Ingen Lost Files “Small Update” 1.16

Be prepared, because these are the files that Ingen doesn’t want anyone to know about, from a project that tried to show the world what dinosaurs were like, it’s time to recover the files and reveal the truth to the people, you need to bring these creatures back to life!


  • Fossils, all that remains of these magnificent animals, you can find the Albertosaurus fossils in the Mega Taigas


  • amber is a solidified tree sap, you can find it in the taiga caves, and if you are lucky you will find one with an archeopteryx feather inside, which will be necessary to get DNA

Fossil Benchs

  • You can use this special Table to assemble fossils that you have found.
You can craft it that way. 


  • But .. if you are not satisfied with just fossils, you can use this machine to extract the DNA of the Fossils you found.
You can craft it that way. 


  • Right! You already have the DNA, now with this machine you will only need a chicken egg to ingest the DNA and get the egg of a dinosaur!

You can craft it that way. 


  • With this machine you will be able to automatically feed your dinosaurs.

You can craft it that way. 


  • This amazing car is powered by Electricity and fuels that do not damage the environment, it will help you a lot in your adventures in this world.

But it won’t be so easy to craft it

  • You will first need to craft the wheel.

  • Then you will need to craft the body of the car.

  • and lastly you just need to follow this recipe and that’s it!


They are relatives of the famous Tyrannosaurus rex, but smaller, they are differentiated because of their small horns on top of the head, males have smaller horns than females, Albertosaurus have 6 color variants.

 Albertosaurus meat

if you manage to kill one of these, you have a chance to get delicious Albertosaurus meat.


you can tame the Albertosaurus babys with beef and grow them with pork


you can craft a saddle for them as follows:


You can breed your Albertosaurus with beef, so they put a move that will hatch after a while.


Archeopteryx is a small feathered dinosaur that feeds on insects, males do dances to attract females and imitate a song, you can sleep the babys with insect stew.


dragonflies are insects that spawn in swamps and rarely in taigas, you can kill them to get different parts of her body and make insect stew.

Insect stew

Insect stew is a nutritious meal that, although it makes you nauseous, it will give you temporary regeneration and leave you feeling full for a long time, you can use it to tame baby archeopteryx.

remember to activate the experimental gameplay for the addon to work correctly.

Changelog View more
  1. Archaeopteryx added
  2. Amber ore added
  3. Block bugs fixed
  4. Albertosaurus feeding system bugs fixed

  1. Download fix
  2. New textures and models
  3. Sexaul dimorphism
  4. Eating animations
  5. New Machines
  6. Ford Explorer
  1. New textures and models
  2. Sexaul dimorphism
  3. Eating animations
  4. New Machines
  5. Ford Explorer


Enable Experimental Gameplay in the world settings!


Supported Minecraft versions


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169 Responses

4.78 / 5 (78 votes)
  1. JBird says:

    Hey I just found this addon, works pretty well, which seeing by that I would like to seek some help from you as I was trying to make my own mod however the mod failed to be accessible in game, I tried converting it into a Mcpack file but even then it fails to import

  2. Spinoray says:

    Hello dear creator.I really love this addon especially the Ford Explorer speaking of that
    .Could you make an addon I suggest you to call it “The Jurassic Expansion Addon” My suggestions in that addon could be The Jp Jeep,RV,Dino capture vehicles,aircrafts,boats,and motorbikes.And we should have new armor,3d(optional)weapons,and tranquillizer and more Dino’s also if it happens I give you a like rating.Anyways Stay Safe Stay Home.( ◠‿◠ )

  3. Irish Jevil says:

    Noice.👏 Update.👏

  4. joe847802 says:

    it works great except for one thing. Dragonflys don’t drop anything. Nobtoher addons installed, it doesn’t drop anything. Other addons installed, still doesn’t work. On realms, the addon works, but dragonflys don’t drop anything. Even on a regular world.
    Is it possible to fix the dragonfly issue?

  5. I have on slight problem, for me when i kill dragonflies they have no drops also i am unable to use the Dna Extractor nor the incubator and i have tried it with extra addons and without any other addons and neither way works is there a way to fix this or is just a bug that needs fixing? Just wonderin (also not tryin to milk this but is it possible to add more skin variations on the dragonflies)

  6. alessandre says:

    in this complement you can make the sarcosuchus to be the crocodile of the profabor swamp

  7. Hi o seu velho amigo TNT .!
    I am working on a minecraft bedrock edition modpack and were wondering if I could use this amazing addon for it. I would NOT Profit off the pack and would give Full Permission in a custom UI Menu
    Thanks! Hatchibombotar

  8. MHA_FANBOY2007 says:

    if you could make a different version where they don’t crap that would be great

  9. DavidCR says:

    Cuando intento imtercambiar los ADN no me deja eso que tengo todo por fablr ayudaaaa

  10. garrette says:

    What species do you plan to add

  11. Ogniko says:

    I can’t get past adfly!! Plz help or change

  12. Guest-3292513645 says:

    What are you using to make this mod btw?

  13. Guest-6529958727 says:

    It would be really cool to have just mods kinda like how Jurassic world (game) divides its dinosaurs (carnivores, herbivores, amphibians, pterosaurs, aquatic, etc.) It would be so cool. It would make Jurassic world role-plays so much fun with dinosaurs with really cool animations.

  14. By0mar says:

    Do you work at realms ??

  15. Guest-4542892382 says:

    Please done puting pachirrinosauro or torvo teyr skins are done

  16. ClemKoGa says:

    Oh,I see some quality stuff around here! But why people prefer buy microtransactions to buy maps and addon than have an adfly link but it’s free?

  17. Guest-3344554455 says:

    I would really like to download this addon but I can’t please help do you have discord?

  18. Guest-3955228501 says:

    I cant get past adfly!
    Plz do what ever u can to change that

    • Guest-4636073648 says:

      When you open, press block and then skip the ad. Once you have skipped the add, google will open an other tab. When you are in the new tab just wait until it gives you the option to block. Before you get that option, the tab will constantly refresh to get rid of ads.
      Soon after you have gotten the opportunity to block and you have blocked notifications, because it is a push redirect link, you will be redirected to a download page which you can download, for example, this add on.

  19. Guest-9430437785 says:

    It’s all fun and games until the adfly link pops up.

    For real I can’t seem to get past adfly, mind handing me the addon via discord? Exc4libur#7815

  20. Totally Herbivore GaIIimimus says:

    Albert be so happy in the thumbnail that the addon got updated

  21. Guest-4788153512 says:

    Hey man it’d be great if you could read this. First off this Add-on is amazing. I have a few recommendations for the following updates to come.

    Dinosaurs that I think are essential, Triceratops, Rex, Stego, Utahraptor, therizinosarus, and a lot more dinosaurs ( especially ones that people aren’t too aware about like Alioramus)

    Please take your time and don’t rush anything, these updates and features are Turing our great!

  22. Guest-3847209176 says:

    Is a really really good addon , can you please please please add a trex

  23. Guest-2203481393 says:

    Yeah boy

  24. Guest-1577747968 says:

    fun good

  25. Guest-4238431505 says:

    Hey man it’s is very good addon and maybe the greatest so far and Im requesting you to make and lane for Ford explorer like in the Jurassicraft mod in pc and even add a electric fences thank you

  26. Guest-1627349049 says:

    I also saw that there is patchy dna so I was wondering if the peachy is going to be next?

  27. Guest-7030743863 says:

    Hello Bro, the addon in 1.16 does not work correctly the trades are buggy

  28. Guest-9123303823 says:

    Ei TNT Atualiza o igen e o raptors project pra versoi oficial da 1.16 sem bugs.plz

  29. Guest-1423237390 says:

    This Addon is really really cool its probably the closest one to the Archeology mod on Java that I could find! Do you plan to add more Dinos and fix the crafting buggs in the future?

    But seriously Well Done! Fantastic Addon!!

  30. Guest-3949229506 says:

    O addon é bom porém quando coloco ele junto a outroa addons ele fica bugado ;-; por favor conserte isso

    The addon is good but when I put it together with other addons it gets buggy; -; please fix it

  31. Guest-8733206269 says:

    Bro, actualiza los bloques por favor, me muero por pone esto en mi Realm y tener mi propio albertosaurus!!!

  32. Guest-8876024893 says:

    Ay algo que pasa que cuando voy a poner el mod y pongo el modo experimental algo me dice que le falta algo para que pueda usar el mod y no se que es lo que necesito

  33. Guest-9041435222 says:

    plz add more dino

  34. Guest-9425804797 says:

    no me deja craftear las mesas y todo lo de trabajar, tampoco me deja intercambiar, podrias arreglarlo porfavor?

  35. Guest-6084536266 says:

    Please create tyrannosaurus 。◕‿◕。

  36. Beam006 says:

    Add t-rex, triceratops, stegosaurus, ankylosaurus, pachycephalosaurus, sinoceratops, brachiosaurus, gallimimus,, parasaurolophus, corythosaurus, apatosaurus, allosaurus, styghimoloch, carnotaurus, pteranodon, dilophosaurus, velociraptor, raptor squad, compsognathus, ceratosaurus, spinosaurus, baryonyx, nasutoceratops, mamenchisaurus, dimorphodon and mosasaurus plz

  37. Guest-3307100315 says:

    Wow I’m so happy because you uploaded again can you please create tyrannosaurus

  38. OutLeoTheLion says:

    What other dinosaurs are you gonna add to the addon? Because I think a T-Rex, Brachiosaurus and Velociraptor.

  39. Guest-9007708154 says:

    Umm…bro there’s still some bugs,i can’t trade with the machines and when my dino albertosaur is fullygrown it still looks like a baby but bigger,fix these problems please

    • version 1.16 is buggy, you can only make trades with the machines if you have activated the experimental gameplay, and the adult Albertosaurus just loses his feathers and gets a more developed head and horns, I chose to make a more alive eye for the dinosaurs of this addon .

  40. Guest-2237078794 says:

    I tried to download it. It worked I found it on mail and exported to mincraft but it did not work

  41. M.M.16 player says:

    I love your work I really like to work with! you only some crafting items like wheels and saddles dont working

  42. Guest-7212431849 says:

    The only crafting that work are the saddle, wheels, and body of car

  43. Bipper_TY says:

    vas a actualizar tu otro complemento??

    are you going to update your other addon ??

  44. Guest-6943878085 says:

    Are you going to add more dinosaurs to this?

  45. Guys go to his Twitter and get the resorce form there untill it’s fixed

  46. Guest-5471762441 says:

    tus complementos son magníficos, pero quiero saber si tus complementos son compatibles

    your plugins are great, but I want to know if your plugins are compatible

  47. Guest-2421219312 says:

    No resource pack

  48. Guest-5698513637 says:

    Can you do a survival version cause it was fun before when the Albertosaurus spawned in taiga and attacked you it made things hard and can u add allosaurus and elvasaurus and gigaraptor and oviraptor

  49. Guest-5317169473 says:

    I downloaded it and there’s no resource pack

  50. GhettoSaurus says:

    Ngl this is definitely one of the best dinosaur addons out their, the accuracy on the Albertosaurus is alright looking, I’d say go for more natural looking colors.

  51. Greninja77777 says:

    10/10 eres un creador o creadora increible. sigue asi

  52. Guest-2752029489 says:

    I love this addon, and I love your reference source for the model and color. JWE is one of my favorite games, but keep up the fantastic work.

  53. Angelus says:

    when there will be an update and really good work you are excellent

  54. kingofdrago123 says:

    i am sorry about the “false accusations” it is a nice addon…

  55. Guest-4072199997 says:

    It’d be cool if you made this into a tyrannosaurus Addon. My
    Amber add guanlong, yutyrannus, raptorex, stuff like that. But I love your dinosaur Addons! They are extremely detailed! Keep up the absolutely epic work

  56. Guest-4575022464 says:

    im waiting for the new update of this addon…and raptors project

  57. XxDracoAzul_GamerxX says:

    Please a new Addon of All Dinosaurs and Hybrids Dinosaurs!
    For the new addon for dinosaur five stars

  58. Guest-2959473257 says:

    If your taking suggestions maybe you can do a Corythosaurus or a Triceratops addon to go along with the Albertosaurus?

  59. Guest-9696851200 says:

    Do the animations work with iOS in Minecraft PE?

  60. Irish Jevil says:

    Yes, tyrannosaurids did have skin and scales. But the feathers would cover the back, to the start of the legs. And they would have teny tiny flight feathers on its arms. The only one that had more feathers than that is Yutyrannus. Their feathers would go from the back of its head, all the way to the tip of the tail. The feathers on the legs would go to almost the “feet.” (Get it? Because dinosaurs are didchagrades!)

    • Guest-4049338134 says:

      Ok, so this is still Irish Jevil. But here’s an idea, most of the tyrannosaurids would have feathered variants because of the fact that we dont know if all of the tyrannosaurids were feathered. We do know that Yutyrannus was. The only tyrannosaur that probably wouldn’t have a feathered variant is Bistiator. (Idk how to spell.) Also, I think that a Pterasaurs addon would be cool.

  61. Guest-5162519855 says:

    I wOwuld Rate It Four Stars But Please Change The Download So Its A Direct Link To Media Fire Of It Downloads It When You Click Cause It Says Security Problem

  62. Guest-8867802774 says:

    Umm so I can tell that this addon isn’t stolen from gona but I realized the animation is very similar to dawntribe’s trex addon though it is very slightly different so what is up with that

  63. Its not stolen, read the friggin description

  64. Guest-9495058156 says:

    Make a spinosaurus next please

  65. Guest-9112600564 says:

    geez drago calm down have you read the desc? dont spam ratings either. the point off this was to revamp the trex addon not copy it and sell it of as his own. diid you read the desc? it has a disclaimer CLEARY directed at spam likee yours

  66. Guest-9677587764 says:

    Guys stop saying it’s copied! Did you see what he said? He was trying to make the Gona T Rex addon work again! He didn’t get permission. Both Addons are similar because of this.

  67. Guest-1480743264 says:

    Really great Addon!

  68. Guest-1001573471 says:


  69. Guest-4890831687 says:

    To all the people who are saying this is copying another Addon, did you idiots read the description? He was trying to make the Gona T. rex work again but couldn’t get permission to work on it so he made this Addon. That’s why those two addons are so similar. Honestly some people are so dum. Btw this is a great Addon! Just make them a lot faster and healeble with meat please!

  70. Guest-5839098425 says:

    good addon bro hope you add more in the future cuz I can use it for my map that I am creating it will be really useful for me and my map if you add more dinosaurs like spinosaurus, tyrannosaurus, suchomimus, brachiosaur.diplodocus.parasaur,pachylepharosaurus. etc

  71. Guest-9782137623 says:

    I’d like to work with you on your addons if that’s alright with you.

  72. Guest-9891966341 says:

    Very decent mod, Hopefuly you add more in the future.

  73. kingofdrago123 says:

    you are GROSS there is no other way to say this

    this addon was stolen from a rex addon
    and you dont give any credit
    AND you make money from the ads this is gross just gross

  74. Guest-9398104304 says:

    Can you change the link please into media fire or just like the link in your raptor addon since I want to download both but I can’t seem to download it due to the link love your addons though 😳

  75. Red Fan says:

    Could you please make them healable with meat? Because currently there only healeble with healing potions. Also can you make them faster? There really slow. I can barely outrun a creeper with this thing. Anyways great Addon!

    • Guest-1060505413 says:

      Theres something I would think that would work really well, the cooked dinosaur meat only gives 2 hunger points, so it makes the person to just not fight because it isnt worth it for the reward. It should give 6 or 5

  76. Guest-9218322921 says:

    Yeah, but I’m just saying that the feathers should cover the back, to the start of the legs. And on the ittiy bitty arms have ittiy bitty flight feathers. U don’t have to give it the binocular vision because its a Minecraft mod. Good Job on the hands facing in-word tho.

  77. Anonymous says:

    How funny, that this addon has the same exact resource entity file as the Chinese trex addon. How very funny.

  78. Guest-4415220989 says:

    La verdad es uno de los mejores addons que e probado es increible

  79. Guest-9072527829 says:

    Guys mediafire link is here


  80. M.M.16 player says:

    Next time remake the gonas indominus rex addon pleasess i really want it

  81. Guest-7406107532 says:

    I combine for my expansive fantasy world. Expansive Fantasy/Raptors Project/Albertosaurus/orca/ants/unicorns/whale sharks/landmines and miniguns/mechs and jetpack/wizard/elephants/rhinos/queen cats/water element/sika deer/mountains++/orespawn/godzilla kotm/crimsonghidorah/ and also now for it and i have a lot of mobs on my world and awesome but my map is too hard to submit it

  82. Guest-3210159837 says:

    Looks great so far! Hope you can continue working on it!

  83. Guest-6599490654 says:

    I would like to see a Yutyrannus

  84. Guest-5024593598 says:

    Please add color variants for the albertosaurus!

  85. Totally Herbivore GaIIimimus says:

    Albert? Is that you?

  86. Beam006 says:

    Plz make t-rex addon with your own model

  87. RenzMcpe123459 says:

    This addon like carnotaurus

  88. Guest-9415972121 says:

    This addon is great keep up the good work but I wish you could create more dinos like tyrannosaur, triceratops, stegosaurus, diplodocus, mosasaur, icthyosaur,etc hope you add those dinos cuz I will add it on my W. I. P map arigato! btw forgot to say add styracosaur and spinosaur, raptor, pliosaur, dilophosaur

  89. Guest-9333921147 says:

    Es un addon increíble!!! Podrías hacer que el procetaceratops sea montable?

  90. Guest-8973375400 says:

    Make “Stegosaurus AddOn”

  91. ClxtchTV says:

    Mediafire link please

  92. Guest-2394830055 says:

    Please make jurrasic craft addon

  93. Guest-9966288379 says:

    Please make jurrasic addon

  94. Guest-7081351712 says:

    Can you make a carnotaurus mod?

  95. Guest-3682399183 says:


  96. Guest-1299906243 says:

    Very good,next time,can you make a pliosaur add on ?

  97. Guest-2371778471 says:

    Just like zahf22/distant(gamemoed) animation

  98. Guest-6222682813 says:

    Very cute

  99. Guest-5729016372 says:

    A shame that Gona did not give you permission to fix the Tyrannosaurus Addon he made. If I could make a secession, You could make the tyrannosaurus model different, have it be a little bigger, or change how it looks. But besides that, this Addon is good, keep it up

  100. Guest-9494172406 says:

    You always make the highest quality dinosaur add-ons

  101. Guest-4670741170 says:

    Fix the download plz

  102. Guest-5539430354 says:

    Great addon, but i cant make the saddle. Whenever I put the Raptor Addon or this one in a world, it says that the mod has missing dependents, (sry if me spell wrong) and then the craft-able items in any mod will disappear. Also, Albertosaurus had feathers. So did many other tyrannosaurids. Including Tyrannosaurus. So, if i could find out what the missing dependent is, and if you could make it a tiny bit more accurate, I’d give it a five star rating.

    • Guest-9724228059 says:

      Actually recent discoverys show that the Tyrannosaurus had scaly leather like skin. If it had feathers, they never covered the creature as the velociraptors feathers. Odds are, Albertosaurus had similar skin to the Tyrannosaurus

  103. The Gaming Baryonyx says:

    nice addon bud good job

  104. Diolight says:

    This is a great addon, which program or app would you recommend to create addons with? I heard Bridge was great but I can”t figure out how to make it work and I have played around with BlockBench

  105. Guest-6123257545 says:

    By god! I never thought I’d see the day that this Dino would show up! The posture is excellent, the movement is absolutely marvelous! If you like making the dinosaurs from the northern hemisphere, you should add their dinner and rivals, if you’ve watched the walking with dinosaurs movie, with patchirhinosaurus.( forgive me, the name is freaking hard to spell) you could do a Gorgosaurus as well. Love the add on!

  106. Anonymous says:

    Whoops didn’t realize that you made the Raptor Project Addon. I still rest my case though.

  107. Guest-3992941625 says:

    Can you create dinosaur addon?

  108. Guest-2389889991 says:

    Works in the 1.16 beta?

  109. RainCraftGamer says:

    Damage and Health? o seu velho amigo TNT .

  110. Guest-7065720213 says:


  111. Red Fan says:

    I know this Addon is for albertosaurus, but could you please consider adding more tyranosaurids such as nanotyrannus, yutyrannus, daspelatosaurus, gorgosaurus and so on. Possibly making a Addon like the Raptor Project Addon but with tyranosaurids? Anyways thanks for reading and have a great day.

  112. KMTrager says:

    But one of the largest is spinosaurus did you see it on Wikipedia bro

    • Guest-2859213512 says:

      Spinosaurus isn’t a tyrannosaurid though. That’s a spinosaurid, a Completely different family of dinosaur. It was onr of the largest known dinosaurs as a whole. And you can’t always rely on wiki for scientific information.

      • Guest-2489807566 says:

        And with new info, it was short and never even met the Tyrannosaurus. Oh btw, the T. Rex is no longer the largest tyrannosaurus species.

  113. Cyrmonkee says:

    I’d if it’s copied i haven’t tried it yet. Looks good tho

  114. Guest-3430525507 says:

    Can I have dinosaur for minecraft.

  115. Guest-8462806144 says:

    Very responsible that u didn’t copy it’s a thumbs up from me 😁😁😁😁 please don’t say that he copped as they are very different!!!!

  116. Guest-5481473374 says:

    Please make more dinosaurs!!

    Dinosaur addons are rare🙂

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