Published on May 22, 2023 (Updated on May 29, 2024)

[1.2.0] Alylica's Dungeons Addon

This addon makes Minecraft more into the style of Minecraft Dungeons.The way i am implementing content for this addon is different to how you may expect, instead of directly porting stuff from Dungeons, i try to blend the features into the vanilla style, meaning this addon should be 100% Survival friendly.


The Newest 1.2.0 Update adds in some new monsters, 20 Weapons, 4 Artefacts, 9 Armour Sets and 2 new Bosses!

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• The Mooshroom Monstrosity, an abandoned, infected Redstone Monstrosity found in mycelium ruins among mushroom islands, it's incredibly powerful and will pose a challenging fight.


• The Wretched Wraith, a corrupted wraith tortured by its own creation found in a lone fortress within snowy plains, withstand its ice and fire onslaught to claim your prize




• Raid Captains (Illagers holding banners) have become mini bosses, with greatly improved health and strength




• Both Vindicators and Pillagers now have their different armoured variants, which are more powerful and have greater protection from attacks


• The Whisperer is a new jungle mob that summons in vines to attack its foes.




Wolf Armour, made of leather and bones, its unique variants are found in the Mooshroom Ruins


- Dark Armour, crafted using existing iron armour, its unique variant is found in the Fiery Forge


- Grim Armour, crafted with bones, it's unqiue variant is found in the Nameless Ruins


- Snow Armour, crafted with ice, it's unique variant is found in the Lone Fortress



- Cleaving Axes, a more weaponised axe, with all round good damage and durability.

- Claymores, these strong longswords have improved knockback over the rest

- Double Axes, powerful battle axes which have a natural area of effect damage.

- Rapiers, swift swords that make up for low power with the Java Sweeping attack

- Obsidian Claymore, a super powerful sword with a long cool-down between attacks. (Unique Version not currently survival avaliable)

- Battlestaves, these weapons are not very powerful, but have a very large area of damage. (Unique Versions not currently survival avaliable)

- Bone Clubs, strong weapons with greater knockback, but unable to be enchanted (Unique Version not currently survival avaliable)




- Death Cap Mushroom, this fungus allows you to boost your speed and strength temporarily!

- Enchanted Grass, magical grass that summons heroic sheep to battle, harnessing the powers of fire, poison and speed

- Ice Wand, it will allow you to harness the iceologers magic attacks

- Wind Horn, this horn will blow away and slow down any dangers nearby 



New painting items have been added as a rare rewards from boss loot



- Nameless Ones Vanguard minions have been tweaked

 - Never spawn enchanted

 - Despawn after nameless one is not nearby

 - Now has spawn animation


- Redstone Monstrosity has been tweaked

 - Faster attack speed

 - Magma Spit is now faster, and will have greater range to reach the target, it is also more precise and a bit less powerful

 - Spawned Redstone Cubes now despawn after the monstrosity is not nearby


- Wraiths can now damage any mobs that are not undead or fireproof


- Nameless Ruins Made slightly more common


- Nameless one now casts summoning spells and magic projectiles more frequently


- Boss Chests now no longer drop common weapons


- Wraith will now wait longer between teleports


- Snarelings are now going to flee less distance, their Goo is more accurate too


- Various Weapon Adjustments

 - Jailors Scythe now triggers chaining more often (was 12.5%, now 20%)

   - Chaining will now also sometimes trigger on to any mob in the range of the chain, meaning it can reach very far if lucky!

 - The Frost Scythe will now inflict a slightly longer slowness effect

 - The Eternal Knife now grants more exp

 - The Stormlander has an increased chance to strike a nearby foe with thundering

 - Hammer Shockwave damage has been boosted, and Thundering AOE damage has been increased to match

 - The Blast Fungus and now has boosted damage (was 4 hearts, now 5.5)

 - The Dark Katana and Truthseeker damage multipliers now factor in enchantments and potion effects, such as sharpness or weakness, these weapons also have new particles




- Vanguards and Royal Guards now have special particles for their shields breaking!


- Wraith fire particles now resemble in game fire more


- Tweaked walking and attack animation for redstone monstrosity


- New Camershake VFX for waking up monstrosity, and melee attack



- fixed the Typo in the pack title i somehow took 1 year to notice...


- fixed the glitchy glow effect on the redstone monstrosity


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Hii your addon is great but is there a way i can remove enchanted mobs in my world there are too many of them it's hard for me but i still want to enjoy other mobs and boss and make discord
My health doesn't regenerate, is it from the add-on itself or is it bug?
A-W-E-S-O-M-E, one of the best addons for bedrock, Or the best one maybe 👀
There are problems with versions 1.20.73 and 1.20.81, the structure where The Wretched Wraith is located does not load completely and the chests disappear, could you please check it.
I also tried it on Aternos but the problem persists.
The same thing happened to me, you just have to activate the 1.21 update in experiments
can this mods put in realm?
Will the structures appear if I have already loaded my world previously? or not?
newly generated terrain will have them
This is very good however the main problem that I came across is the wretched wraiths tower spawns way too much I've seen to of them almost perfectly next to eachother and another one less than 30 blocks away but this is awesome
yeah i'm probably going to reduce spawn rates in the next version
Zacur Córdova Mesina June 15, 2024 at 10:48 am
Sí, por favor, si es posible reducirlos, sería genial para no tener bugg ni lag en computadores de baja gama :(

Gracias por tu aporte.
Now this is Quality addon 👍
But I do like Rewards that we get after defeat boss Also related to the boss.
Ex. i kill The Redstone Monstrosity and I get Red stone Heart that boost my Hp up by 2 or something (but still Quality addon tho)
where is the enchanter while the enchanted mobs exist?
enchanter is on a lovely holiday in Hawaii !
What an incredible update, congratulations, your addon manages to correctly meet my expectations, an incredible and light addon at the same time, nice addon bro!

My ideas of ​​mobs for the next update: add Enchanted Royal Guard, Tower Guard, Enchanted Tower Guard and Obsidian Monstrosity

Please, add this mobs in next uptade bro
This comment has been removed
Hey bro, in addition to the additions I asked for in the next update of this addon (Royal Guard Enchanted, Tower Guard, Tower Guard Enchanted and Obsidian Monstrosity) also add enchanted pillager, enchanted vindicator, enchanted evoker and the enchanter in next uptade

Idea: the pillager shoots more arrows at his enchanted version in the next one
is this related in Dungeon Content addon by Emptycoso?
Nope! Different Addons, although we have both spoken before and as i mentioned, they have helped me out a bit before.