1.16 Amethyst 16x PvP Pack Edit (Purple)

This PvP pack is a bundle of essentials that will improve your game play with better visibility and appearance of hundreds of textures with 16×16 pixel resolution. This pack is FPS friendly meaning it won’t affect your game play or increase lag. The textures are similar to the default ones so if your new to texture packs, you will be able to identify each block with ease. Now lets dig in to some of the features that this pack includes!           

(Netherite Gear)

This texture pack replaces all diamond textures; Instead of blue, it is purple as seen in the images belows. Diamond ores-, blocks, diamonds, swords, tools and armor etc will display as purple. Please note that this pack is an edit so you may recognize some of the textures from another pack you may have used in the past, but I promise you that most of the textures are unique. Now let’s get into some of the features!

This Pack is updated to work with the newest version of Minecraft (1.16), including new items like netherite gear-, ingots, scrap, tools and weapons. You can see ancient debris on the outside of the nether quartz and nether gold in the image below. Browse the hotbar and view the textures of the netherite ingot and -scrap. Playing on pocket edition? Your GUI will look the thumbnails below. If you have been playing in the newest version for a while, you may have noticed a problem with the onscreen potion HUD. This pack includes a fix to this bug so you can tell what potion effect(s) you have without having to open you inventory.

This pack contains an feature that increases you water fog distance to twelve chunks (from the player) and infinite night vision allowing you to explore dark caves without torches or any light source. What about that annoying pumpkin blur? It is now fully transparent. The low fire design in the pack allows you to see every hing in the heat of the game, never missing the action!

(Clear Water)

(Low fire)

I have also added extra critical hit particles to make it more obvious that you do one in the first place. Most packs include critical hit particles but you can hardly see them, especially if you are in a PvP encounter. Just another fun addon to enjoy!


(A critical hit example)

Another feature included in this pack is the purple selection box. This makes it easier to tell which block you are targeting. There is also a custom item hover text that has a purple outline. And last but not least, if you are playing on pocket edition, there will be a player render in the top left of your screen.

(Purple Block Outline)

(Item Hover Text)

Some other features include-


(Rail Texture)

(Custom Shield)

(Fire Textures)

(Tools and Weapons)

(A Mob Texture)

Changelog View more

Made for 1.16 (includes new 1.16 textures):

-Netherite Gear

-Ancient Debris, netherite Ingot, netherite scrap

-Some other 1.16 textures including new wood types 

Made for 1.16, may be updated if a newer version on Minecraft is released.

Current Version 1.16.


  • Click the download link
  • You will be taken to
  • If you don't know how to pass, there are lots of youtube tutorials out there
  • Once you've passed, you will be taken to Mediafire
  • Please chose the version you are playing on (If you are on Xbox, please chose the windows 10 download)
  • Import pack to Minecraft!


Supported Minecraft versions




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19 Responses

4.2 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Ash Greninja84 says:

    I love this texture pack so much! The only thing I don’t like is the glowstone but it doesn’t really matter tbh. Also if you don’t want the weird paper doll get the windows 10 version its the exact same as the other one but without the paper doll.

  2. Ra_The_RECKER says:

    I really like how this pack looks, combining elements of other packs, and over all just making the game look better for PvP. I don’t use shields in PvP, so I don’t really care about the shield thing, but one thing that really bugs me is the paper doll you added. It takes up so much screen space, and it looks weird, and disproportionate. If you look at your feet, the paper doll you added doesn’t and I can’t remove it. I prefer the one that’s already in vanilla. If you could make a pack that was exactly the same but with the paper doll removed, I would be grateful

  3. LAgamer says:

    this is awesome, but when i look at the shield in third person it is upside-down please fix this!

  4. MrNaily says:

    This is a really good texture pack, it makes minecraft look a’lot better. But the cross hair for some reason has a black square around it which makes it a’lot harder too see. if you can, please help me fix it.

  5. Leadrocketeer36 says:

    sent request my discord is kachow#4700 lol

  6. Undevix says:

    I love this pack so much but the shield is upside down for me and in first person view it looks so weird.

  7. Seems good but ad-fly is currently broken. It doesn’t redirect to mediafire anymore

  8. Leadrocketeer36 says:

    I love everything about this pack but there is a problem. In the middle of the screen their is a black square around the crosshair and it kinda blocks the screen can u fix it?

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