Airbus A318: Survival Island

In this seed you will spawn on an island. Not far from the island is another island similar in size to this one. In the center of the island you should be able to find a little hole in the sand leading down to a tunnel if you do some digging.

screenshot-2015-03-18-11-58 screenshot-2015-03-18-11-59 screenshot-2015-03-18-11-59_2

After a bit of exploration in the tunnel system you should be able to come across a mineshaft which leads to an open zombie spawner and diamonds.

Seed: Airbus A318

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3 Responses

  1. 1st Bot_ Reuben Cubero says:

    Why is this named after an airplane?

  2. Joshtrollol says:

    I looked around the island,I find the one more island.

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