Guest-3983585904 says:

    For the tech maybe some item manipulation like pipes to pump items from one sheet to another or a absorption hopper would help. Another thing maybe there could by a thing you put on a chest that finds xp olds around it and deletes them but puts a bottle of xi in the chest. For the last one I have not seen anyone do this but, I think I could make this last idea using only commands so it should be possible for a addon.

    Ideas for last idea. Use the count “c” modifier. Tp xp orb (only one) to chest first. Replace item in chest at ~ ~-1 ~ to have a xp bottle. Delete xp orb nearest to do hopper. This System would require the chest to have a hopper below it to prevent the removal of xp bottle. I don’t know how feasible these ideas are but I hope they help alternate meats just give xp directly to the player who is nearest to the xp collecter.

  15. Guest-8090841932 says:

    Wait this add-on is good but for the update can you please add robots? And maybe little cave trolls. I think you could make salt ore too. It spawns in new structures called ocean caves with ores where you can mine prismarine.

  16. Guest-2785398286 says:

    mine wont work in the game
    i cant add them whilst im inside minecraft
    and it wont appear

  17. Guest-8939240573 says:

    is there any other way to get dragon scales bc if you want to make each item, you would need a lot of dragon scales but an ender dragon drops at most 23 scales. is there another way to get scales or do we just have to summon in another ender dragon??? but overall a great addon

    • You’ll probably need to fight the dragon again and again. Maybe I’ll make an easier way but idk what

    • Guest-9771953204 says:

      In survival mode in the end, if you have 4 ender crystals (you can craft them without mods/addons) put one in the middle of the 3×1 spot (NOT WHERE THE DRAGON EGG SPAWNED) in the area beside the portal back to the overworld, repeat until it should be (- is nothing, o is ender crystal) -o- on each side, that SHOULD start making ender crystals back in the towers, and soon respawn the dragon. NO CHEATS INVOLVED 😀

  18. Guest-3418084496 says:

    Link is sketchy

  19. Guest-6321094809 says:

    I downloaded it, but found it hard to know everything. You should add something that tells you how to craft everything. Would make it 10 times better

    • I can’t add it so that it shows the recipes but maybe I could make a function command that tells you the recipes. I’ll try to make it.

      • Guest-3176393512 says:

        You can also use a area that is frequently forgot about called the help area. It is the area you can access by taping the “?” In the inventory. You can replace, add, or change the help area to say different things and it even supports photos. So you could put a crafting guide in there. Hope this helps.

  20. Guest-3750121218 says:

    You should add dragon scale armor and wepons

  21. Guest-7057155773 says:

    Idea dragon scales for claws or crafting a spawn egg for a new boss

  22. BaldingFox77558 says:

    I think you should also make wood armor make zombies that shoot fire and black ghasts from Minecraft story mode

  23. Guest-5858186843 says:

    The dragon scales should be used to create custom armor (there is some mods on mcpedl that you could find such as colorful helmets that have a technique that makes it to where you can equip custom armor) the armor should have a similar model to the ice and fire dragon scale armor from the java mod excluding The chestplate so you can have awesome elytra + dragon armor combo.also retexturing the elytra to look like dragon scales would be cool.

  24. Guest-6426234557 says:

    Bloques que se puedan reforzar
    Y también darle más usos al

  25. Guest-3190484279 says:

    Dragon scale sword and armour for horse as well.

    Or use the scales to be able to tame Endermen

    Make a new elytra that has a cool dragon scale pattern

    Or for a new dragon potion

    Hopes these ideas helped 👍🏾

  26. Guest-3859689490 says:

    En las siguientes actualización puedes agregar más comida que eso le encanta mucho a los usuarios además con las escamas de dragón hacer tanto una espada como armadura vendría bastante bien

    Creo que deberías mejorar un poco el daño de las dobles espadas me parece que no se pueden encantar como una espada normal lo cual causa que una espada de diamante normal pueda tener más daño que la doble espada

  27. Guest-2929849926 says:

    Dragón scales for armor

    • I’m trying to make them. It may or may not be in the next update.

      • Guest-9445860797 says:

        I don’t think you can make armor that can be equipped. However you can make it that if you crouch while holding a armor item it will be equipped with the replaceitem command. But the armor will give no protection to the player as it is not technically a armor item. So you have to give the play effects like resistance to simulate the damage reduction.

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