Aesthetic Skin Pack (Male & Female)

Want to look trendy with both male AND female skins? Look no further because here are a collections of multiple aesthetic skins. These are also skins compiled from the community section.

I had chose these skins due to the popularity of them on skinseed.

These skins are a selection of both unique and vintage-like skins which also include halloween-like skins due to spooky season arriving upon the horizon; however, in this skin pack, unfortunately, there are more female skins than male skins since female skins are most popular.

Here I have the skins pictures:

Here’s the other link for more male skins + some more female skins:

Changelog View more

adding more, and better skins - this includes, halloween skins, and a few male skins.

because most have asked politely, i have decided to find and add more male skins. this is because i’ve noticed that this skin pack does indeed lack male skins - my apologies. you can find the male skins (and roughly around 6 more female skins((also added the best looking Rantaro Amami skin as requested by someone) on the separate link. enjoy. 

I also apologise for only a few male skins being added onto this skin pack, it’s only because there is a few great male skins in general , so it was really tough finding nice male skins.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9

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95 Responses

4.53 / 5 (36 votes)
  1. Guest-2747439027 says:

    Great! This is amazing good job on it! Now I don’t have to go around the whole website+ to look for skins.

  2. Guest-8901776392 says:

    Can you make it ” .zip ” It doesn’t work on console if it isn’t .zip 🙁

  3. Guest-5261036219 says:

    How do you get the skins?

    • Guest-2416341958 says:

      Open folder and then double click it it should import it into Minecraft that is if your on PC, however if your on a mobile device I don’t know, And I would kinda like more males in this pack because like… reasons.

  4. Guest-4187935614 says:

    I wish the masked halloween skin didnt have a tail can you remove it?

  5. Guest-8954264770 says:

    it won’t let me import the first skin pack 😔

  6. Guest-8006804032 says:

    Hey I love how the skin pack looks but the thing is that I can’t import it into Mcpe because it failed, I tried multiple times and it still didn’t work. I was wondering if you can make it work for this app called “Addons” because I will be able to finally import it into Minecraft. Thank you !!

  7. Guest-7970364031 says:

    These are super cute! <3 I just wish I could use them :(. I know you get this a lot, but I would recommend putting it on the Addons app, so its easier to access for people! Thank You!

  8. Guest-4531057554 says:

    the reason why you can’t download this on pocket edition is because it only supports v1.6 to v1.9 and pocket edition is currently at v1.4.6 (or something).
    Although, I do agree with some of these comments. is there a way to get this onto the app “Addons”, and if so, could you get it there? I’d love to have access to this skin pack on my phone!

  9. Guest-7839047201 says:

    Do you have a skin seed account? If so what is your username?

  10. Guest-1525901199 says:

    Could you put it on the app; “addons”?
    I can’t get it from here because when I get it into Minecraft it says invalid name and skin ip

  11. Guest-8156314788 says:

    Is there a way i can get layout of a girl skin??

  12. Guest-6504744265 says:

    I need help anyone!! I have Minecraft PE (so on iphone) and when i press the skin pack to transfer it to my game it says failed I don’t know whyyy but I really want this pack so I need help asap :))

    • Guest-8641775275 says:

      Same with me. I asked if she could post it on the app; “addons”. It’s a free app and all my downloads from it always work. So if she does, I will notify you!

  13. Guest-4807786674 says:

    Omg I love all the skins in both skin pack, but this is a request if you want to you can if not i completely understand, but what i was going to say is can you please make more skin packs for on here if you want,I love them.❤🥰😊

  14. Guest-4236669323 says:

    what’s the site you use to find the aesthetic skins? i really want to know

  15. Guest-2632478869 says:

    can someone pleas help me do this? I have no idea how to do it i have iPhone 8 Minecraft pocket edition.

  16. Guest-8234297937 says:

    How do I use it if I’m on phone?

  17. User-2580784207 says:

    It does not work on minecraft education

    • Guest-2324226179 says:

      then buy the actual game. dont be a sheapskate and just play a free version. you can even go to and get minecraft for a cheaper price

    • Guest-7384936546 says:

      it does, cause I tried it, and it said import started, and a few seconds later, it finished, so, I don’t know whats wrong with yours

  18. User-7988454646 says:

    im on ipad what now

  19. Erica says:

    I really like them, I always try to get skin seed skins uploaded to my PC but fail every time. You’ve given me an opportunity to do that though, thank you! Hope to see more in the future.

  20. eruhfvhbritgh says:

    can you do a dropbox please

  21. Yuuko says:

    Excuse me but I’m looking for the “ 🖤Demon Aesthetic B.. “ and I’m unable to see it on skinseed, any help?

  22. eddie says:

    i rlly want the pink ahegao skin , i can’t find it tho and the download doesn’t work for me. it’s called 🎀PINK🎀 and something else maybe but it doesn’t show. could someone drop me the link to the skin so i can use it pls 💕

  23. Hop Offline says:

    if possible can you add more boy skins with masks kind of like the one you have in your first pack…other than that I love both of them and your doing great with these 🙂

  24. Jocelyn says:

    Hi , I really really love this skin pack!! The platform that I use to play Minecraft doesn’t allow custom skins but this skin pack worked!! And I really love it! I was wondering how one would make their own usable skinpack on mcpedl but I do not know how 🙁 any tips or advice? Pleaseee help!

  25. Kim_b says:

    Can you add a aesthetic god skin with white eyes and white hair ripped jeans and a white jumper

  26. Loli says:

    Next update💕?

  27. Fffffggvtgg says:

    Can u make one with the creeper aw man hoodie with a creeper wearing it.pls

  28. Fffffggvtgg says:

    Can u make one with the creeper aw man hoodie with a creeper wearing it.pls

  29. eruhfvhbritgh says:

    it don’t work for 1.2

  30. eruhfvhbritgh says:

    the skin packs are amazing and all but i can’t get it because it goes into mediafire, can you make it a direct download because i only have minecraft education edition

  31. Oofer says:

    Why just why you cant make your own skins instead of going to skinseed

    • Anonymous says:

      if that’s something that bothers you, then just move along and ignore instead of wasting your time commenting something.

    • awhbbs says:

      If that’s something that bothers you, then i’d suggest moving along and finding a skin pack that suits you rather than wasting your time commenting. However, if you’d like to know, people prefer skins that are well made. I’m going to be honest, I cannot make skins, that’s why I’m joining some most popular community skins on skinseed into a pack instead of people downloading them separately.

  32. sowoh says:

    I feel famous, thanks for adding my skin to your skinpack !! everything is appreciated

  33. Anonymous says:

    Can You make More but with black girls?

  34. Aesthetic_Starx says:

    Can You make more skins because I love them but can you make more black girls cause there is only a little bit of them..

  35. Emily says:

    If you can you get some girl swimsuit Ples

  36. JoeyDana says:

    Omg i love this pack but … Please add more sad boy skins xD i really need a depressed skin

  37. Autism says:

    Much Good, Much Love. Thanks Dad and or Mom.

  38. Eh says:

    How do you download it??? ._.

  39. Karen says:

    Where did you get these skins from? Website or app?? What category would it be.. thanks

  40. ImPika says:

    Doesn’t work, I’m on version 1.12

  41. Crystal says:

    Honestly, the best skin pack I’ve downloaded. Glad someone finally realized what people want. Thanks you!

  42. Velvet says:

    Didn’t work! Does it work on Minecraft PE?

  43. Paradox says:

    It’s ok but can you just add more male skins because there’s more female that male skins, other than that, I love it!

  44. potato says:

    Please add more male skins

  45. hi says:

    Make saskue skin pack

  46. Ak says:

    Wow nice work xD

  47. Floofyfoxxo says:

    These are pretty good!

    • awhbbs says:

      i’m trying to figure my way around all of this, but i’ve just recently updated the skin pack for more male skins.. i don’t really know if that counts since i’m most definitely not a professional on this site

  48. XoxEthanxoX says:

    Can you please make the download easier example: When you press the download button it downloads. Thanks xoxo

  49. Shinso says:

    Can you add the one HD Rantaro Amami skin? Just search him up on skinseed its the first one

    • awhbbs says:

      i’ve done it, all you have to do is download the extra link, and the skin should also be in that skin pack. i tried to find the best one i could, i apologise if it’s not great

  50. Lori o3o says:

    LOVE IT !!!

  51. Kelly678765 says:


  52. Connor says:

    Thanks its awesome

  53. kadvaru says:

    yes these are some great high quality skins, i especially recommend the ahegao skin 🙂

  54. Sewnoa says:

    Can you please make xbox version?

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