AdvancedFactory Beta

 Advanced Factory aims to add modern machines in its world such as Quarries, to facilitate basic or even difficult Minecraft functions. In this first version of the Addon I am adding Quarries and in the future I will add more machines.


 Able to mine in a space of 15×15 (later you can increase or decrease the region), from the layer it is in until layer 4. Can mine all blocks except:

  • Bedrock;
  • Water/Lava;
  • End Portal Frame;
  • Barrier;
  • All types command blocks;
  • Structure Block/Structure Void.

 To start, find a flat region and activate the Quarry with a battery:

 Then the region where the Quarry will be built will be marked with lines, clean the region and activate with a lever at the top:

 After the steps above, the Quarry will be ready to start mining. All mined blocks go to the Quarry block and can be removed by opening the interface at the top or using a hopper. The Quarry can be removed by breaking its block.

 Nuclear Bomb:

 The theories were right … Second edition of the Addon is nuclear bombs. Wherever they go, they leave radiation that can poison nearby entities.

 Activating it is simple, just use a battery and that’s it, after a few seconds the explosion happens:


Iron Gear:

Golden Gear:

Diamond Gear:

Steel Ingot:

Steel Block:


Uranium Block:

Eletronic Circuit:


Nuclear Bomb:



– Addon contains several bugs I don’t recommend using in survival;

– Currently there is an error that when closing the game without saving, the quarry may stop working, unfortunately it has not yet been possible to solve it, and to revolver just destroy the quarry and replace it again. The error does not happen if you save the game correctly;

– Batteries only work if you aim exactly at the center of the block and can make the wrong sounds.


 Currently the addon is available in: English and Portuguese.

Changelog View more

- Boundary particles were removed and replaced by bounding lines;

 - Illustrative photo of the behavior and resource are different for better identification;

 - Added function to get the addon items;

 - Battery system completely redone and corrected the recipe;

 - Quarry now mines 2x faster;

 - Added Nuclear Bomb;

 - Added uranium and its variants: uranium ore, uranium block and uranium;

 - More texts were dealt with;

 - Fixed several simple errors.


Supported Minecraft versions


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63 Responses

4.2 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Guest-2569703716 says:

    Can I use this in my modpack? I will Credit you in the description.

  2. Guest-6911327580 says:

    I bless you for this addon, it took me a few minutes to figure out how to get it to work but I’ll definitely say it’s gonna save me a lot of resources in the long run with this addon

  3. Guest-7750484101 says:

    Does not work in the new update

  4. BlackPistolG says:

    I have the Addon version 1.0.1 and the spawn egg for the Battery isn’t there, and when I tried to craft the Battery, the crafting recipe works, but when I tried to activate the Quarry with this Battery, it doesn’t work anymore!! Also, yes I do have Experimental Gameplay turned on, for goodness sake! Y’know, I should’ve downloaded the 1.0.1 version of this Addon, because this 1.0.1 is a literal virus, bruh! Fix this Addon now!!!!!

  5. Guest-2652890346 says:

    u showed have the uranium in the creative hub for easy access and the battery seems to work on worlds but not the realms is it possible u could fix that

  6. Al rules says:

    This is an absolutely incredible addon! I love the quarry so much and will definitely use this in a survival world! A quick suggestion I would change the flint and steel recipe to actually use the flint ingot, I know it’s not very factory related, I think it would be cool though 😊

  7. Guest-7289140353 says:

    Takes me to an adfly link which is forcing me to accept “notifications” to continue. Can’t even report the ad.

    • Guest-8125909632 says:

      Accept the notifications, then later on when you get the addon disable notifications from that website in your browser settings.

  8. BlackPistolG says:

    Please, make this Addon work in flat worlds, and also; add more machinery into this Addon, because y’know.. Adding just the Quarry and the Nuke block isn’t enough.. This Addon was called the Advanced Factory Addon for a reason, bruh…

  9. Guest-7580426781 says:

    Hey bro, good addon!!, but I have a problem in this new version 1.0.1, in realms does´t work, but in the version 1.0.0 worked perfectly, I don´t know if is only in my realm or you changed something for realm.
    Nice addon, thanks

    • Abøut says:

      Hi, confirm that the addon has really been placed in the world, Minecraft has a boring bug that sometimes does not load, remove the addon and place it again! To make sure the title was with the logo of the addon

  10. Block Studios says:

    Will you publish this on the Addons for Minecraft app?

  11. Guest-9546698227 says:

    My game crashes when this addon is in my world and a friend joins in.

  12. Guest-4319457708 says:

    Hmm i just wanna say you’r addon is little bit weird because it gives me a fuck*ng random egg each time i play like the f*[email protected][email protected]@[email protected]+

  13. Guest-3359077448 says:

    It’s the best addon I ever seen

  14. Guest-5049556766 says:

    Just a quick question for you, i am currently on xbox and have been using a few mods and was wondering if you would know why it keeps crashing? I’m curious if there was a clash between mods but then I tried just loading the advance factory only and it still crashed was just wondering if you could help me out because this mod looks AMAZING, would love to have for modded world

    • Guest-6352406205 says:

      I’ve been having the same problem. Everytime I try to play with this addon, my Minecraft crashes. Im guessing this addon isnt compatible with Xbox???

  15. Peter Ohoat says:

    How do you remove the Quarry?

    • Guest-4545426563 says:

      muy bueno el addon sigue asi. me costo saber como quitar el quarry pero ya aprendi y hay un problema yo quito el quarry y me lo devuelve lo mejor seria que no se pueda reutilizar y espera mas actualizaciones. -♡
      very good the addon continues like this. It was hard for me to know how to remove the quarry but I already learned and there is a problem. I remove the quarry and it will return it to me. The best thing would be that it cannot be reused and wait for more updates. – ♡

  16. Guest-6622649194 says:

    Thats nice

    • Guest-5106062700 says:

      Can you tell me how to destroy the quarry? When I tried to destroy it whith any tool the only thing that happens it’s that i open the chest…

  17. Guest-6987088452 says:

    theres a glitch where i cant destroy it pls fix

  18. Guest-3178202218 says:

    What usesses of discharge battery

  19. Guest-8097442958 says:

    Minecraft keep crashing with this addon but looks like a cool addon

  20. Guest-1395703098 says:

    Uhhmm… Please give me clear instructions on how to use the quarry please… 🙂 Good addon tho

  21. Guest-8374577032 says:

    oye lo estube viendo y esta muy bien espero q le agregues mas maquinas y arregles el problemita ese de la batería. y también no se si puedas pero sera q lo puedes hacer para otras versiones? como de la 1.14 en adelante seria bueno

  22. Guest-9695368291 says:

    I love the addon that you have been able to create, I am a very big fan of your work, and I hope you continue to improve your work, without further ado, here are your little stars, which seem little to me but take them.

  23. Guest-8250846328 says:

    I keep getting Missing dependency with ID ‘bd4ac6b5-6548-49a0-ae7b-2471ecc11be0’ and version ‘1.0.0’.

  24. Guest-2412329272 says:

    Hi! I hope you see this because I think I can help. If you can, please add some sort of transportation pipes that will help transfer the items quickly because the quarry is very fast and a hopper cannot catch up with its speed. Anyways great addon

  25. Guest-7610612592 says:

    Muito top esse addon, continua mano!👍

  26. Guest-4029766126 says:

    plz make battery charging! it uses a lit of resources to make ( not really ) but I would really love to see this update!

  27. Guest-6056922706 says:

    Hi I absolutely love your mod and hope you add more to it as soon as possible but the only problem I have found is the battery is uncraftable but other than that keep up the good work

  28. Guest-4916148438 says:

    Hello, I like your accessory, it would be nice if it had a machine that charges the batteries, it was solar and an oven that could use all the elements used for cooking and also the lava buckets. Thank you

  29. Guest-1282585693 says:

    you really deserve a lot go on make no one stop you

  30. Guest-1000769953 says:

    No si sabes español pero increible addon mi hermano

  31. Guest-1902306516 says:

    hey umm.. the battery is showing me some sort of spawn egg, can you tell me how to fix that?

  32. Foxy 317 says:

    What ar these *Nuclur bomb?s that’s UNESEPTABLEEEEEEE

  33. BlackPistolG says:

    I actually wanted to test this Addon on a flat world.. Please add a feature where the quarry actually functions in a flat world.

  34. Guest-3124333403 says:

    Crashes whenever I flip the lever.

    • Abøut says:

      has already been fixed thanks!

      • Guest-1634490565 says:

        (This is guest 312) Just with the quarry alone this is 10/10 mod, but just a question I found uranium using the quarry and was wondering whether you are planning to make something with it or if there is a secret within the mod.

        • Guest-4119825891 says:

          (This is guest 312) I have since looked through the code and have found how to create the nuke but I guess it is not fully implemented as it does not seem to have any function

  35. Guest-4457800450 says:

    It’s awesome is the pack was able to download I tried two ways one putting it trough Apple files and Documents by Riddle

  36. Abøut says:

    Sorry for the bugs I’m trying to fix as soon as possible!

  37. Guest-1526444836 says:

    i cant craft a steel block for some reason

  38. Guest-6154172644 says:

    Does it work on realms?

  39. Guest-2028889846 says:

    When I flip the lever, the game crashes. Tested with and without experimental mode.

  40. Hermit says:

    hello Abøut,
    I’m hermit ,Can I reprint your add-ons in to mcboxs?it not for commercial use and i willIndicate original author and source!

  41. Step_HD says:

    At the moment on iOS at least, the file cant be uploaded for some reason

  42. Sunbun1232 says:

    It is very nice addon. Can i use this in my Layer by Layer Map? I will give you credit though.

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