Amethyst World Addon V4 Amethyst Biome Update!

This is the Amethyst Ore Addon. I just changed the title to Amethyst World Addon now. 

V3 did happen, but it was never posted of Mcpedl. It only added in a new boss, information on it listed farther below.

°New update released, I added a few bosses and mobs. There are also new weapons, tools, and more listed below.

I hope to continue updating this mod if you have any suggestions leave them in the comments.               

PS. This is my very first addon I made for minecraft.


Please activate experimental gameplay for the addon to work!!

Adds a brand new naturally spawning ore called Amethyst. When mined it will drop 1 Amethyst. Amethyst Ore will begin spawing at Y=30 and lower. It is pretty rare and it spwans in veins of one only. Also it spawns in any biome. Amethyst spawns in veins of 1-3

Added Amethyst Sword. It is crafted like any other sword in minecraft.

°11 Attack Damage

°1500 Durability

Added Amethyst Pickaxe. This pickaxe can mine any ore (including ancient debris, and amethyst ore), stone, granite, diorite, andesite, and obsidian. Crafted like any other pickaxe in Minecraft

°8 Attack Damage

°1500 Durability

Added Amethyst Axe. This axe can break any vanilla minecraft logs and stripped logs.

°9 Attack Damage

°1500 Durability

Added Amethyst Shovel: Can break dirt, sand, gravel, soul sand and soil.

°7 Attack Damage

°1500 Durability

Added Amethyst Block. Crafted with 9 amethyst. One in each cube. It is used for decoration.

Added Amethyst Apple. Will give you regeneration, health boost, haste, and resistance for 3 minutes. Crafted like a golden apple. Apple in middle then 8 amethyst around. It will be helpful for survival when fighting or mining.

Here are the effects for eating the apple. They all last 3 minutes

Added Amethyst Pie. Gives you strength for 45 seconds and regeneration for 5 seconds.

Added Mob Amethyst Slime. This mob will spawn anywhere at night, or in dark areas. The slime deals 5 damage and has 40 hp. The amethyst slime will drop Amethyst Slimeballs and Amethyst Shards. Thr Slimeball can be used for potions and the Amethyst shards can be used to make a regular amethyst.

Added Miniboss Mob Corrupted Steve is a miniboss that will rarely spawn at night, or in dark areas. He has 150 hp and deals 10 damage. When he is killed he drops up to 2 diamonds and has a medium chance to drop a Corrupted Amethyst. The corrupted Amethyst can be used for a few things including a way to spawn another boss.

Added Corrupted Amethyst Sword.A stronger Amethyst Sword

°Damage 15

°Durability 3500

Added Corrupted Amethyst Block. Another decorative block, very expensive to craft

Added Boss Amethyst Zombie can be spawned in by crafting the recipe below. It has 300 health and shoots fireballs. It will NOT spawn naturally at night. You must craft the spawned.

I would reccomend fighting this boss far from your house or else you could risk it being blown into pieces.

Upon death the Amethyst Zombie will drop a lot of Amethyst modded items as well as a very special item. The Ancient Amethyst. With the ancient amethyst you can craft a powerful sword. (Yes its suppose to look like that because its ancient)

°20 Attack Damage

°5000 Durability

°Gives you double hearts

°Gives you a speed boost 

Added Boss: Amethyst Queen. She can be spawned with the recipe below, or you can find her spawning in the Nether very rarely. She has 200 health.

The item in the middle is the circlet of darkness. Here is the recipe for that

When you tap the ground with the queen’s spawner, she will spawn. She is not that tough, but she can get annoying super fast. She can summon Amethyst Souls. She will spawn them in a pretty fast rate, but not an annoying amount unless you let her. They will shoot you with arrows.

The Amethyst Soul. Has 1 Health, will die from anything. It can also kill itself by falling or shooting another soul. When they are killed they have a 50% chance to drop a Forgotten Soul. These can be used to craft corrupted Amethysts. The souls only spawn from the Amethyst Queen! They will NOT spawn naturally.

You can easily farm these as long as you dont kill the Amethyst Queen.

When the Amethyst Queen dies she has a guaranteed drop on a new weapon.

The Harvester Of Souls

+30 Attack

Downside is 75 durability. Yup only 75 because it is so strong you can kill most mobs in 1 hit. You can easily kill the new bosses too.

This is NOT a hoe, it does not function like one it is just a weapon!

V4 Update Items


This biome Will generate uncommonly in warm areas. In this biome you will find a new ore, a new mob, and new trees.

The new mob

The Amethyst Pig. This pig variant will only spawn in the Amethyst biome. It spawns commonly throughout it. When you kill them they will drop 0-3 Raw Amethyst Porkchops

When eaten raw it will give regeneration 2 and health boost 2 each for 30 seconds.

You can then cook the raw amethyst pork into cooked amethyst pork. When eaten cooked you will receive health boost 3 for 60 seconds. Regeneration 3 for 60 seconds, and strength 2 for 60 seconds.

The New Ore

Amethyst Shard Ore

Spawns in Y=50 and lower in veins up to 3. Iterations is 10, so it might not be easy to find.

When broken, you will get 1-2 Amethyst shards.

You can tell if you are in the Amethyst biome if the water is purple under ground  just a helpful tip. 🙂

This ore ONLY spawns in the Amethyst Biome!

New Blocks

The block on the left is Amethyst planks, middle is Amethyst logs, and last is Amethyst leaves. (Known as Amwood too)

Logs are obtained from the new tree which only spawns in the Amethyst biome.

You can craft 4 planks with 1 log in crafting menu. You can use planks for building or craft them into sticks. You just need 2 planks, it is the normal stick recipe but with amethyst planks.

How to get in creative?

Type /function Amethyst_World_V4

The mobs you will find in the mob spawner section in creative inventory

Things to be added in the future

°More Mobs

°Biome Updates

Changelog View more
  • Added Amethyst Biome!
  • Added Amethyst Pig
  • Added new blocks
  • New tree
  • New ore
  • New boss
  • New weapon
  • Lots more awaiting you!
  • Fixed a few bugs.
  • Fixed a few bugs
  • Added 3 mobs
  • Added 2 weapons
  • Added Amethyst Axe and Amethyst Shovel
  • Added 2 new foods
  • Added 1 new block
  • Damage boost for Amethyst Sword and Amethyst Pickaxe
  • Changed featured image
  • Updated description
  • Amethyst Ore now spawns at Y30
  • Big update coming soon
  • Amethyst will begin to spawn at Y=30 instead of Y=20
  • Amethyst is slightly more frequent
  • Fixed ore not spawning now it will
  • You can now convert the Amethyst Block into 9 amethysts like a regular minecraft ore block.




Experimental Mode On!!

Youtube: BladedAxe77


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. awful, in the sense that only 3 year olds with pocket edition can use it. Please fix this; it looks so good.

  2. Harshil GaminG says:

    I am Using Your add-on For My Modepack Ok??

  3. thatonekid says:

    Are u sure this wont work on xbox?

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    no se genera que hago? tengo el experimental activado

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    Well speaking of shiny weapons
    Well all i can say keep up the good work

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    Idk mannn, the attack damage doesn’t matter if you can enchant swords, but not the amethyst sword.

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