Adventure Into the Unknown DEMO

Welcome to the Adventure into the Unknown DEMO! This is a multiplayer-compatible map, meaning you can play with your friends! Loot is hidden everywhere for you to find! Also, I (TheRealSta1k3r) hid a few easter eggs for you to find! Have fun!

(All of these photos were taken with Enchanted HSPE v3)

Length of map: 20-30 minutes

Resource packs used:
– Custom AITU texture pack
– Invisible Item Frames
– Enchanted HSPE v3 (Important: Remove this resource pack if anyone is playing on a low-end device!)
– Foxy’s Mob Heads v4.1.1 [R]

Behavior packs used:
– Foxy’s Mob Heads v41.1 [B]
– [v4.0] One-player Sleep System for Multiplayer

– TheRealSta1k3r – Main Creator
– GxmerGxbe – Secondary Creator
– Krishpycreme – Building
– SP1CYham – Decoration
– CastMonkey4171 – Decoration

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  1. DBZfan13 says:

    You’re stealing Foxynotail’s work! But you should’ve asked him for permission before giving credit.

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