Among Us Skin Pack

With this skin pack you will get Among Us skins which can be used for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition! With all the different colors like the original game: red, blue, green, pink, orange, yellow, black, white, purple, brown, cyan and lime.

all skins are like some but with different colors

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.-. add direct links for admins and nothing ._. yeah nothing


Supported Minecraft versions


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19 Responses

2.08 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. maps_mc says:

    Podaj link do mediafire a nie do jakiś zboczonych stron gdzie nie da się pobrać!

  2. edward_was_taken says:

    i tried to download but it didnt work so im saying it right here this mod is broken and shit

  3. DarthGamer3012 says:

    Post a direct link, please, the og link is trash

  4. Gamertv25 says:

    Alright bro, not gonna lie. Your link sucks. It literally sends you to a wrong website with ads that are 18+ and probably includes viruses. And also, if you’re not sure if you can download this, just make your own skin at skindex and everything is solved.

  5. Gacha Ethan says:

    I cant download

  6. TXOG says:

    It looks kinda cool i guess. However, the link site sends me to download something entirely different. Not only that, but the adds are clearly not suitable for anyone under the age of 16. I would leave examples but my REPLY would be deleted. Change the link to media file and if you want ad revenue use an ad-fly redirect first.

  7. ThatGuyThatMakesSlendytubbieMapsToMinecraft111 says:

    Cool But i Was, Pretty Sure I Could Get Viruses Hopefully This is not a virus But i think Google Would Not Allow me to get it cause it is a virus But Lucky It isnt hopefully

  8. Necessary Things says:

    What the Heck it’s the wrong link!

  9. MZedrickR28 says:

    bro why did u pick the wrong link site? why didnt u just put it on mediafire?

  10. Give atleast true link not 100 link

  11. iosdahhasdo says:

    bro i cant even download wtf and this is bad quality skin bro so bad

  12. RyuPlayzYT says:

    How TF can I download with the most annoying site u could have ever chosen! I can’t even tap anything. Even the block button gives u ads! F**K that shit!

  13. HACKGAMING51 says:

    How to download

  14. JrGuide7544 says:


  15. Foxyz says:

    I can’t download
    Can you show me how

  16. Derpy dude says:

    This is amazing for regular skin geometry

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