Ancient Disney Palace [Creation]

The Ancient Disney Palace is a castle combining the look of ancient gothic churches and Disney’s joyful Cinderella Castle. It’s a magnificent creation with incredible details both on the inside and outside. When first seeing the enormous castle in front of you it’s a good chance your jaw will drop. It really had that breathtaking effect on us at least. What’s almost more incredible is that it’s entirely handbuilt and specifically made for Minecraft Pocket Edition use.

Creator: JoshVs, Twitter Account

ancientdisneycastle1 ancientdisneycastle2 ancientdisneycastle3


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8 Responses

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  1. Andrew says:

    Is it on a flat wold?

  2. KawaiiTessaGacha201 says:

    It says is open ibisPaint when I’m about to put it to Minecraft

  3. Mel says:

    Great map!!!!

  4. Just_Plain_Me says:

    So what if I want to just show what I built, what tab would I put it under?!?

  5. mega says:

    why it’s not working I taped download and I’m ganna straight to ad.fly and when I skip ad
    and Tap download again it saids Safari cannot download this file

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