AK Texture || Nether Update 1.16

This pack modifies a lot of blocks (ores, obsidian, tables, glass), items (weapons, tools, ender items, ores), sounds (doors, chest and damage) and the user interface. The hostile mobs eyes, the crosshair, and other things are modified (no sound pistons and Netherite tools to :-). If you like to see other things that are modified then download it and check for yourself! 

Did you like to have a better experience in Minecraft vanilla? This pack modified the minecraft texture default to get better gameplay:

• Custom Sky

• Minecraft hostile mobs lighting eyes

• Better minerals ( blocks and ores )

• Custom tools and weapons

• Different birch leaves ( auttumn design )

• Clean glass

• Invisible item frames

• Clean leather armor

• Custom ender pearls , ender eyes and end end portal frame

• Custom doors ( with sounds and textures )

• Custom XP bar, crossair and ui

• Different damage sounds

• No-Sound Pistons

• Custom end portal, nether bricks and fire

• Red obsidian

• Netherite tools and ingot was redesign

• And more different changes

Changelog View more

• Added to the Mcpedl apk and ... nothing more xd

• Remove some items and textures from my texture pack ...

• Nether Update for the texture pack

• Fixed blocks

• Small changes

• Diamond and emerald textures was exhance

• Grass blocks textures reverted

• Netherite swords updates

• Default Skin updated

• Small different changes was added

Version 1.3.6 texture pack changed:

•PvP versión was added

•Custom panorama changed

•Ender chest changed


 _Version: 2.3.5_ English

  - Update Notes:

    +|| Add ||+    

       • Custom breaking effect          

    +|| Changes ||+       

       • Sun and Moon was changed      

       • Turtle Shell       

       • Spawn eggs changed       

       • Rocks changed       

       • Squid mouth erase       

       • Birch wood changed       

       • Water texture       

       • Esmerald, coal and diamond texture       

       • Ender items and blocks textured       

       • Hay Bale block updated     

       • Lava updated       

       • End portal and shield re-rextured    

       • Rain and snow updated       

       • New font       

       • Empty armor slots updated   


       • Totem


       • Xp bottle


       • Custom panorama


 _Version: 2.3.4_ English


  - Update Notes:

    +|| Add ||+    

       • Custom breaking effect          

    +|| Changes ||+       

       • Sun and Moon was changed      

       • Turtle Shell       

       • Spawn eggs changed       

       • Rocks changed       

       • Squid mouth erase       

       • Birch wood changed       

       • Water texture       

       • Esmerald, coal and diamond texture       

       • Ender items and blocks textured       

       • Hay Bale block updated     

       • Lava updated       

       • End portal and shield re-rextured    

       • Rain and snow updated       

       • New font       

       • Empty armor slots updated       

       • Panorama updated 



 _Versión: 2.3.4_ Español 

  - Notas de la actualización: 

    +|| Añadido ||+    

       • Efecto de picado personalizado       

    +|| Cambios ||+        

       • Sol y Luna cambiados     

       • Caparazón de Tortuga       

       • Huevos cambiados       

       • Rocas modificadas       

       • Boca de calamar borrada       

       • Madera de abedul cambiada       

       • Textura del agua       

       • Textura de la esmeralda, la hulla y el diamante       

       • Esmeralda       

       • Bala de heno y objetos del ender       

       • Lava, portal del ender, escudo, hueco para armaduras       

       • Nuevo panorama        

       • Nueva fuente       


- Update Notes:

    +|| Add ||+    

       • Language Selection Botton Adds

       • Netherite Sword 

       • Netherite Axe     

       • Netherite Pickaxe      

       • Netherite Shovel       

       • Netherite Hoe       

       • Netherite Ingot       

       • Netherite Helmet     

  +|| Changes ||+        

       • The no-used blocks and items was removed      

      • A .txt file with the notes of the updates was added       

       • Panorama Updated       

       • Xp bottle, clock, slime ball, lapislazuli, redstone and  nether warth texture changed

        • Updated sheep and pig textures re-design

• End items and block re-design

• Netherite tools and Netherite ingot textures was added 

• Pack Icon Changed

Beacon texture updated

Add a .txt file with the info of the pack


To install the Texture Download the .mcpack file and tap It. Your Minecraft import them.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)



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75 Responses

4.52 / 5 (25 votes)
  1. Guest-9535766846 says:

    Anyway you can release a resource pack just for silent pistons? I’ve looked everywhere and cant find it, but your pack has it

  2. Adrikadh says:

    I removed the supuestly stolen textures ( the doors, the helmets and the signs )

  3. Guest-5144436520 says:

    It’s great! I have a survival server with some of my friends, but we only used the original textures. So When I switched to your texture pack they really liked it. Also, you can get this on Xbox One.

  4. Guest-8221656061 says:

    Can u please make it work for realms

  5. Minariii says:

    aparrently, you’re using textures from another texture pack called “”. And also the Netherite Ingot also looks like a stolen one.

  6. Adrikadh says:

    People, but I decided to take the course of this texture pack to the original, since although I know that the result it is having is very good, I think I prefer to take it to the original concept which was to create a custom default texture pack.

    This pack will be updated to 1.16 coming soon but most blocks will not be modified any more.

    You can find my new texture pack soon in my user

  7. Guest-2132876642 says:

    Best texture pack on mcpedl, can’t wait for 1.16 textures

  8. BrainBoy25 says:

    LOVE IT <3

  9. Guest-2166991708 says:

    Amazing! =D

  10. Stridey says:

    You’ve used multiple textures from my pack without permission. Can you remove them please?

  11. Le Minecraft Nerd says:

    Hey could you make it into 1.12? please this looks awsome!! really want it, hope you do make it

  12. Guest-1407685179 says:

    hey some of the textures and content in this addon were taken from other people’s work (e.g. Glowing Eyes). Can you give credit to them in the next update

  13. Guest-5593503918 says:

    I love this! Just 1 thing is it possible to effectué the elytra to maybe dragon wings?

  14. Incredible texture pack for pvp

  15. Guest-1250702979 says:

    The textures kinda look like Stardew Valley, LOVE IT

  16. Guest-6017944522 says:

    Wait isn’t netherite not even out yet? So how would you modify something that doesn’t even exist?

    • Adrikadh says:

      Ok bro, I will answer you. Believe it or not, all the tools, weapons and minerals follow a pattern when creating the textures and placing the names, I have simply observed the name of the java textures and from there I have modified them and added to my texture pack

  17. MrNear says:

    I’m out of time to see the textures or got updated 🙁

  18. Guest-7734399786 says:

    Is it possible you could make a version of your platinum pack to blend in with this? I think it’d work really well!

  19. Guest-3266621188 says:

    Wow i love it!

  20. Guest-8365154109 says:

    where can I find the enchantment texture?

  21. Guest-6212143349 says:

    a new version. and I was using this map one day to test the texture. I was a little scared thinking that you were watching me when I saw the new images. kidding 🙂

  22. Guest-3049131189 says:

    Please make a non invisible item frame version, because some people dont like the invisible item frame. Other than that, everything seems good

  23. Guest-5804189353 says:

    Do anyone know as to why it won’t work on realm servers? I’m able to put other textures on just this one doesn’t load

  24. Guest-3599591223 says:

    Something I realized now. The fire is left with blue parts and in nanosecond frames it returns to the original and to the blue. Is this a bug or did you post it? I found it stylish (two new versions in two days? : o)

  25. Guest-9150072684 says:

    this so good I like this

  26. Guest-4273433968 says:

    The new version is best than other.

  27. Alisu_Shimada says:

    What happened to the old menu? The background and the text changed

  28. Guest-7607746153 says:

    One of my favorite Texture Packs

  29. Guest-9761627751 says:

    Won’t work for me…

  30. MrNear says:

    Oh.. He really got…

  31. Guest-3255428539 says:

    Am I the only one who realized that half of these textures are stolen from Default+?

  32. EmeraldTea says:

    You stole my texture for the ender pearl in the thumbnail….

  33. MrNear says:

    I love that texture.

  34. Guest-1695342817 says:


  35. Guest-5012259715 says:


  36. Guest-2854563919 says:


  37. Guest-5208022660 says:


  38. Guest-4703393088 says:

    hrmm.. I like it, but- before I go further this is not hate, this is advice, I love this texture pack, you did amazing!- but I think perhaps making the item frames have like, outlines rather than being invisible. I also think that you should add a pic of the new crosshairs, as people who haven’t downloaded don’t see it. 8/10 Texture pack tho!

  39. Guest-7206719561 says:

    no me gusta como se ve el césped pero de ahí en fuera todo bien

  40. MrNear says:

    P E R F E C T

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