Ancient Blades Addon

Ancient Blades plugin adds 7 new weapons to Minecraft. Each weapon is unique because it has its own special effects.

Which can give you more strength as well as more speed.

Void Scythe

Void Scythe is a cursed weapon that has 10 damage. It gives you blindness when used.

Blood Scythe

Similar with Void Scythe, the Blood Scythe has 10 damage. It reduces your health to 10 when used

Sword of The Sun

Sword of The Sun is a blessed sword that has 8 damage and gives you fire resistance when used.

Sword of The Moon

Sword of The Moon has 8 damage. It gives you Night Vision when used

Blessed Hammer

The Blessed Hammer is an extremely powerful weapon. it has 15 damage and increase your health to 40 when used. but, it reduces your speed.

Blessed Spear

This Spear has 12 damage. it gives you jump boost when used.

Sapphire Blade

Sapphire Blade has weak attack, only causes 5 damage. It increase your speed when used.


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