AgameR MoreThanMobs Mod

The MoreThanMobs mod lets you summon a mob anytime in-game. Besides the summon feature you can also disguise as a mob by a simple command. The mod adds many new items. Item names starting with Spawn indicate eggs which can be used to spawn the mobs.


  • /summon [mob name]
  • /disguise [mob name]
  • /changelog morethanmobspe

Item IDs

  • 500 – Spawn Ghost
  • 501 – Spawn Wolf Girl
  • 502 – Spawn Blue Creeper
  • 503 – Spawn Brown Chicken
  • 504 – Spawn Ender Spider
  • 505 – Spawn Ender Cow
  • 506 – Spawn Pirate
  • 434 – Experience Bottle
  • 435 – Healing Potion
  • 436 – Potion of Death

Creator: peacestorm


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12 Responses

  1. Mega Charizard X says:

    Notification your Dropbox mods have been expired you can only use mediafire now (that’s what Dropbox says…)

  2. MLGadventures says:

    This mod is for beta because i just saw a nether reactor core, well guess what? They’ll be removed in the next 2 updates and I know that because I have Alfa 1.0.6 with command blocks.😼

  3. Desert soldier says:

    In love mods and this is the best

  4. Andrew McDonald says:

    So cool

  5. Zedia TheWolf says:

    why is it zip not .is cuz that really pisses me off if it has to be a .zip file how to I extract It


    help i download this mod every mob that i spawn are black even some mod that added new mobs are black,and i download extreme herobrine its always black.

  7. Dark Lord says:

    Its crash when I try to disguise mob and the texture isnt working pirate and ghost girl and the people mobs are all black

  8. Michael says:

    It doesnt work for me either. The texture pack is just a picture and wont work on ES File explorer on android

  9. roicraft says:

    Dont work on my minecraft pe

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