AdvancedPunish – Warning, Mute, Ban (Purgatory) System (Realms & BDS Servers)

AdvancedPunish is an addon that is used to ban, warn and mute players on your realm or BDS server! It is a function pack, so it requires some setup. Make sure to read the whole page!




Ban (purgatory) – disables the player’s chat, teleports them somewhere, and stops them from fighting other players, possessing items and breaking blocks.

“/tag add ban” – ban the player.

“/tag add unban” – unban the player. Player must be online.

/function setpurgatory – set the purgatory location. example:

Mute – disables the player’s chat.

“/tag add mute” – disables the player’s chat

“/tag add unmute” – re-enables the player’s chat

Warn – 3-strike system.

“/tag add warn” – warns a player

“/tag add clearwarns” – clears a player’s warns

How to install

Make sure Education Edition is enabled and the behaviour pack is applied in the world.

First, type “/function setup” in chat. You will be given a command block. Place the command block, and copy these settings.Next, build a purgatory area. Stand where you want banned players to be when they get banned and type “/function setpurgatory”. You’re all set up! Now, test the ban and unban commands on someone! If it doesn’t work, contact me in the comments.


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Added my video that i made soon after I submitted it.



Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. BTTenUwU says:

    Remember your fucking server, there, what’s the fucking point of making this when your admin is abusing creative mode and griefing people’s base when flying? You fucking dickhead and go suck people’s dick you bitch!

  2. MrZombiePlaysMC says:

    Mwa hahaha I can finally Punish trouble makers on my server. Well… that’s only if they don’t leave…

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