Alice Mansion (Horror) (

You heard some news from your neighbor. That there are treasures in the Old Mansion. But there are ghosts who cry and playing the piano everynight. And tonight you are planning to steal the treasure in the Old Mansion tomorrow.

How to Play
  • Find and Collect the Golds
  • Find the key in Stairs
  • Runaway from Alice and Escape in Mansion

  1. Don’t change any setting in Cheats and World Option
  2. Play Adventure and Easy Difficulty
  3. FOV 55•
  4. Don’t use any Commands 
  5. Singleplayer is recommended

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Updated Details

It only works on mcpe

Thats Al


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6 Responses

5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. A Random Dude says:

    This is such a good map but I started getting scared 😳 when I found like two gold. The only weird thing in the map is the graphics at the start, like, the blood and Alice. They were the only thing scary about the map apart from the flickering lights. If you could make them a bit less scary, the map would be much more appreciated. Other than that, the map is excellent!

  2. Well made map, I’d suggest maybe adding a place for ending of the map 🙂
    Here’s a gameplay video about it:

  3. Griffin says:

    Very creative!

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