Amplified Horses- Bodyguard Pet (Addon) V1.0.5

Amplified Horses Improves the Original Minecraft default Horse, Mule & Donkey Behaviors By Making Them More Powerful, Stronger, Smarter and Faster!  This Add-on will make these a must-have and enhances the overall Minecraft experience. So saddle up!, and explore your worlds faster than ever with your new best friends and protectors. V1.0.5

By Explanation Information

Why I Created This Addon: I felt like the Minecraft Horses, Mules & Donkeys were not being used as much as they should so I gave them a big boost in behavior qualities to make the experience more like actually riding the real life one….Now you really feel the Power and agility of them allowing you to zoom through worlds quicker. Now the Horse, Mule & Donkey are able to compete with the Minecarts, Elytra wings, Boats and More

What This Addon Features: This Add-on adds many Cool Behaviors to Horses, Mules & Donkeys inside of Minecraft- All of them are Able to Follow their Owner, Be fed with Wheat Seeds and are more Smarter, Loyal and are Aware of their Surroundings by Attacking!

* New Crafting Recipes, Effects and More Added in the V1.0.5 Update!*


Makes Them Faster  

Makes their Jump Higher and Stronger  

 Has Over a 2x Boost in Speed and Jump (The Highest out of Them)

– Makes Horses your Best Transportation

Horses Follows Owner & Listens the Fastest

– More Features and Abilities to Explore in-game with your Horse


– Makes them Faster and Jump Higher

– Increases their chest slots from 27 to 40 (The Highest out of Them)

– Makes Mules More Aware of their Surroundings

Mules Shy away from Battles, but still attacks

– Makes Mules your Best Storage

– More Features and Abilities to Explore in-game with your Mule


Gives them an 8 Attack Damage (The Highest out of Them)

– Makes them Faster and Jump Higher

– Your Donkey Has a 25% chance of a Strength boost from Poisonous Potatoes

– Makes Donkeys more Engaged in Fights

– Makes Donkeys your Best Warrior

– More Features and Abilities to Explore in-game with your Donkey

Amplified Horses Official Trailer

Images & Description: Notable Features in this Add-on

Your Horse follows you if you Tame It!

You can Breed your Horse with Seeds!

Your Horse Protects you when you Tame It!

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Conclusion: This Add-on Aims to Amplify Horses, Mules & Donkeys inside of Minecraft by giving them their own unique abilities and behaviors. The Horse is your best Source of Transportation. Your Donkey is your Warrior… and your Mule is your Storage! Saddle up and Have Fun on your Creative Adventure!

Changelog View more

Amplified Horses- V1.0.5 Changelog

- Horse Armor- donkeys/mules can equip armor

- Mule health and attack (buff) 

- Craftable armor/saddle 

- Spawning- spawn rates are higher for Horses, Mules & Donkeys

- LootTables- donkeys/mules drop leather 

- Food Effects- donkeys strength % chance changed, new horses melon effect

- Bug fixes- Horses, Mules & Donkeys can now path/walk through doors, they now don't walk around/walk into lava & other damage blocks

- Replaced Help Page with Custom Crafting/Changelog UI in Settings/Inventory

- Various Minor Gameplay Changes That you Can Explore!

Amplified Horses- V1.0.4- Huge Add-on Update

- Added Support For Donkeys & Mules with their Own Unique Behaviors 

- Edited Title & Description 

- Fixed Feeding Behaviors for Horses 

- Horses now have a 4 attack Damage 

- Donkeys and Mules behave similar to Horses 

- Added the Amplified Horses Trailer 

- Added new Download Files

- Donkeys, Mules and Horses have their own Special & Unique Abilities Behaviors

- Fixed various bugs & errors 

- Testing 2 player riding feature 

- Read the Description & Test the Add-on For More!

Update V1.0.3- Bug Fixes

- Fixed the .Zip Download for Windows 10 Edition Users

- Updated Attack behaviors

- Horses can now Float in Water Better

- Horses No Longer Attack One Another... Unless you Command It

-  Fixed the Wheat Seeds healing and feeding

- Minor Updates to Title and Description

- Multiple Horses can Now be Correctly Tamed

- Multiple Tamed Horses Attack in a Pack

Amplified Horses- Bodyguard Pet V1

- Updated Description and Images

Minor Pack Update- Amplified Horses:

- Updated Pack Description & Details


How to Install the .Zip Pack

1. Download the .Zip File 

2. Extract the .Zip File in a File Unzipper (Win-zip, 7zip, WinRAR) 

3. Copy the Extracted File/Folder 

4. Paste the File/Folder into the com.mojang Behavior Pack Folder 

5. Enjoy The Addon!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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33 Responses

4.88 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Red Fan says:

    For some reason they take more damage than they are supposed too. For example instead of a taking half a heart when punched they take a full heart. Please fix that bug as it makes them die faster and easier than they are supposed too.

  2. Red Fan says:

    Thank your for adding all my suggested fixes. However there is one more I would like you to fix. Perhaps you could make it so that armor worn by horses, donkeys, and mules is more protective. Even diamond horse armor doesn’t reduce nearly as much damage as it should. Other than that this Addon is perfect! Also I have a proposal for an Addon, amplified llamas, pigs, and dolphins. Anyways thanks!

  3. Xenophire says:

    Just one thing to report. They have a tendency to just walk into lava. They don’t seem to be aware of lava blocks or lava in general, so they just walk or fall into it and kill themselves by accident.
    Otherwise everything else is excellent.

  4. A New Update is Coming in a Couple Days!! Many Suggested features are Coming.

  5. Red Fan says:

    Can you make it so that mules can have up to the same amount of health as donkeys? Because right now it seems that this Addon lowers the amount of health a mule can have. Also can you buff the amount of storage space a donkey can have by five. I know a mule is supposed to be used for transport but the amount of storage the donkey has is ridiculously low.

    • I made Mules less stronger, faster and etc… compared to the others because I tried to give everyone their unique abilities and the Mule’s is to be the transporter of items and its not made to be fast & strong to balance it out. But I can buff it up alittle and give Mules 5 more slots!

  6. A New Update, which fixes a couple Bugs & Adds the Official Trailer is coming Soon! As well as a Tutorial and Test Map.

  7. Guest-5491793161 says:

    This is an amazing add-on! ⭐️
    I was wondering will there be any plans to add donkeys and mules in the future?
    Also is there a way to make horses “sit” so that they don’t follow?

  8. The Amplified Horses v1.0.3 is Now Released, I fixed various bugs and added many new Features to the Add-on!

  9. Sage_Mercy says:

    Greetings! (This reply is coming from a Xbox One player.)

    This Add-On is actually really neat! However, I feel like the Horse shouldn’t teleport to you, or if that was the concept, make a way for Horses to sit. The new Horse is really helpful! However, it can easily suffocate. Plus people won’t ALWAYS want their Horse.

    Nice work, keep it up! 😀

  10. Guest-1741295822 says:

    Please help, i love this mod but my tamed horse and my friend’s tamed horse attack and kill each other 🙁

  11. Beam006 says:

    Plz remove feature for the horse to follow you it nerf the stable

  12. Guest-7287084021 says:

    Pls I’m making an addon without a lot of horse breeds, will you like to help me? Download Discord please

  13. Guest-8538878398 says:

    I LOVE IT this now is my favorite addon :3

  14. Guest-3364869129 says:

    Make horse variants

  15. Guest-4558000687 says:

    Does the horse always follow me?

  16. Comment Down Below, Suggestions You’ll would like in a Future Update!

  17. Guest-1484561401 says:

    The idea itself is rely fascinating

  18. Guest-1839559404 says:

    Can you make them swim?

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