Aether Addon

This addon adds a new dimension above the clouds which adds new islands to the game for you to explore and use to decorate your worlds with brand new blocks.

This addon currently adds 11 new blocks that generate in your world. They all can be found in randomly generating islands above the clouds. These islands will only spawn when you are near the surface and while it is day time.

The new islands will spawn near the maximum world height and become more common depending on the time you stay in the world.

2 special entities can spawn on the islands, the whirlwind, and the dark whirlwind. The whirlwinds both drop rare items after a few minutes and give nearby entities levitation. The dark whirlwind spawns hostile mobs and can only be spawned during the night.

2 normal entities that spawn normally during the day are the Swet and the Tempest, the Swet drops Swet jelly which can be eaten.

2 new ores which can be used to make swords

This addon requires experimental mode to operate properly!

Changelog View more

+ Swet & Tempest mobs

+ 4 new swords

+ Gravitite and Zanite ores

+ Improved Description

+ Quicksoil Island

+ 2 New Mobs

+ Images


For islands to generate in your world, you need to enable mob spawning and experimental gameplay. If either of these options are disabled you can still find the blocks in the creative menu but the islands won't spawn in your world


Supported Minecraft versions


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58 Responses

4.67 / 5 (33 votes)
  1. Mr.troubl says:

    yes i was waiting for an update now it finally works, Java modding allows everything but be and pe is limited, good job.

  2. Guest-8782908268 says:

    Perhaps if you could craft stone tools from holy stone it would be better. Still good though.

  3. Guest-7507960936 says:

    Great, remove the shadows if you can, it makes mobs spawn and also just make a lot of them naturally generate. If you can’t do that I don’t blame you love the ideas you have.

  4. Guest-2791931049 says:

    Yeah… About that that… I am yet to find an add-on where a better quality pick makes the added ores and blocks get mined faster.

  5. -TGHQ- says:

    I don’t like how you can break stone with your hands, make it so it can only break and drop the block with pickaxes, and of course with the better quality pickaxe the faster the stone breaks

    • Guest-8612953849 says:

      I tried to find this game code for a mod I was attempting and couldn’t find it anywhere for Bedrock .json script. MC have hidden it… has anyone found it out?

      • Drags says:

        Or maybe change the stone to slime-stone or cloudstone, which is way lighter and less dense than normal stone. You can always ask your discord for a new texture for this cloudstone

    • MegaTitanio says:

      This is a addon

      • Guest-9213917942 says:

        Really? We hadn’t noticed Aether Addon was an addon…

        • Guest-9254470717 says:

          Me neither

        • MegaTitanio says:

          I mean the useless who do not know how to compare an addon of a mod, the blocks are broken by hand because the addons have many limitations and the fools who only think things without knowing anything or how the addon works, they only put negative things because it is the only thing for what reaches your neurons

  6. S4NT1 says:

    You should add a whole Biome 🙂

    We could enter throught a portal and that would be cool. I think Java’s version has it, i don’t remember 🤔

  7. Guest-3414314412 says:

    First comment in new update!-Kanada

  8. Guest-7838530407 says:


  9. EpicGamer360 says:

    You should add ores to this!

  10. Guest-1238593233 says:

    Is this similar to the one Java edition has because that was interesting and rn dont have java edition on my pc to get it

  11. Guest-9209865354 says:

    Chicken bed 333 you should add a dragon it would be souper cool

  12. Weasel The Great says:

    This is freaking amazing! Keep the updates coming, bro.

  13. Crizalis says:

    Пожалуйста сделайте этот мод для более старых версий 1.9 или 1.10.

  14. WAT says:

    New Log = Oak Planks
    what? You should’ve made new planks as well.

  15. Redstoneminer68 says:

    Nice job man, I like the concept of the Aether being in the overworld. It really gives a use for the build limit being 255.

  16. George pithyou says:

    Yes finally the start of a proper Aether mod, looking forward to the progress you will make just please don’t give up bro

  17. Benjamin Stein says:

    Dude, add more stuff bc this stuff is dope! Also maybe when you go higher newer items and islands that are rare?

  18. CubeSteff3906 says:

    Wow man amazing work! I do have quite a bunch of new ideas! Now I will just lay down some but if I get any more I will be definetely back!
    1. New biomes. I imagine it may be pretty hard to incorporate biomes up there but my guess is it would be well worth it. I can think of maybe some form of mushroom biome and what not.
    2. Biome-specific bosses and mobs. In the mushroom biome for instance we may find idk some form of tiny mushroom mob that gives ya nausea and poison. May also drop edible mushrooms.
    All I had rn 🙂

  19. Ариталик says:

    Very cool mod, hold on. I want a shtob. You added new tools and armor from the light stone and new bosses of the inhabitants of 4 species of inhabitants of the inhabitants of Sontz. the inhabitants of the moon and the inhabitants of the regions and the poor inhabitants, and the poor inhabitants live in Paradise Hell.

  20. Робот says:

    Крутттттто добавте много мобов боссов из этих мобов и класные руды лчше чем на пэка. Добавте броню инструменты из светого камня и з руд тагже добавте Райсский ад и портал в рай ещё новые придметы. …

  21. stunint says:

    Doesn’t work for me. I built the aether portal and everything. Please help me if you can.

  22. BoxCatMC says:

    can you put chest on some of the islands with good loot?

  23. Shrek123Gaming says:

    Do you need help with building?

  24. Meme man says:

    Ores,new weapons and new mobs pliiiisss
    This project its awesome

  25. Alex says:

    Cool you can add more mobs like the zephyr and the bosses in the future that will be amazing

  26. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Need aether portal

  27. Робот. says:

    Крутой мод мне очень нравеца

  28. Schalldämpfer1208 says:

    It’s all right but it definitely needs some improvement eg. Mobs,Ores,Hostile Mobs,Structures. Overall though a great addon

  29. john says:

    like addons

  30. Spiderclaba Slashiare says:

    Add some boss I have an idea for boss

    Health bar
    1000 hp
    13 melee damage
    It is a 4 armed dragon
    Shoots a bunch of Schuller bullets
    Summons dark whirlwinds
    When killed an island will spawn above it with all the loot
    Spawns in a big island called “Dragon island”
    A castle appears in dragon island

    That’s all I got

  31. Yeye says:

    Its not an actual dimension right?

  32. Ideainthesky says:

    Pretty cool, can’t wait to see what updates you got in the future.

  33. Anonymous says:×32/ My dream came true finally

  34. Harrythemagician13 says:

    You Should Add Ather Guardian Pillager it looks like Pillager with Aether style look

  35. Br says:

    This adoon has a lot of potential, please keep it up, I’m from Brazil

  36. Matias says:

    This looks a skywars map than a aether…

  37. Mikael says:

    Eu sei que é difícil fazer isso más você poderia melhorar as ilhas elas estão muito simples para o “céu”

  38. Rick says:

    Legal!!vc poderia criar um addons da twilight forest??

  39. DemonMichal says:

    Very good, keep going

  40. Ben h the best says:

    Add Gold Dungeons and hellstone (Aether Mod)

  41. Woow so cool, but can you create ore please

  42. BoxCatMC says:

    Oh my god i love this, please add the bouncy cloud blocks!

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