The great game that has jumped to fame over the last few days, now comes to Minecraft Bedrock Edition! This map has all the features needed for the Impostor to fool his fellow players.

Among Us TR has all the features of the original game. There is an impostor among the crew.

The work of the crew is to fix different problems of a spaceship to save itself from death, the solutions are simple and fast. They would have no problem if it weren’t for an impostor, whose job is to sabotage the bring of others and finish them off. 

How do you win? 

The game is very simple and is based on the game Among Us. The crewmembers win if they find out who the impostor is and throw him off the ship, or if they finish all their activities. The impostor wins if the crewmembers do not manage to fix their sabotage in time or if they finish with the crewmembers.


A minimum of 4 players is recommended to start the game, if not, some things will not work properly or the game experience may not be the desired one. Before starting a game each player must choose a color to identify themselves when reporting a body or for voting. Once everyone has chosen their color you can start the game by clicking on the button on the wooden block.


During the preparation time all the players will be given different objects that will serve during the whole game, they are the following ones:

Map: Serves to locate you in the ship.

Fishing rod: If you see a dead body you must report it to start the voting. To do so, throw the hook near a corpse.

Sword: Only the impostor will have a sword with which he can kill a crew member every 40 seconds, if you are the impostor don’t show it! The sword will be placed in the first space of the inventory during the preparation, so never have that box selected at the beginning of the games.

Button: The button, exclusive to the impostor, allows you to sneak between the ship’s ducts to escape from the crewmen if needed. To use it, place it on a block of Netherrack and press it. Remember that no crew member should see you using it!

Books: The books will tell you the missions you must do if you are a crew member, and if you are an impostor you will have missions you can do to confuse others.

Peaks: Each mission requires a special peak to complete the task, each one has a special name so you know which one to use on each occasion


The activities are assigned randomly to each player, if you are a crew member you must complete them all to win.

There are three special activities that are activated after a sabotage: The first is a sabotage in the light of the ship in the electricity room. If the impostor alters the lights of the ship, the crew members will have limited vision, so they must fix it as quickly as possible.

The second and third is a sabotage to the operation of the ship, in the Admin and O2 room respectively. If these are not corrected in 40 seconds the crew members will lose. To fix this, the glass blocks must be placed in the “Code” box with the same pattern as the “Guide” box, which is in the same room. If you play on a cell phone, activate the classic interface.

The impostor will be able to sabotage something every 40 seconds.


While players are out of the voting room, they SHOULD NOT SPEAK, if this rule is not respected, the game experience will not be the best.

The voting room is a place where all players can meet to discuss the suspects, and after a vote, eliminate the player believed to be the impostor. If the impostor is done, the crew wins.

There are two ways to access the voting room, the first is when a dead body is reported with the fishing rod, and the second is when the panic button on the center table of the dining room is pressed.

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