AI Soldiers ModPack

Have you ever wanted a massive battle between armies?

Now you can with the new AI soldiers modpack!

This mod has two armies (red and blue) that not only fight each other, but players as well.

This mod contains 2 AI’s, (red and blue) that not only fight each other, but fight the mech from my other behavior pack, (Titan Mech). These bots are ruthless and will shoot each other down with their working guns.

The AI’s have 2 hearts, meaning they are the cannon-fodder for your battles letting you fight tons of them without a sweat.

The only way to get the AI Soldiers is from the creative menu, where they are respectively called: Blue and Red Soldier.

^^In this video^^ 

it shows how the AI’s work and fire.

Download Now!

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Changelog View more

A more Detailed submission about their spawning features and stats, such as health.


Supported Minecraft versions


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15 Responses

4.38 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Guest-8353902649 says:

    Can you make it so that on side will not attack you

  2. Guest-4982707228 says:


  3. Guest-5336525533 says:

    Better if soldiers fight also against mobs

  4. Guest-4289707215 says:

    Discord link isn’t working… Please fix

  5. Guest-3571286986 says:

    Can you make them have some different traits… Like a Tanker, Bomber, Defender or something like that? I would like to make a War

  6. Guest-2351169262 says:

    Can you give the AI soldiers like 20 or 30 health? And also make some sort of clothing item that when you wear it, the corresponding AI color doesn’t attack you, so you can fight alongside them. That would be really cool. Nice addon, keep it up

  7. Guest-6687179338 says:


  8. Guest-9875618709 says:

    bruh this is undownloadable, no way to reach the mediafire link.

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