Alchemical Eggs Add-on

This is an add-on which lets you learn the powers of alchemy by going through a ritual of sacrifice and absorption. Once you’ve become an alchemist you will gain a few new abilities but also be able to learn the magic possibility of absorbing mobs into their infancy as eggs. It really takes add-ons to an entire new step of complexity!

Creator: Falkenvergh, Twitter Account

How to become an alchemist?

To become an alchemist you must first go through a ritual. For this you will need a golden chestplate and an enchanted apple. You’ll also need to find an endermite or a silverfish.

Equip the golden chestplate and hold the enchanted apple. Then set loose the endermite or the silverfish and let it attack you. This process will allow the golden chestplate to absorb the magic of the enchanted apple and eventually you’ll get a full golden armor set (excluding the helmet).

As an alchemist you have a couple of new abilities:

  • Inflict 3 attack damage (before=1)
  • Breath underwater for 30 seconds (before=20)
  • Absorb mobs to an egg

Before you can absorb a mob to a spawn egg you will need to learn about the sun and moon energies. Some mobs require sun energy to be absorbed and others require moon energy.

  • Sun Mobs (Nighttime): Bat, Chicken, Ocelot, Polar Bear, Rabbit, Squid, Wolf
  • Moon Mobs (Daytime): Cave Spider, Enderman, Silverfish, Skeleton Horse, Skeleton, Spider, Stray, Zombie, Husk

Make sure to wear the golden chestplate and have an egg equipped in your hand when interacting with the mob.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the mob and press Absorb
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the mob

As soon as you do that an explosion will occur and you’ll receive a mob spawn egg in your inventory.

You can then use the spawn egg to spawn the mob anywhere you like.


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this add-on here!

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64 Responses

4.33 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    this is trash it didnt work

  2. Ultronicon says:

    Even after all this time, this is still my favorite Addon

  3. Lol says:

    Really cool for an addon:)

  4. LachlanBou says:

    Tryed again, i die, return and it gives me the armor, i tryed absorbing the zombie at dat and night and no nothing happens 0 stars

  5. LachlanBoi says:

    Bad, i hold the the enchanted apple and wearing the gold chestplate and nothing happens very bad 1 star

  6. Bendy says:

    I made my own rechrull if it doseint work I’ll be really mad

  7. Hi says:

    Please put a valid UUID it says duplicate pack detected

  8. He11_F1r3 says:

    It keeps killing me pls fix

  9. The Shadow says:

    This add-on has seriously inspired me to create more “classes” which would be incompatible with each other. I’d love to include your alchemist if you’re willing to collaborate?

  10. Crazy says:

    Hey I’m wondering if anyone is creating a vampire addon Reply and I’ll send you the details

    • Diamondc250 says:

      Actually, there is someone called SolvedDev Who made the astronomic Expansion Addon, and if you hold a vampire potion, you become a vampire.

  11. Falkenvergh says:


    Thank you ever so much for the massive support you guys had given in this add-on. The time that I develop this add-on I didn’t even notice it’s similarities with Pokemon.

  12. Falkenvergh says:

    Thanks a bunch😁

  13. Thomas says:

    What About creeper sun or moon

  14. Superstarzs says:

    Great addon.
    Try to make it work with all Mobs

  15. Dave300 says:

    Using this strategy someone should make a Pok mon addon by using the absorbing mobs strategy to instead tame the mob and capture it in a egg

  16. Steamy55 says:

    Good job did not expect this good of an add-on. I have an idea ,you should add the options to craft new eggs from the ones you obtain like like skeleton + endermite = enderman.

    • Falkenvergh says:

      well having new crafgting recipe is really impossible but having to trade two mob eggs to a dark alchemist… hmmm consider that listed for the future updates

  17. Sackboy_92 says:

    Can you make something like this addon but for a pokemon addon to catch and spawn and despawn. Cool addon very well done, congratulations Falkenvergh! 👍🏻
    A 10/10.

  18. HelloThere57 says:

    All it does i throw the egg not capture the mob


  19. Bongbong says:

    Help!!! All 1.0.3 Addons Dont Work Now In 1.0.4 Help!!! Those Addons Are My Favorite But The Behavior Pack Dont Work Now In Ios Im In Ios

  20. SilentNinja13 says:

    Super cool! Also, can you make the alchemy like in fullmetal alchemist?

  21. Zeekachu says:

    Awesome! Thx!

  22. Papodragon05 says:

    This is a really cool addon! Thanks!

  23. Emma says:

    Why are night time mobs sun and daytime moon

    • Falkenvergh says:

      yeah… somehow mister EDITOR got a little bit confuse but as long you manage to make it in use. Its all good

      • Editor says:

        Nope, not confused. That is a bug which Falkenvergh needs to address. I couldn’t get it to work first but when I did it as I wrote it worked.

  24. DanTheDirtyMinecarft says:

    Ammm… there are some faults in what u write.
    w8 i bdont know englich y am talking?

  25. TheProbloxian0112 says:

    Does this work on 1.0.4

  26. Urfi says:

    No one share Core Engine Mod ?? @Editor

  27. Radoric says:

    When you absorb a mob, the explosion kills you. Just something I thought was important.

  28. Hera says:

    This is AWASOME

  29. Husam says:

    Hi I love you minecraft

  30. Iyani says:

    This is so cool, addon a are really becoming advanced. THANKS EDITOR

  31. Austin Davis says:

    I died when I tried to put a mob in the egg
    I don’t know if this is supposed to happen or not

    • Falkenvergh says:

      yes… there will be a explosion after you absorb the mob, you can avoid it by standing far enough. It’s the price you need to pay for defying the law of creation hahalol

  32. PotatoPotatoPotatoTomato says:

    I am speechless. This is so unique and awesome! Ive never seen this in any PC or PE mod/addon ever! Good job Falkenvergh! This gives me an idea! Retexture gold armor to be pokemon armor, retexture mobs to be pokemon and retexture eggs to be pokeballs

  33. FireCreeper says:

    Nice I love it

  34. Størm says:

    Wow! What a cool idea!

  35. maisong says:

    What is the seed being used?

  36. Sstratiss says:

    The explosion killed me. Please fix it

  37. Chewstur says:

    Funny thing is before I looked at this I was already thinking about magic stuff (in real life)

  38. ProGamingMinecraft says:

    This would be so good for Pokémon!!

  39. AkifCoolGamer says:

    How you do that, punk!!!

  40. Enderman PE Official says:


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