Alien Invasion [Adventure] [Modded] (Add-on)

A city has been invaded by aliens and their intentions are clearly not good. It’s up to you (and your friends if you play this in multiplayer) to save the city from this evil. The objective is pretty clear. Grab some gear, kill some aliens and shoot down the spaceships.

This map comes with a required add-on which works for 0.16.0 and above. It was created by the Minecraft developers to showcase add-ons in one of their presentations during Minecon.

Creators: Mojang, Twitter Account


These aliens are in fact zombies, skeletons and iron golems. But their textures and behaviors have been redesigned to turn them into aliens.


Some of the UFOs are actually flying around. Without the add-on they would be ghasts. It’s amazing to see what we can change in-game simply by creating and using these add-ons!


The objective is to destroy all of the spaceships. Make sure to read all of the signs in-game to understand how to eliminate each target.


I gotta say, it’s a really cool city! Maybe once you’ve saved the city from the aliens you can repair the damages and move in?


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89 Responses

4.87 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. ajb says:


  2. Jaxson says:

    Hey can you make an add on of Aliens like normal alien because I have a Area 51 base and I would like some alien that don’t spawn and that I could only spawn them thank you

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can you please just make the texture pack? Because I want to make Area 51 and I need some aliens so can you just make an ad-on so I can get the aliens in my own world?

  4. Olliver Gilhooly says:

    Hey 👋

  5. Logie_Bear 543 says:

    isn’t this the same texture pack used in Space shenanigans?

  6. Raccoon says:

    Am I able to download the packs aside from the map?

  7. Kavyansh says:

    Notch’s real name is Markus persson

  8. MinecraftBoys says:

    Mine locked down my IOS😔 I’m not trying to download this thing again

  9. Henky says:

    I cant even install this addon

  10. Anonymous says:

    How do you destroy all of the alien spaceships?

  11. Rachel Lim says:

    Awesome game

  12. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way to get only the addon of the aliens downloaded to use on other worlds?

  13. Anonymous says:

    This doesn’t work on iOS. Why not?

  14. HeavyCoder says:

    At first, I imported it and it’s fail, I am currently trying this in 1.2.

  15. sunnydestrevores says:

    Hey Editor What’s Your real name?

  16. Superstarzs says:

    Is there a way to get only the mc.pack addon of the aliens download to use on other worlds?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hi before I download this amazing map it would like to know every steps how to download it and to safely play it?

  18. Samuel Gillian V. Nunag says:


  19. TheMinecrafter says:

    I managed to escape the city!

  20. Anonymous says:

    This is so glitchy, I couldn’t even turn around

  21. Iron_Ash says:

    Guys if you can’t open a .mcworld and it show Open as…
    Select Image or Text Then select Minecraft PE

    or much easier download “ES file explorer” on google play store

  22. Joe says:

    How to open .mcworld

  23. dude says:

    What is the brain alien?

  24. TrueRage says:

    Ty Editor.I’ll try it like u say and doest work!
    Ty so much Editor!
    And this last,
    How much Mb for this file??

  25. TrueRage says:

    Ty Editor.I’ll try it like u say and doest work!
    Ty so much Editor!

  26. TrueRage says:

    Can u make like a zip or what cuz i try to do like u and does’t work.
    Ty editor.

  27. Technical says:

    Love this in pretty handy so of you guys have any problems notify me.

  28. Cross_Hunter says:

    This map is great! I suggest peeps to play with others to make it quite easy.

  29. Amy says:

    It doesn’t load on the iPad.

  30. SandSheep says:

    How i can take the behavior and resource pack for other world so i can played it on other world?

  31. Hero says:

    Hi I do like this mode

  32. confused guy says:

    so basically whats happening is when i click it its asking me what application it wants me to open it with, im downloading it with firefox so i dont know if that has anything. tried just importining it strait into minecraft using ifunbox, can you help me im kinda stumped

    • Editor says:

      Are you using Windows 10, I assume? If you are, then just download the .mcworld file and find it in your downloads folder. Then click on it to import it to your game.

  33. Julen says:

    This broke my game it kept crashing my game what do I do!

    • Editor says:

      Reinstall your game or find /games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/ on your device and delete the wrong from there. There are map guides in one of the menus on this website.

  34. Dude says:

    Trying to make this your own work? Pathetic the minecraft site is where all this was from so dont show off like its your work when it really isnt

    • Editor says:

      No, we have never claimed this as our own work. We did give credits to the original creators. We just reviewed it and shared it with our visitors in case they aren’t frequently visiting

  35. Akihiro7 says:

    I Wish This Addons Work Because some of Addons. Cannot See Ingame
    Behavior Pack

  36. Daniel says:

    Hey can I ask you something can you please make a Pokemon Add-on or a Dinosour Add-on just asking if you don’t want to make those Add-on it’s OK just let me know

  37. Daniel says:

    BTW can I tell everyone how to make an alien invasion map with Add-on reply please can I tell them¿

  38. Blue_Ninja says:

    When 0.16.0 comes out for iOS, how might you download this specific file onto the device?

  39. brandon says:

    Mine wont finish downloading

    • Editor says:

      I think the file size is somewhere around 80 MB. If you have a slow download speed it can take quite some time to download it.

  40. TheUndeadGamer says:

    Plz add a download link or update the download because whenever i download it just fails in less than a second

    • Editor says:

      Please copy-paste (or preferably screenshot) the error so I can get a better grasp on the issue and try to fix it for you.

  41. Turtle0728 says:

    Anyone else having unsuccessful downloads!?!

    • Editor says:

      Those who have it usually don’t let it download 100% before trying to open it. Keep in mind that this is a fairly large file (80 MB) and might require a longer time to download. It depends on the speed of your Internet connection though.

  42. refferer says:

    This wont work it says open as text,video,audio,image,other I keep downloading it wont work help ??

  43. Daniel says:

    It worked if you guys don’t know how to play this here instructions 1.Download Alien Invasion 2.if it’s done downloading go to you file explorer any type of file explorer rename the alien-invasion.605d227de07b.mcworld change the .mcworld to .zip don’t change anything 3.extract the alien-invasion. after extracting the zip you will see a new folder 4.copy the new folder to external storage /games/com.mojang/Minecraftworlds note: if your worlds are in internal storage then copy the new folder there if your worlds are in the external storage copy it there OK reply if that Helps ?

  44. Jorge Munoz says:

    I cant find it on es file Explorer under downloads and i cant find it so I went to my file on my phone and it said no apps can perform this action

    • Editor says:

      Please check new install guides in this post. I have added new links. If you still can’t figure it out then please let me know here.

  45. Jorge Munoz says:

    I canot find it on es file Explorer so I checked my files and I clicked on it and it said “no apps can perform this action

    • Editor says:

      I added new install guide links to this post. Please check one of those guides depending on which device you are on. If you are still having problems then please let me know here and I will try to help you.

  46. TheEmeraldMC says:

    It Says On ES Explorer “Open As.. Text, Image, Audio, Video Or Other” It Wont Open On Android?? Please Help Me?

  47. Daniel Jackson says:

    And castle siege works and is pretty amazing so I felt I should at least comment for that. Amazing work. Now if the alien world would only have the items it says to grab and the installations weren’t so confusing with three different instruction sets.

  48. Daniel Jackson says:

    Ok so I read another link, there’s like three different install instructions. I put the entire alien world and castle siege world into the minecraftWorlds folder. I did launch into the alien world and the boxes there say Armor, and Weapons. At first I thought I was supposed to fill but then the sign says grab bows… Yet ALL boxes are completely empty? What am I missing and why am I missing it following these instructions? 🙁 Will adjust my ratings of course.

    • Editor says:

      Please check my previous answer. That should work.

      Ratings are for reviewing maps. That’s why I removed yours.

      • Daniel Jackson says:

        Ok, I would have adjusted. One could make the argument that they were for reviewing maps but… I only wanted you guys to see it as most companies don’t respond or ignore. So this was fantastic, Thank you.

      • Daniel Jackson says:

        Oh and I’m sorry if I am responding with too many, I just want you all to know that everything handled here was a great job and people should see all of that. I’m very genuine to where I leave nothing behind! 🙂 And I thought we had to do a rating for everything no matter what, I see now that we don’t. If I’ve spammed too much then remove what you feel is necessary but I don’t mean to.

  49. Daniel Jackson says:

    There is not MCworld file in Windows 10 after downloading. There is a zip that contains absolutely NO mcworld file… Wth?

    • Editor says:

      Currently working on updating all guides. Some error might be there. Sorry about that. But will be fixed soon.

      Anyways, to solve your problem, do the following. Rename the zip file to end with .mcworld instead of .zip

      Then click it to import it to Minecraft!

      Does that work? Pretty sure it will.

      • Daniel Jackson says:

        Sorry I will try now and report back in just a moment.

      • Daniel Jackson says:

        And renaming does work! I know have ALL the items in the alien world. Beautiful work, thank you so much for your help and everyone’s effort.

      • Alex says:

        Thanks Editor for this Tip and I love this map! it’s not the map what I expected for Minecraft pe v 0.16.0! You made it possible! It’s is totally modern!

  50. Hi says:

    (0-0) wooooooaaaaah! Awesome!!!

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