Aladdin’s Castle [Creation]

Aladdin’s Castle is a beautiful building inspired by the architecture style of Arabian temples. It’s primarily the outside which stand out because of the amazing details put in on creating the castle and the palm trees which surround the it. The outside also looks quite majestic but the downside is that it’s completely empty. However, you could use that area to add whatever you have in mind.

By the looks it appears as it has been ported from the PC version of Minecraft, but that’s not something we can confirm for sure.

Creators: Miguel Nichols, Ailton and Denise


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11 Responses

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  1. Crazetoffer says:

    Its a virus not good after you dowload the file and place it to your minecraft.worls all your words will erase.. and delete.. not recommended

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is okay

  3. a person says:


  4. SomeoneSecret.... says:

    Wow so good I’m in android hehehe

  5. CarlaMae08 says:

    Please do it so that the iOS players could have this world -CarlaMae08 [Keep Up The Good Work Guys And Add More Things That’s Interesting!!]

  6. Jrmiller says:

    Please make this iPhone compatible!
    I have a lot of friends who want it on iOS also.
    It looks super ( keep up the good work!)

  7. Tilly says:

    Please make this so that iOS can download it !! Much thanks

  8. I am the one says:

    What the hay

  9. MiraculerMe says:

    Will this be released as the new download that says “open in MCPE” instead of “open in BOX”?

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