Alien Isolation (First Half)

A detailed fan-made Minecraft adventure-Map based on the game ‘Alien Isolation’ by SEGA etc.

Because of true to detailed locations and lighting, ambient sound and tense storyline, this world provides a good recreation of the actual game.

For Minecraft Bedrock edition on mobile devices (like a mobile version of Alien Isolation:)  )

IMPORTANT: The map doesn’t seem to work on x-box right now. You could try it out anyways, if you have knowledge about how to install mc maps on your own.

Additional Informations:

  • Survival/Horror Game with interesting Playthroug for about 6-10 hours

  • As best graphics as you can get with 16 x 16 Textures – Because of these Textures and no mods were used, you get creepy gameplay in Minecraft-style! The only downside: The alien has a stupid figure-like model…😟 But it’s way more versatile, contollable and reliable as any Xenomorph-Mod!

  • The ambient sound-pack actually causes 98% of the required storage (45 MB). If you don’t willing such an downlod-size, you can play without Sound-Texturepack or without ‘Graphic’-Texturepack. Keep in mind: both Texture packs don’t influence the Minecraft-style as much, but make the map much more ambient. A reduced version of the map (without soundtrack =10 MB) you can get on

  • Play the ‘tutorial’ before starting the campaign. To be able to play again, copy the world after the ‘tutorial’… 

  • Sorry, that I was only able to build the first half of the game so far, but I have invested incredible amounts of time into it. Now it’s time for living again🙂   The map should be fun anyways.

  • If the link doesn’t work, ‘manually’ visit the website MCPE DL and search for Alien Isolation…


  • Map, Locations and Storyline: nearly 1:1 with little reduction you may not even notice (only the relationship between Axel and Ripley is very different and reduced)  -more detailed overview at a terminal in the tutorial-seqence IN GAME

  • Crafting system: throw the required items (Compound-B, Ethanol etc.) in front of you on the ground and you get the build item (without Flashbang and Pipe bomb!) + Crafting system without scrab

During the storyline you will also get:

  • -Flashlight (needs Batteries) and Batteries
  • -Blueprints (for five different items)
  • -Maintenance Jack
  • -Revolver (needs Ammo) and Ammo
  • -Motion Tracker
  • -Cutting Torches
  • -Flamethrower (needs Fuel) and Fuel
  • etc. 


  • If you never watched/played the real game and don’t know how to continue, you could watch the matching parts on YouTube of the ACTUAL GAME. It is literally the same Story. There you will identify how to continue!
  • You can also check websites about the real game solution how to solve your problem
  • But if you’re always aware of your surroundings and read all the tasks and dialogues at least in your first play you should have no problem to go on! 

You can try different Playthroughs:

f.e. reaching the fright lift in Gemini-Exoplanet-Solutions without killing anyone

Additionally there are some hidden actions:

f.e. After saving in the Coolant Floor (Medical facility)  take the elevator back to San Christobal and check for some people left (Sedation Ward??!) 

Maybe I will add an update with the added Project KG 348 to bring this half to an acceptable end at some point!

Good luck and entertainment!

Changelog View more

Updated description, improved overview and informations. More detailed Installation description

Added a few more pictures and more information in description


If the Website doesn't do it itself (with the .mcworld-download):

1. Unzip .zip (

2.move the file into the minecraftWorlds folder? (games > com.mojang > minecraftWorlds)

3.If there's an folder inside that world-folder-file with the same name (PDaQXv...), move the PDaQX...-folder from inside out of the first PDaQX...-folder. That's the actual World folder. You may have to delete the empty PDaQX...-folder before moving the previously inner folder in the minecraftWorlds folder, because there can't be two folders with the same name next to each other.  :)) 

For Questions (installation/copyright/...) please comment 


Supported Minecraft versions


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24 Responses

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  1. use adfly to make cash. nice map btw

  2. Pizza fuze says:

    Hey dude, how are you? I wanted to ask you how to continue the adventure Cuz I’m stuck somewhere where it says I need to restore the power to open the doors… I might not have totally understood this part… 😉 Did you made this map all by yourself?! Its a super well done map btw! I also wanted to ask you if we could do a map together? It would be really cool!

    • Pizza fuze says:

      I’m good at commands and building, but I’m not really fast tho… 🙁 If you’re interested me and my friend are also searching to raise our own team of builders… But its not really important. I could also help you to continue to help you for the other part, I have an idea that would be really cool and add up some spicy to ur map!

  3. Jim The Giraffe says:

    Is the map multiplayer friendly. I would assume it’s not but I don’t know.

    • Oh, right, I forgot to mention:
      Like the real game this world is not in the slightest way multiplayer-friendly!
      It would be possible tho, with around 400 command blocks rewritten.
      Sry for mistakes, I’m not natively English ?

  4. DizzyBruce says:

    Hi, I was just wondering if I could play this map on multiplayer.

  5. Zucth says:

    From it photo you have shown this look like a well made map with a high effort. This look pretty interesting for me, if I do have time I sure that I will have a try. I won’t late cause it will cause some problem to the map recommend since I not sure of it quality yet.

  6. Lwop says:

    This doesnt work on xbox, i downloaded it right and the world isnt there i actually wanted to play this too….

    • I’m sorry, but I never even touched a x-box myself so I don’t know how it works there.
      Maybe you have put the file into the wrong folder, are you familiar with the minecraft save folders? You could watch tutorials on YouTube how to install Minecraft Maps on x-box.
      However the commands and json-ids of the files match with the console edition.
      The map should work on Android devices with no problem.

  7. No, at least if your device isn’t ten years in use!

    • Hamox says:

      I am stuck at the exploding part and the levitation effect?

      • No, you need to get to the enlightened entrance and take the lever. Levitation because of space.
        If you don’t know how to continue, you could actually watch the parts on YouTube about the REAL GAME. It’s most like this recreation in Minecraft! You will identify the right solution… But if you play on mobile device it should definitely run without mistakes!
        Maybe one hint more: There are a few trapdoors in the floor – always be aware of your surroundings! 🙂

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