Adventure Expansion [Beta 1.4]

Adventure Expansion is an addon that plans to add more adventure and exploration into the game! As well as fun bosses, cool and powerful weapons and overall a nice experience. The addon is currently in beta and a LOT of the stuff you see here may change or be removed!

Goblin Raid:

The goblin raid is a challenging event where you face hordes of goblins and there are multiple types of goblins. The warrior which uses a sword, the ranger which uses a crossbow, the grunt which uses a poison dagger and a summoner which summons mobs to fight you.

Once the event is over, a miniboss known as the Goblin Beast will summon, defeating it gives you the Goblin Club and a Castle Key Mold.


To summon the event, now you must place down the banner (recipe above) and then interact with the banner once you are ready.

The Goblins drop a new currency called Orange Sapphires, these can be used to trade with a friendly goblin! You can find them in their home after this section!

Hardmode Goblin Raid:

For those wanting a challenge or people who have advanced through the addon, there is a new (Beta 1.4) mode of the Goblin Raid known as the Hardmode Goblin Raid, you must craft a new item known as the Totem of Enraging (recipe below) 


Now you simply place down a banner and interact with this totem to activate Hardmode. In this mode there are changes such as:
All Goblins have increased damage and health

Goblin Warriors inflict weakness on hit and have a chance to use their shield

Goblin Ranger Arrows can inflict fire on hit

Goblin Grunt Poison is now 4 seconds instead of 2

Goblin Summoners can now spawn up to 6 Blocklings

Goblin Home :

Once the goblin raid is completed and you have some orange sapphires, you can go trade with the passive goblin for some good loot! You can get some enhanced steak, mini cake balls, a goblin dagger and the most valuable of all, the friendly blocking pet summon! A pet that gets stronger the longer you have it on your side. (Tame it with a diamond)

Dragon’s Den :

The Dragon’s Den is a new structure that is found underground, it contains a mysterious egg that can be hatched by breaking it and placing back down and waiting 4-5 minutes. Once this dragon hatches, you can either wait until it grows up or feed it steak or cooked porkchops, once it is grown you can tame it with steak or pork. After the dragon is tamed, you can ride it and take to the skies!

Battle Tower:

The Battle Tower is a new structure that is commonly found in the overworld, you need a tower key to enter it. To obtain a key, you must go through dungeons and mineshafts to find a key mold, surround the mold with 8 gold to get a tower key!

Inferno Miniboss!

Inferno is a stronger variant of the blaze and has a appearance similar to the cancelled “Hovering Inferno” from Minecon 2017, this mob shoots out stronger fireballs that do more damage. It’s melee attack is also much stronger. They drop “Inferno Fragments” which can be used for a Flame Staff.


Magic is a new mechanic found in this addon! To get started with magic you’ll need to cure a Zombie Wizard, these spawn commonly and are cured the same way as Zombie Villagers. (Weakness and Golden Apples). Once cured, you can trade with the wizard for some basic magic stuff. Such as the Mana Brewing Station, which requires three levels and you have to hold lapis. Then you interact with it and it will fill up with a blue liquid, interact once more to recieve mana.

All magic weapons use this mana as a ammo system, just put the mana in your offhand whenever you wanna use it!

Experience Storage!

Storing XP is now possible! You can obtain it from a wizard for some orange sapphires!

The three different sizes can contain different amounts.

Small: 1  Medium: 5  Large: 10


Platinum, a new resource that’s between iron and diamond, you can make Platinum Armor with it and also create a Castle Key with a castle key mold.

The Castle

Once a Castle Key is obtained, you’ll be able to place down the key and summon the castle! There is a mysterious egg that needs to be interacted to summon the Blue Dragon boss. This boss once killed will drop its scales and bones, which can be used for the Blue Dragon Armor.


Known Bugs:

– Structures will stop spawning in after exiting the world for the first time (Mojang Issue)

There was a workaround for this bug, what you need to do is to edit the world and take out the packs, then you save that change and on the world select screen, edit the world again and put the packs back in. This should make structures spawn in new chunks. Reminder that you’ll need to do this everytime you wanna load up the world.

Changelog View more

Beta 1.4

- Revamped Goblin Raid

- Retextures, model changes

- Balancing mobs

Updated the discord server invite since someone told me it expired.

Beta 1.3.2

Fixed a bug where Platinum Boots weren't craftable

Updated description to be unique.


Supported Minecraft versions


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25 Responses

4.67 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Mbgdell says:

    How do I use the XP Storage? I really wanna use this it seems cool!

  2. Firewing The Wyvern says:

    so, i decided to play this addon on a survival world. I’m assuming it’s this addon that did this, but it spawned some kind of castle or dungeon next to spawn with a ton of mob spawners, and ladders leading to trapdoors but there was one teeny tiny little issue… the castle had no walls or floor, and it was just a bunch of floating mob spawners. i don’t know if it was just because the ipad i was playing on is a piece of poo (the ipad i was using is like 5 years old and reaaally buggy) or it’s just an error in the code or smth, but it was really weird, and not to mention not very helpful to have right next to spawn at the start of the game.

    • ExDrill says:

      Seems like a Mojang Bug, the structure got must’ve gotten cut off from world generation. I’ve seen it happen before and it’s not very pretty. Also the tower, you don’t have to enter it at the start of it (in fact you can’t because you need to obtain a key).

  3. Firewing The Wyvern says:

    overall, a very creative and great addon. it’s always nice to see an addon that actually works well with vanilla survival that balances itself out (a lot of addons tend to add op mobs without any weapons to balance the pack out) and the goblin raid is a really unique idea for an addon, and it definitely gives me some terraria vibes. however, the only issues are some of the textures and models, most specifically the blockling and the dragons. the blockling seems to have legs phased into the body and i noticed texture phasing in the eyes. the blue dragon’s model isn’t scary or fearsome enough which makes it feel very underwhelming, and it’s too simple for a dragon. the baby dragon looks very adorable but it could use some slight model fixes, and i noticed phasing in the wings. i also want to mention that in the description you said the dragon could fly when it actually has a jump and glide system so that’s kinda misleading. still, this addon has amazing potential, and this could very well be the start of something amazing.

    • ExDrill says:

      Thanks for the feedback and I’m glad you enjoyed playing it! Regarding the blockling and stuff, yeah I plan to fix that for release. Blue Dragon texture will get revamped soon and possibly a new model. And the dragon can fly, you have to look up and it will go up, very confusing I know but it’s based off those helicopters from various vehicle addons.

  4. Epic. I bet this took a bit to make! This places such a good foot into so much potential. I’m excited to see what becomes of this mod when it develops!

  5. ILikeRustySpoons says:

    Awesome mod except, the dagger has goblin blood and seems to make a goblin take more then 1 hit. why? is it poison or is it acid or is is just the goblin is bleeding?

    • ILikeRustySpoons says:

      5 Stars 100% your work is still majestic and detailed! if people are giving bad replies they just don’t know how hard it is to code. it takes hours I’m pretty sure! good work. you are a god at making mods.

  6. LinkFixer says:

    Really cool except, some items are missing from my game and the goblin raid seems not to ever end.

  7. Firewing The Wyvern says:

    could you please include photos of the blue dragon, the pet dragon, the blocking pet, and any other mobs in the description?

  8. Warhead says:

    Unique, awesome, and amazing! This addon has a lot of potential for new content and interesting concepts. 5 stars!

  9. The Orespawner says:

    Really cool! Textures need a little more detail but other than that, great addon!

  10. Maggot69 says:

    Cool looking mod! Definitely looking forward on on what it might look like in the future

  11. anonimo says:

    the link isn’t ad fly peerfect!

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