Alex Add-on

Alex is a survivalist character in Minecraft. She is like a clone of Steve as she also fights monsters and gather foods and items in order to survive in a Minecraft world. In this Add-on, she acts similarly just like the players. She can be your friend, companion, or even more than that once you interacted to her. She can make your adventure more exciting and challenging while you are in Minecraft.

Features of Alex:

  • Identifier name – newmob:Alex
  • Doesn’t replace any entity
  • Has own spawn egg
  • Has own summon command
  • Health: 20
  • Attacks monsters 
  • Tameable
  • Regenerates health naturally every 100 seconds just like the player

Different weapons Alex holds:

Alex holds different kinds of equipments. Once spawned, she has this equipments randomly equipped to her:

Alex without an equipment:

  • Attack damage: 1

Alex with wooden sword:

  • Attack damage: 4

Alex with stone sword:

  • Attack damage: 5

Alex with iron sword:

  • Attack damage: 6

Alex with golden sword:

  • Attack damage: 4

Alex with diamond sword:

  • Attack damage: 7

Alex with bow:

  • Shoots arrows like a skeleton

How to make Alex as your companion and friend:

  • You need to tame her using red flower or yellow flower.

  • Once tamed, her health will be doubled which becomes 40.
  • Once tamed, you can heal her or regenerate her health by giving her a food. (Acceptable Foods: cooked chicken, cooked beef, cooked porkchop, cooked fish, cooked salmon, cooked rabbit, and cooked mutton)

  • Once tamed, she will now follow you and she will help you to fight monsters.

  • Once tamed, you can also make her follow you or make her stay.

Video Showcase:


  1. Download both resource pack and behaviour pack.
  2. Apply both packs in your Minecraft world.
  3. Create world.
  4. Enjoy!


Supported Minecraft versions


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27 Responses

4.15 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. Justin Holland says:

    Hollow do you give her weapons and armor?

  2. RADTMan8206 says:

    Can she mine

  3. Zxlsoul777 says:

    Sorry but it doesn’t work, please help thank you.

  4. Justin Lee Singleton says:

    Not working on realm

  5. HerobrineClare says:

    Hello author, I am a Chinese, can I share your mod to minecraft China edition?
    thank you.

  6. BBQ ribs that have eats aliens says:

    This sucks nothing appears even with the Steve one why

  7. Anonymous says:

    If u make this one then u have to make a clone addon

  8. Javier says:

    Can you find her in the overworld without an egg?

  9. Creeperlover101 says:

    Maybe you could make another one but Steve!

  10. Almor says:

    Pretty cool

  11. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    It’s like a Fake Players addon?

  12. SOF*2TWO says:

    Add a feature in which you can summon PvP Alex, you give her armor and weapons sow you can practice PvP

  13. A Randomly Irrelavent Megumin says:

    Nice add-on. I think you should add the ability for Alex to use crossbows and tridents.

  14. BPCreationsYt says:

    Hey ummm on my device the spawn egg is pitch black and the mob is invisible I thought it she just had invisibility but I did Potion effect clear and it didnโ€™t work sheโ€™s invisible…

  15. ToasterGamer10 says:

    โ€œTameable โ€œ *angry feminist noises *

  16. Runny says:


  17. Anonymous says:

    I can’t see them when i spawn one in

  18. Elpeter parkingson jksjks says:

    Only this?

  19. Ju says:

    It says I have a duplicate pack I don’t…

  20. Texturepackify1 says:

    Why not make it a npc that farms?

  21. Anonymous says:

    And that’s how you get a girlfriend people.

  22. EJordan says:

    Add Steve Addon๐Ÿ˜€

  23. Nope says:

    Suggestion : If you spawn a second Alex, the previous Alex is killed to prevent duplicates

  24. SkeletonFX says:


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