Alien Invasion (Modded Map) [Adventure]

Alien Invasion is an epic adventure map with spacecrafts, aliens and everything any space geek could wish for in a Minecraft Pocket Edition map. Because the map is modded there are some really cool extra features like a continuous futurstic song in the background, moving objects, teleportation and many other unique features. If you are in some sense fascinated by space then what isn’t better than meeting up with some aliens in Minecraft and see what such an adventure can bring?

Creators: Samueljh1 (Twitter Account), TDS200



Some noice can be heard downstairs and it seems as if there’s somebody down there. Something is obviously wrong so you decide to go down to check what’s going on. Downstairs you find one of your neighbours and he looks really scared. He says that we are under attack and that you must be the one who save us from this danger. He continues by explaining that there are some weapons hidden at the well which you should go and find.

Some of the Features

New mobs are added in the map. Here are some alien guards which you must fight to get past.


At one point in the map you will be seated in a spacecraft which you use to shoot down aliens who are attacking earth. You can even toggle the scope of your weapon on the spacecraft to be able to improve your ability to aim.

alieninvasion2 alieninvasion1

Install Guide

Important: This map only works on Android devices. It’s because it takes advantage of ModPE scripts which are currently only possible to use for Android.

  1. Before installing the map make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of BlockLauncher.
  2. Tap on the download button further down to download alien_invasion.apk.
  3. Use ASTRO File Manager (or similar file manager app) to find the file called alien_invasion.apk in your Downloads folder.
  4. Tap on the file to start the installation of the app.
  5. Open the Alien Invasion app and tap on the Install tab to learn how to install the mod (.js) and map.
  6. As soon as you have performed the installation according to the install guide in the app open BlockLauncher, click the wrench in the top-center of the screen, Manage ModPE Scripts and in the list of mods make sure that Alien Invasion.js is enabled.
  7. As soon that’s finished you can select the Alien Invasion map from your list of worlds in-game and start playing.


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Installation Guides

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48 Responses

5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    This is 2019 remake this map but use add on and command so iOS can play this amazing map

  2. Life says:

    Please a download for iOS

  3. EA jim grim says:

    Hey i like it keep it up

  4. Zodiac says:

    Hey when I start I’m in a room. Then I go down and there’s a sign board. “Whoops! You haven’t downloaded the mod.” Please download Block launcher from plays tore. And I’ve downloaded Block launcher and enabled mod (.js file) from alien invasion folder in my directory!! I plzz help!

  5. Xyfher says:

    Which Song Is at the end?BTW GOOD MAP

  6. Ducks975 says:

    Can you provide an alternate way to download? I’m on Windows 10 and I don’t know how to use .apk files.

  7. SilentNinja13 says:

    Please make a Harry Potter modded map please! It would be amazing due to your skill. Even though it doesn’t work on iOS I can still tell it’s amazing!

  8. JarrylWriterPH says:

    That was awesome! It works even in 0.15.0! Great job for whoever made this map!

  9. leopaul says:

    Its awesome

  10. ron says:

    Gonna try it! It looks really good!!

  11. Ray3003 says:

    Best map ever make another map like this!! Pizza

  12. ResCrazyHunch says:


  13. luckywizard says:

    Loved your map on minecraft windows 10 edition only problem is I can’t hear the sounds

  14. Jonathan says:

    I installed properly the alien invasion map following the instructions above. I opened it and It works but every time I jump in mid air I freeze, I think it is a sort of bug!! I reinstalled but unfortunately still doesn’t work properly. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? I really like the map and feel very sorry that it keeps crashing down… Any ideas?

  15. Aiken says:

    What the hell you can make this all holy cool its like pc map

  16. Aidan says:

    This is the best map+mod I have ever seen and played.

  17. Guardianeye says:

    Hello can u help me this maps compatible mcpe 0.13.0

  18. raul says:

    Editor please help…..I want to know which mods are used in the map

  19. Jake says:

    MakeMmore ofothese maps

  20. WildCatTheGriefer says:

    could u Make Herobrine invasion btw love u map (:

  21. Yanuar says:

    Does this mod work in multiplayer?

  22. AgentCPU0 says:

    For some reason, it won’t let me attack the guards. I keep swinging my sword, but they take no damage, and I keep getting killed.

    • Editor says:

      The hards are difficult to hit because the hitbox of the mob (the area which you must hit to kill it) is located at the bottom part of the mob if I remember it right. So you must hit it at its feet to kill it.

  23. AsianGamer1 says:

    Do you want to make a bank heist map with me? But first we need Desnos’s permission for the mod to get rid of the copyright stuff and my Skype is IronShroom

  24. MinerMine says:

    I can not hear the speking characters. But the background music is working fine. Can you tell me how to solve this problem?

  25. Mcpe fan says:

    Bro got some issues when i download it on es file manager it says parental_control and when I click it it days Open As but its noe download why is that?..

  26. DARKLORD says:

    Please make more in the next maps make a puzzle maps and make super longer

  27. Tom99 says:

    How can i download mods for IOS?

  28. read do 1 says:

    please make more like this

  29. NightwingPlaysMC says:

    Cool mods thank you
    For doing this mod

  30. Voxel Gamer says:

    This was a fantastic map! It was a little short but the way you used mods was nothing short of spectacular.
    Here’s my playthrough of the map -

  31. Stefan Simionov says:

    Omg its so cool best map ever for mcpe

  32. wofulmoss says:

    this map is the best mcpe map soo far I ♥ this map, you did a good job craeter and moddeler of the map thx, mcpedl you are awsome and creater of the map please make more of these brilleant maps.

  33. Jazion says:

    Error, when i open the map, all is look like the sky at night, why? can you help me?

  34. InDoExo says:

    Hey Dude,that so awesome!!!
    I hope youtubers play this map

  35. xXThe_FoxyXx says:

    Sooooo coooool !!! I like it but its little bit short but how you did this its so cooool ^-^

  36. Jamkabob says:

    Awesome Map! make more maps like it please. Next time make some puzzles and parkore and make it longer.

  37. lopo says:

    This is so awesome pls make more of these 🙂

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