AMAZING Jungle Template (Map/Building)

Enter a completely modified temple, confront the residents and claim all the rewards available within it, avoid traps and difficulties.

You can take the available tools that exist at the beginning of the map and go directly to the temple, or on the other hand you can search for your own materials and prepare for a subsequent incursion of direct dimensions.


Twitter: @Geo_UrGar

YouTube: • GEO • Minecraft Pocket Edition [YouTubeMX]

Team Cubitos MC





How to install the map?

 • Download and install Mcworld

 • Click on the file and it will be exported automatically in your minecraft.

 Doubts and suggestions?

 Visit our website!

If you share this work, respect the original link of the website publication of: Cubitos MC. That helps us greatly to value our work and provide more content information. Do not use direct links. "Thank you!"


Supported Minecraft versions


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3 Responses

  1. Guest-1013134056 says:

    cubitos MC, please make bedwars v2. Change the map and the shop settings almost like PC if u can 🙂 thx also ini love all ir wars games

  2. Guest-7041673936 says:

    I will download it if u tell me how to get the green and yellow text

    • Guest-3854056989 says:

      1. Place a sign on the ground (or right click a book).

      2. Type “§” (Or copy+paste it)

      keyboard_arrow_downHow to type “§”

      3. After you typed “§”, tap a number or letter in the table below. Then, type a few letters and you will discover that they have changed color or font!

      NOTE: The “§” followed by a number will NOT show on the sign/book when you exit.

      Color Codes (stolen from here):
      §0 BLACK
      §1 DARK BLUE
      §2 DARK GREEN
      §3 DARK AQUA
      §4 DARK RED
      §5 DARK PURPLE
      §6 GOLD
      §7 GRAY
      §8 DARK GRAY
      §9 INDIGO
      §A GREEN
      §B AQUA
      §C RED
      §D PINK
      §E YELLOW
      §F WHITE
      §L BOLD
      §K RANDOM
      §O ITALIC

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