AgameR Hats Mod

With this mod you can add a hat to your character’s head. There are currently a total of 19 different hats and all of them resemble a block but in smaller size. The hats don’t give you any extra abilities of strengths but they do look really fun!


  • /hat set [hattype]
  • /hat reset
  • /hat types
  • /changelog hatsmodpe

Creator: peacestorm

hats11 hats22hats

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14 Responses

4.5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. AHCamazing47 says:

    Make it into an addon for Android. PLEASE!!!!!! But it was AMAZING!!!!

  2. Banna says:

    Hmm mite get it try exploding chickens mod

  3. Rayyan Anwar says:

    Nice add on mod

  4. NedasHDQ says:

    Can you add fnaf charecters heads

  5. Juli says:

    This site will not let me download ANY mods. When I click “DownLoad Mod (required)” or “Download Texture (required)” they both don’t work. They both just bring me to a site that tells me that the owner has to much file traffic. (I am using this site on a IPod Touch 6 if that helps you figure out what’s going on)

  6. Kyler says:

    What is 2nd menu

  7. brian says:

    This is a great mod

  8. XxAcherryxX says:

    Awesome mod great job!!!

  9. Edmond says:

    How could I get a mod.

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