Alex’s Commands Mod

Alex’s Commands is a really useful mod for Minecraft which lets you use more than 35 different commands to control the game. There is a great mix of both fun and useful commands, so hopefully you’ll find some use to them. (It’s limited to Android only!)

Creator: AleXoTroN, Twitter Account
Updated: 7 December, 2017 (1.2.6 support, a few more commands)

Scroll down further down on this page to see all available commands and to find out what each one does.


One of the commands is /nuke which will cause a massive explosion and probably a little bit of lag.



  • /heal: Maximum health
  • /clock: Shows the current time
  • /setspawn: Sets the world spawn to your current location (players who die will spawn here)
  • /sethome [NAME]: Set a new homepoint to your current location
  • /home [NAME]: Teleport to the different homepoints you set. Don\’t teleport to an homepoint that wasn\’t set!
  • /weather [sun / rain / storm / lightning]: Set the weather how you like
  • /day: Set time to day
  • /night: Set time to night
  • /credits: See information about the author of the mod
  • /kill: Kills yourself
  • /cc: Clear the chat
  • /normal: Reset game speed
  • /faster: Accelerate the game speed
  • /slowmo: Makes all in slow motion
  • /xyz: Show current location
  • /feed: Fill your hunger
  • /nuke: Huge explosion!
  • /soon: Features which are coming soon
  • /fly [on / off]: Toggle flying
  • /gm [1 / 0]: Change your gamemode
  • /check: Shows information about PE and the mod
  • /remover: You can remove EVERY block with one click (by a special stick)
  • /give [ID] [AMOUNT]: Give items
  • /settime [TIME]: Set a specific world time
  • /xp set [LEVEL]: Set your experience level
  • /xp add [LEVEL]: Add experience levels to your current levels
  • /v [ON / OFF]: Toggle vanish
  • /iteminfo: Shows information about carried item
  • /tp [X] [Y] [Z]: Teleport to coordinates
  • /wname: Shows the name of the world
  • /antioch: A little surprise (WARNING, explosion ;D)
  • /mine [fast / reset]: Sets the mining speed
  • /hero [LEVEL] [SECONDS]: Set your hero level (healthboost etc.)
  • /helimit [HALFHEARTS / off]: Set a minimum heart level (so you can\’t die)
  • /hulimit [HALFHUNGERBARS / off]: Same like /helimit but with hunger bars
  • /eclear: Remove all effects
  • /leave: Leave the game



Important: This mod requires BlockLauncher or a similar app which can load ModPE mods.

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65 Responses

4 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. Mod lover says:

    Hello people of mods ummm how do you get it on iPad also can you please leave a direct link to the app? This has been mentioned once let me paste the comment:https://mcpedl.com/alexs-commands/#comment-173075 There it is thanks please fix it!

  2. bravemnanx says:

    it doesn’t even install in my Minecraft please fix I want it really bad

  3. ItsTehOnez says:

    Will there be a Windows 10 Pc Edition for this?

  4. Stillawesome says:

    I cannot use them! I tried /v and it did not work.plz help.

  5. AleXoTroN 2 says:

    Im back developers and can we make the output of the original commands connected with the same input?

  6. Hey says:

    Dude how do I activate it how do I see da commands

  7. Kdog9805 says:

    Can’t download due to stupid ad fly ad the covers the hole screen can you please send a direct download link

  8. Lilly Volley says:

    How do you install it? It just shows a whole bunch of ABCs, 123s, and #+=s.

  9. Jorge guadalupeño Colecio cortez says:

    Alex is cool


    alex nice job with the virus.

    • AleXoTroN says:

      That’s not my fault. You have the decision. You can download it at MediaFire OR at the AleXoTroN app on Google Play (which i recommend). You only could get viruses if you click the wrong download button on mediafire (it’s an ad button).

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Kier says:

    Nice Command it Work In My Version 1.2.8 And Pls Do Add Mor Like /clearworld Keep the good work

  13. mwe says:

    the gm doest work

  14. Editor says:

    Nice one! 😀 but I hope it will work for iOS in future

  15. Ash31 says:

    I want this

  16. Scooter says:

    Please make it compatible with iOS!!

  17. Mark says:

    Not work fix pls

  18. Joseph says:

    Can to change the download I don’t know how to do this

  19. TLDAPRO says:

    Can you make it mobile plz and I am ten

  20. YOLO GANER says:


  21. Random guy says:

    Plz make this for ios and w10 and xbox one

  22. thecapitalcucumber says:

    You guys all realize that minecraft already has commands, right? I mean there are some new ones, but it’s practically useless.

  23. SonicStephen says:

    I can’t do this I want to set my home but I can’t get the mod cause it’s android can u make it IOS too
    0. 0

  24. slim4fun says:

    if there is, or if not, could you add a ‘keep inventory’ command?

  25. cole says:

    how do i install it for pc i am on a pc and i would like to record this mod

  26. No name says:

    Can u make it where u can do gamerule

  27. NABZ64 says:

    Omg amazing love it #loveit

  28. xD says:

    How do you download on ios. No jailbreak??????????????

  29. Angry SkyGaming says:

    So what do you mean by “Do not steal the code” when you download it?I mean I know what you mean but there’s a code?

  30. Bob says:

    How to install this?

  31. Sitara says:

    Thx I love your map

  32. Sitara says:

    Nice map I love it

  33. AleXoTroN says:

    Hi mcpedl.com team. Who had submitted this Mod on this page? I’m the official Creator and i didn’t submitted the mod here. It’s not bad but i want to know who was that. 😀

  34. AleXoTroN says:

    Hey, I’m the creator of the mod. I just want to say that the remover does not clear the inventory. It gives you an item and with it you can click on blocks and they will break and drop. 😉

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