Amazonita Ore Crafteable

Hi there! 

This addon adds a new mineral to Minecraft, this new mineral is craftable, it is quite practical, you do not need to go to mine it

Add new tools, food and a new mob

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This addon consists of a new crackable mineral for Minecraft PE, the importance of it being craftable is that it is not necessary to go to mine it. With this mineral you can get new tools and swords, new food, and also add a new mob

Here I give you here the new things in more detail:

Amazonite ocelot
Amazonite sword
Amazonite Sword II
Amazonite stick
Catastrophic sword
Amazonite drill
Amazonite soup
Immunity fruit
Amazonite apple

These are the crafting of the ore


Amazonite Sword

Damage 9

Amazonite Sword II 

Strenght II

Water Breathing II

Amazonite Stick

You will need this to be able to do the next tools:

Catastrophic sword 

Damage 16
Fire resistance III
Regeneration III 
Strenght III

Amazonite drill

This will help you break many blocks at the same time


Inmmunity fruit

Jump boost
Night Vision
All this for 5 minutes 

Amazonite Soup

Health Boost II
Absorption II
All this por 4.5 minutes

Amazonite Apple

Conduit Power II

Resistance II

Slow Falling II

Speed II


Amazonite Ocelot

This ocelot is generated only in mushroom island
Or in creative mode you get in the spawn egg part
This ocelot has a life of 30

Ocelot deals 5 damage
You can tame him with spider eyes, he will follow you around once tamed

Attack all hostile mobs

When the ocelot dies, it gives you 7 amazonite minerals

Video about add-on

My YouTube Channel

Please if you are going to do a review, or if you are going to upload this addon to your forum, give me credit

Changelog View more

I changed the link of download for a new link for download the add-on 

I fix a problem with the ocelote's spawn, so i added a new link for download the add-on

I added more information about addons and i fixes some bugs

1. I added more information

2. I added a new description


To install the addon you just need to open the mcaddon and the installation will start by itself

Remember to activate the experimental game mode


Supported Minecraft versions


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9 Responses

  1. Guest-4910770546 says:

    Hi ! My version game is 1.16.0, all items work ( apple, soup effects r good ) but when I’m giving swords, damage r not working.For example, cannot kill a cow without putting more than three or four shots
    My plateform is W10, do u have a solution ?

  2. Guest-9668236720 says:

    Way I only have the spawn eggs? I don’t find the rest of the add-on, only the eggs… Help?

  3. Guest-4483873713 says:

    Pls make the special ocelots harder to spawn in

  4. Guest-3256875909 says:

    please can you add some armour in!

  5. Guest-3974661864 says:

    Question can two item mods go into one world without breaking eachother

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