Alternate Sword and Enderpearl Textures

This is a pack that tweaks the sword and enderpearl textures for Minecraft. This pack was made and tested on mobile (ios). This is my first (and probably only) pack that I’ve made so please give me feedback and suggestions. I might edit this pack in the future, for example, the stone sword is a bit too dark for me.

Stone sword:

Wood sword:

Iron sword:


Diamond sword:

Gold sword:

Ingame (looks better ingame): 

Do not steal these textures. Ask for permission from me before you use these. You are allowed to modify this pack for personal use.

Changelog View more

-Added ingame GIFs to show what it looks like ingame

-Updated description

-Updated introduction

-Updated display text for download link


Supported Minecraft versions




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3.5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. You should make it have a low Resolution. It has a high res and for some user it lags

  2. Chad Man says:

    While I think the sword textures look quite nice, please consider changing the ender pearl texture as it’s really basic and lazily made

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