Airdrop Addon

Have you always wanted to add a little more fun to your realm/minigames? You can use this airdrop addon! You can use this addon in your survival realm/server, or add it to your minigames!

This is intended for developers to use.


To call an airdrop, use /function call_airdrop. This will summon an airdrop above your head at y 200. 

Once it lands, it will become a chest in which you can find items in. The items are randomly generated every time. The airdrop entity gets teleported underground and gets destroyed.

The airdrop itself when in mid-air is an entity with the identifier airdrop:chute, meaning you can also summon the airdrop using /summon airdrop:chute, but it will spawn at your current position if coordinates are not specified, and become a chest. It will always turn into a chest when landed. Do not let it appear above y 256, which will cause it to not land.


You can change how the airdrop items are generated by editing the addon. The function which controls looting is located in addon\behaviour\functions\airdrop_loot.mcfunction. This is run after the entity has landed and has created a chest.

Use it or edit it whichever way you want, but please credit me and put a link to this page.

Airdrop colours

The normal airdrop will appear with a grey chute. Heres some other colours that you can use:

  • Blue Airdrop(airdrop:chute_blue)
  • Green Airdrop(airdrop:chute_green)
  • Red Airdrop(airdrop:chute_red)
  • Yellow Airdrop(airdrop:chute_yellow)

Flare gun

You can also use the flare gun to call an airdrop. You can craft it using 3 red stones, 1 iron ingot, 1 bow and 1 rocket.

As a realm/server developer, you can get rid of this crafting recipe by deleting addon\behaviour\recipes\falre.json.

You can also use /give gun:flare.

To use it, simply right-click(mouse & keyboard), or press use/interact button(controller), or, press and hold on your screen(touchscreen). A firework rocket should appear and you should receive a success message. Note that there’s a cooldown between each use.

An airdrop will spawn with a random colour.


This addon is currently available in these languages:

  • English(US/UK)
  • Chinese(Simplified/Traditional)
  • Czech by @Otaznk2

Experimental gameplay needs to be turned on for this to work.

Something not working? You can either contact me on twitter or head to da discord for support.

Changelog View more

0.0.3 - What's new

  • Airdrop now has a completely new looting system,
  • Added a recipe for flare guns.
  • Flare gun now has a cooldown between uses.

Repaired broken download link, and added a .zip download link for version 0.0.2.

0.0.2 - What's new

- updated the post

- airdrops now have a sound when they land

-airdrops health changed to 20

-when dying, an airdrop will drop a flare gun

fixed download

added discord support link

keystroke keystroke keystroke keystroke


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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  1. avinash says:

    thanks .
    but can you please tell us how to customize drop_loot.mcfunction folder i have really messed it up

  2. Guest-5035334600 says:

    If I call out the airdrop, the chest on the inside is just nothing. 1/5 star.

  3. Guest-7474915715 says:

    Is that pumc mobile?

  4. Guest-8053975187 says:

    Could you make missiles

  5. Anonymous says:

    it a scam place do not get is it a scam

  6. Guest-3115197141 says:

    Finally! They Added Flare gun!

  7. kingofdrago123 says:

    can there be more loots then diamond shirt something else a sword and 1 of 2 types of golden apple

  8. Guest-3455524282 says:

    I couldn’t download the pack, it just sent me to a “Something is missing here” page.

  9. Guest-8666429142 says:

    0.0.2 download link is broken. 🙁

  10. Guest-6148521175 says:

    Can you add crafing recipe for flare gun
    Using redstone and fireworks rocket

  11. Guest-8731829369 says:

    Download link for the version 0.0.2 is broken :-(. But a great addon 🙂

  12. Guest-8902299795 says:

    Nice…. (joshmc) 😀

  13. Superbashington says:

    How /what addon makeing app u use to make this addon

  14. Superbashington says:

    How /what addon makeing app u use to make these awsome addons?

  15. TICB202 says:

    Can i use this is my PvP Map? Thank you in advance, also found no bugs. Great job.

  16. Guest-9751919994 says:

    The drops should be completely random instead of only two sets of randomness

  17. Guest-9983008645 says:

    Does it need a redstone contraption to automatically summon airdrops to you?

  18. Guest-4744538576 says:

    Idk but why link still process that’s said

  19. Arshle says:

    This is amazing for factions type realms/servers!!!!

  20. blood eye says:

    it says upload in progress and it failed to upload fix the download link

  21. Guest-3519786699 says:

    It will be nice if there are different colors.

  22. Funky Taco says:

    Great job on the add-on hope you keep improving it I’ve waited for an add-on like those for a while?

  23. Funky Taco says:

    Great job on the addon

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