Alphanumeric Decoration

This add-on add letters, numbers and also symbols in the game, both are in item form and block form so you can choose to place them or to decorate them in item frame. Everything are craftable in survival.


In building structure sometimes we might like to place words, name or even a number in a structure making them with sign is a bit odd because they’re too small and not visible in a far distance. So this add-on is the solution, item letters have both lowercase and uppercase while block have uppercase letters only.

Here are some example of uses of item letters


The first thing you need to craft is scroll this is a newly added item, it is the primary ingredients to make letters and numbers.

Here’s how to craft scroll:

This scroll can turn into 4 colored scroll that can be used to craft colored crates.

Colored Scroll

Crates is a newly added block that contains letters or numbers depend on what typed of crates it is.

Here’s how to craft crate:

This normal crates doesn’t contain anything yet but can only be used as decorative block. But this crate can turn into 4 different color which contain letters, numbers or symbols using colored scroll.

Colored Crates

  • Red – Contain Numbers
  • Blue – Contain Lowercase Letters
  • Green – Contain Uppercase Letters
  • Yellow – Contain Symbols

Once you have these crates place them down on the ground and break it and all item its contain will drop. (Should be in survival of course)

Now you have Letters, Numbers and Symbols

To make them block craft placeholder, there are 4 different placeholders all have the same use but different properties and textures.


These are Wooden Placeholder, Quartz Placeholder, Neon Placeholder and Concrete Placeholder

For now you can only craft black and red concrete placeholder, but in future update I will add all colors.

Placeholders use to combine in any uppercase letters, numbers and symbols to make them block. For example if you combine wooden placeholder and letter A in a crafting table will form a Wooden Block Letter A. It’s like you print letters, numbers or symbols into placeholder.

See some examples below, this is recipe shapeless meaning it doesn’t matter where the two is placed in a crafting table.

Note: Lowercase letters can’t combine in any placeholder because there’s no lowercase letter block. Only uppercase letters, numbers and symbols.

Obtain by function command:

You can easily get these all by function command

  • /function numbers
  • /function lowercase_letters
  • /function uppercase_letters
  • /function symbols
  • /function wooden_block_numbers
  • /function wooden_block_letters
  • /function wooden_block_symbols
  • /function quartz_block_numbers
  • /function quartz_block_letters
  • /function quartz_block_symbols
  • /function neon_block_numbers
  • /function neon_block_letters
  • /function neon_block_symbols
  • /function black_concrete_letters
  • /function black_concrete_numbers
  • /function black_concrete_symbols
  • /function red_concrete_letters
  • /function red_concrete_numbers
  • /function red_concrete_symbols

Future Updates

  • In future updates I’ll add different colors of concrete placeholder
  • In future updates I’ll add more symbols

Watch showcase here:

Changelog View more
  • Added Red Concrete Placeholder
  • Letters, Numbers and Symbols can craft with this Placeholder
  • Other Color of Concrete Placeholder will be added soon
In this update there are a total of 85 blocks added and 14 items
  • Added Black Concrete Placeholder
  • Added Flaxen Crates (Yellow)  which contain symbols
  • Symbols can also be added in placeholder to make them block
  • Added Letter Ñ
  • Update the texture of lowercase letters
  • Supports map color
  • Fixed an issue where it doesn't work on 1.16 (Blocks can't register to creative inventory yet, for an unknown issue)
  • Acacia Log and Dark Oak Log can now be also used to craft Wooden Placeholder
  • In this update it only fixed behavior files so if you already downloaded the latest version before this update you can only download behavior files.
  • Cheaper recipes for crafting colored scrolls and crates
  • Block Letters and Numbers are no longer exists in creative inventory, only crates and placeholders. So no more mess in your inventory
  • Added Neon Placeholder - This block have animation and emits light.
  • Added function command to easily get all numbers, letters, block letters and block numbers
  • In this update only added function command in the behavior so if you already downloaded it and need to update, download behavior files only.


Url Shortener is Linkvertise, but don't worry I don't enabled download requirement to go to direct link so you can easily go to direct link


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. LouisV says:

    don’t make it super hard and super confusing to get

  2. PortalRabbit says:

    make a link for adfly or mediafire

  3. omeromeromer says:

    Can you add diacritics for Turkish (like Çç Ğğ Iı İi Öö Şş Üü)

  4. Guest-7392374127 says:

    I Got 5 Virus When trying to download the pack.
    And Was never able to download the pack…

  5. FrostGamerYT says:

    Does it support beta?

  6. Guest-7855295588 says:

    can you change the link for the mcpack (BP and RP)

  7. Guest-5018336218 says:

    It’s great! I’d like to ask that you make it a little easier to get them with commands tho, cause they’re really difficult to get, especially if you’re trying to make large signs with lots of letters. Otherwise, it’s super easy to use, and beautiful!

    Is there any chance of making a block with dark background and light letters? For instance, blackstone with white or gold letters? It would look a lot better in darker builds than any of the colours available now.

    Also, is there any chance of adding punctuation?

  8. Guest-8151260639 says:

    can’t download this. i have ad blocker disabled yet it still tells me i need to disable add block and can’t continue to download.

  9. Minecrafterz says:

    Would be cool if there are different colors of Neon.

    • I’ll think so, but for each color I’ll add I need 26 alphabet letters plus 10 (0-9) numbers a total of 36 blocks plus the placeholder which will take me too long to make. Maybe I’ll add different color gradually.

  10. Guest-5133489331 says:

    can you add mediafile link because my browser block adfly becausse of addvirus !!!!!!!!

  11. Guest-2454742310 says:

    can you add mediafile link because my browser block adfly becausse of addvirus

  12. Guest-7673828101 says:

    Tbh, I really like if you convert it to 1.16 beta. Please?

  13. Guest-9118909606 says:

    May i leave a suggestion?
    If so, Can you make the blocks glowing?

  14. Guest-2793258960 says:

    How am I supposed to download this if it won’t even give me the supposed link to the page in the first place

  15. Guest-8110249843 says:

    Thanks for adding the commands to get them. It’s super useful 😀
    It was a bit tedious before, with all the crafting that incidentally didn’t even work. I will use this often, thanks for making it

  16. Guest-1279387352 says:

    Don’t get me wrong, and I don’t play Java minecraft, but I think this feature is already in Java. If it is, great job on remaking this feature for Bedrock!

  17. says:

    I understand why people may say that this is complicated, but I also think that it is an amazing addon

  18. Guest-2699903523 says:

    Its cool but it seems a tad complicated. Isnt there a simpler way to get them?

  19. Guest-7962947379 says:


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